Friday, May 24, 2013

Conquering Bukit Broga - Small Hill But Big Achievement

It's has been one of my small dreams to climb up on top of Bukit Broga in Semenyih. The idea of reaching the top has been plying in my head for sometimes now. So when Petulia mooted the idea of climbing that hill in our what'sapp chat group, I was really attracted to it.

On Thursday, she was what'sapping in the chat group confirming how many people were going and where to meet. I was really excited and joined the chat informing that I'm might be joining them there. They were really excited on hearing my intention to join their trip.

Since Friday is a Public Holiday (Wesak Day), I thought hey why not I join them. More so when Along and Mimi wanted to join me as well. But the challenge is waking up before 4am and leave the house by 4.30am so that we can meet by 5.30am somewhere in Semenyih town.

Well as they said : Pictures show thousand words. Now we managed to snapped some pictures to depict our success of conquering Bukit Broga.
Me with Mimi & Aizudding - reached the top of Bukit Broga by 7 am.
Yes we made it! We are on Top of Bukit Broga

Yeah we made it too with Peter & Petulia

The Spartans on top of Broga with Zahran & Lotfi

Zahran, Lotfi & Zaem.

Yeah we are flying too on top of Broga Hill

I'm the strongest man! Kenneth Ong (KO) doing his act.

My little girl Mimi did it as well.

Aizuddin & Mimi climbing the hill. It was quite challenging at one point of time because it was too steep.

The strong men doing their pose.

While the ladies did their "Next Top of Model" pose.

Mw with Petulia & Peter. Great couple. Am blessed to know them in my life.

Me with another great couple. Zahran & Lotfi - they are avid runners.

Kenneth Ong aka KO. Funny guy always trying to make people laugh. Keep it up KO!

The Team X'treme that conquered Bukit Broga.

We took some breather before going down.

Mimi & Petulia scaling down the steep hill.

Having coconut drink and bottled water upon reaching down hill.

The achievers who conquered Bukit Broga.

The " Look every where pose". Ha very funny lah you all.

Yeah we are Team X'treme! We've made it!

After a long way up and down the hill... now it's time for makan. See the hungry faces.

See their orders. Few grams of fat lost but kilos of other fats added.

By the way, Peter ordered Nasi Lemak, Nasi Beriyani & 2 half-boiled eggs.

All empty plates that are left! What an appetite!
 Overall, I would consider that it was a successful and enjoyable trip to Bukit Broga. Well you may want to consider well prepared to avoid over exhaustion. Bring some bottle waters and maybe eat something first before going up there. It's best not to go during raining seasons because the track would be real slippery and maybe dangerous to some people. Do wear the right clothing and shoes as well.

Thank you to my Team X'treme particulary Peter & Petulia, Zahran & Lotfi, Kenneth Ong (KO) and my kids who decided to come along with me.