Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lena Imani 1st birthday

The Birthday girl : Lena Imani Huisman.

Age : 1 year old.

Daddy : Dennis Huisman

Ibu : Rizaitul Emma Razali

Ibu & Daddy:

The Doa Selamat.

The Birthday cake :

The giggle :

The Opi (Granddad) and Omi (Grandma) :

The make-up on my face with the icing:

The Food :

More Food :


The roast lamb:

And more food:

The children games:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mimi's 12th Birthday

Mimi had been wanting me to do a birthday party for her - since a couple of months ago. Her 12th birthday falls on the 28 of May 2009. However the timing was not good for her. The weekend after her birthday she had to go for a camping trip organised by her school. So I had planned last saturday to have a birthday do for her.

As since I had invited all her grandmas, uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces and nephews, I guess its also good to include a special "Baca Yassin" for all arwah especially for her mak.

So slightly after 12 noon, we started reading the Yassin. I had requested Along to lead the baca Yassin as he is my eldest son. After the reciting Yassin and Doa, we had lunch together.

In my family, if you do a kenduri. you don't have to worry about the food. It wIil be abundance. Everybody will bring one or two "lauk" or some desserts. And I calculated that there were 12 lauks altogether which includes: Masak lemak nangka, asam pedas ikan pari, sop ayam, ayam goreng, daging goreng berlada, ikan masin, telor masin, masak lemak nenas & udang, kacang panjang goreng, and so on. As for dessert it includes : bubur kacang hijau & durian, kuih lapis kacang, puding, etc.

Once everybody had their lunch, then it's time for Mimi's cake cutting. I had personally chosen marble cheese cake with chocolate topping. It's my favourite. And since I was the one who ordered it, I order to my liking lah.

Marble Cheese cake with chocolote topping. Cool babe.

My sweet girl growing to be a young lady soon.

Mimi and her nieces (Ayra & Ally) and cousin Quswa.

Some of the aunties and Nek Yah.

Of course there must be some games for the kids. Kids love game don't they. Mimi tak kisah langsung nak buat game tu, and in the end, it was his father who had to do everything for her. And I had to crack my head what games to organise. And I gotten these ideas when I looked around the house on what we have got.

The first game was throwing a ping pong ball into the egg container. If the ball fall into a colour slot, they will get a prize. It's like the one you play at the fun fare - get it?

Adik (Afiq) trying his luck throwing the ping pong ball.

Next we have another game : Throwing shuttleock in the trash bag. The distance from the thrower and the trash bag depend whether you are a kid or adults.

Ayra trying her luch throwing the shuttlecocks.

Next I get the parents involve to do a head gear for their kids using newspaper. And you see the result below. Unfortunately, Acik my official photographer didn't take Nikki's picture who actually won with his Crown!

Adik with his Hang Jebat tanjak.

Quswa : Princess from Pandan Indah.

Ally : Princess Butterfly.

Birthdays wouldn't be complete without goody bags for the children. And we have actually have two. Chik Hindon gladly sponsored some beautiful goody bags. And I also prepared some as well.

Goodies bag prepared by Chik Hindon.

Goodies bag I prepared.

Mimi got lots of birthday present. And the one below she specially likes it. It's a pendant with her initial "M".

Mimi with the new necklace and pendant. By the way, she black floral shirt she wore is also her Chik Hindon's present given to her earlier.

Well Mimi, Ayah wish you a Happy Birthday and may Allah blessed you with all the good things coming to you. Be a good girl and be a good daughter to me.