Monday, June 14, 2010

Ole Ole Bandung - 3 ~ 6 June 2010

It has been quite a while that we have not gone for a holidays as a family. Hence a trip to Bandung would be a great idea - after all with the cheap tickets really helps.

So almost 20 of us decided to have a break by going to Bandung.

Our flight was on Thursday 3 June 2010, morning at 9.20am and arrived at 12.00 noon or 11.00 am Bandung time. The weather has been good to us.

Well pictures paint a thousand words. So I don't have to tell every details here except you can see how we enjoyed our trip there thru' these pictures.

The Excited group at LCCT after checking in about 7.30am.

At LCCT before boarding Air Asia. Asked the kids
to get this snap shot. This was first overseas flight
trip for Mimi & Adib.

Aizat sat alone on the other side.
Aizuddin supposed to fly with us but
because he's having his final exam
he decided not to join us.

Me and the 2 kids in the plane.

We headed straight for lunch immediately after
checking in our stuff in the rest house.
These guys waiting for the food to be ready.

Ikan Gurume Goring at Rumah Makan Sunda.

This place is quite cosy.

Lunch at Rumah Makan Sunda - good food.
First time makan
masakan Sunda in Indonesia.

Group photo in front of Rumah Makan Sunda in Bandung.

Interior Garden at Rumah Ebo, Bandung. We stayed
for the 3 days. Nice affordable residence.

At Rumah Edo, Bandung - waiting for rooms to be ready.
Then our real journey begins ~ & shopping!!!

Rest sekejap lepas penat berjalan dari satu
Factory outlet to another one.

In front of Donatello - one of the factory outlets
at Jalan Dago.

The kids had real good time shopping ~
unfortunately with daddy's money lah.

First day shopping therapy outcome.

On second day, we planned to go for a 3 hours journey from Bandung to Taman Safari Indonesia. Long hours in the van but well worth it.

Posed in front of Rumah Ebo before going the 3 hours journey
to Taman Safari Indonesia in Bogor.

Take a break at Cianjur Rest Area for a drink.

Once we entered the Safari, then the experience begins. Awesome place with open air zoo where the animals roams around freely. The children really enjoys this experience - so do the adults.

Aida feeding the Llama. Mimi actually seat beside Aida.
Both of them were feeding the animals.

Feeding the Camels from the van.

Adib, Aizat & Mimi - in front of the elephants show.
You can sit very near the elephants.

Having quick lunch that we packed from home.

Posing depan sign board - Taman Safari Indonesia

The White tiger - Acik mencicit lari sebab takut tengok
harimau putih ni.

Mimi posed with the baby lion - paid IDR10,000 for a pose.
Mimi is never afraid to take pics with animals - unlike her
brother and father as well hehee .

Mimi & Dania - with anak orangutan.

We spend hours in the Safari until its time to go back. On the way, we stopped at Puncak, a place similar to Cameron Highland - cool air and greenery all around. We stopped nearby a mosque to pray. This is the first time ever that I been to a mosques built on a hill top overseeing the whole valley. Really a great sight.

Me in front of the highest masjid in Puncak, Bogor.

The view from the mosque.

The stalls that sold fresh village produce. Kalau kat Malaysia
I dah beli dah bawak balik.

We started our 2nd day by preparing some breakfast on our own. So came out the roti canai segera, rendang daging, rendang ayam, sambal ikan bilis & sardin. Wow what a breakfast.

You see the pisang. It was left over after the animal
feeding at the Safari.

Then our 3rd day shopping begin. This time at Pasar Baru. Mak oi besar nya. It was a 7 floors of shopping complex with hundred of shops. You can't finish them in one day if you go from shop to shop. believe me.

Mimi trying to find dress that suits her. It's either its slightly
expensive or it doesn't fit her.

Of course lah, Ayah also want to shop for himself.

That night Abang invited us to have dinner at Kg Daun. It a place about 45 mins drive from Bandung. But due to the bad road condition and very narrow, we felt it was a really long journey. But the place is extraordinaire. Really a nice place and lots of people went there. You need to book first or else you can't find a place.

Since we arrive about 8pm and was dark, I could get clear pics. Hence to give you some idea of how it looks like, I've downloaded some pics from the net.

Welcome to Kg Daun, Bandung.
(pic download from internet)

Naik bukit nak sampai to our hut no 21.
(pic download from internet)

One of the huts in Kg Daun - very beautiful with village setting.
(pic download from internet)

Beautiful waterfall at Kg Daun. Very natural & refreshing.
(pic download from internet)

It was an experience having dinner at Kg Daun. I believe it's Sunda local delicacies.

Bi, Me & Cik Hindon - muka2 lapar tunggu makanan.

Group pose at Kg Daun, Bandung before the food arrive.

Arrays of foods at Kg Daun - about 45 mins. drive from Bandung.

Makan jangan tak makan sebab semua dah lapar.

We have to leave Badung on the 4th day. Flight at 12.00 noon. Hence everyone has to be read by 10am to leave for the airport.

Last group photo before we left for the Airport.

At the lounge - took a rest before departing home.

Goodbye Badung. It was a great trip for us as family. We really enjoyed our trip there and thanks to everyone for helping us to experience a great shopping adventure there. Maybe next trip we go somewhere else. Adios!