Thursday, November 26, 2009

Al Fatihah to Kak Imah

I haven't been writing for quite sometime now. Work have been quite hectic nowadays. Not much time for myself.

Anyway, just to update you guys that recently one of my sister-in-law passed away peacefully recently. Fondly called "Makmi" or otherwise, Kak Imah, she passed away about 2.00 am on last Wednesday at Kota Damansara. Again it was cancer that took her life. That makes her the third person who is closed to me and who succumbed to Breast cancer.

She was first diagnosed of Breast Cancer about four years ago. Since then she had done mastectomy i.e. operated her breast to take out the affected area. She also had gone thru' several courses of chemotherapy and had been bald as well. I have seen all that and how she suffered like what my late wife had gone through.

About 3 weeks ago, she was told by a specialist that her cancer had gone to he liver. I was alarmed. So was all my sisters in law who knew that it will be difficult for her to survive. What we didn't know is that it would be that fast. Or should I say, very fast. In just 3 weeks after she had known that it spread to the liver, the had to meet the Almighty. She had done the CT Scan just to double confirmed the doctors diagnosis.

What is she to me? Well as I said, she is my sister in law. But we were close to each other. Although she lived in Kluang, I do contact her once awhile. Either just to ask her well being, wishing her birthday or just asking her what is she up to now. I know that she would never sit still doing nothing. There must be something up her sleeve.

Kak Imah at Nutmeg Bistro, Kota Damansara
on my birthday celebration last year.

At a wedding in Kepong.

To me Kak Imah has her own specialty. She is independent and doesn't like to work for people but for herself. I knew her when I was first married to this side of the family way back in 1989, Back then she sells stuff at Pasar Malam in Johor Bahru. For many years she did that. She knew where to get all the stuff at wholesale prices. We took advantage of that since we too want cheaper prices of stuff she buys.

Besides that, she is a good at handicraft. She sew cushion covers, curtains, bed spread and what ever you can name it - she can sew it. On top of that, she knows where to get all the cheapest price but the best quality materials. I always amazed at her creations of curtains, cushion covers, etc. Mind you that during my wedding, she sew everything : quilted bed spread, curtains, cushion covers, drape for our dais and many more stuffs.

Every time I complimented her on seeing new things she did, without failed she would always answer : "alah murah jer kain tu" or " alah kain-kain perca jer I jahit", etc. She is so humble. But the result of her craft is first class.

There wouldn't be Kak Imah around anymore. But the memories will still be with us. I would still remember her as someone who is jovial, someone who is independent, someone who cares for other people more than herself, someone who would help if its not a problem to her and many more things which is describable.

Only Allah would knows who good she is to us. May you now rest in peace. And we pray that Allah placed you amongst the ambiya. We will miss you Kak Imah.