Monday, April 30, 2007

Another Weekend

I always look for weekends. That's when I don't have to rush for works. However each weekends took place differently each week.


Tonite I have a Business Building Seminar with guest speaker from Sweden - Diamond Directs Mats Holmberg. On the way to KGPA, I sent Ky, Mimi and Acik to Ijah's house. They wanted to watch Akademi Fantasia together. So we left home slightly after 6.30pm and reached Kota Damansara slightly after 7.00pm. After dropping them off, I went straight to KGPA.

Mats Holmberg is a very exciting young guy who achieved his Diamondship before age of 30. Good speaker. This is the second time he is here. He got some international partnership here in Malaysia and we were told that he is spreading his business here in Asia.

The KGPA hall was unusually packed by old and new IBOs. People who are researching the business add to the number. Had to get more seats for the attendees.

It finished at 11.00pm and after meeting the group, I left. Went to fetch Ky and the kids. Acik was already sleeping - he's an early sleeper. Mimi insisted to that I wait till Aznil announced the next person to be kicked out from AF. It was Aizat. I didn't care much about AF since I didn't follow it anyway. Got home about 12.30pm.


Ky have reminded me about the Kelas Tasfir Quran by Ustaz Abdullah Yassin. She has been attending the class whenever she can. Usually it's on Monday morning. But this around she said that, the Ustaz is doing a Sunday class on Sunday to cater the working people. She insisted that the class will be held in Menara Marinara in one of the surau.

She has been promoting this class to verybody she knew who would be interested. Kak Harrison tagged along with us. We left home by 9.30am. Reached Menara Marinara about 10.00am but this building seemed to be deserted. Except for a couple of security guards, nobody was there. We went to the parking area hoping to see cars parked there to make sure it's the right place and day! No one seems to be around.

Asked Ky to call Ustaz but she was unable to get to him. Ky also called few other people but they were unaware of this class. But 10.30am my patience is being tested. So I decided to drive back home. Ky apologizing for the whole thing.

Anyway we got home before 11.00am. Ky invited Kak Harison for breakfast - ubi rebus & sambal ikan bilis- it was good man! They chatted till about 12.00pm.

I got to relax watching TV at home. Need a nice break.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Naib Johan Selangor - Volleyball under 12

Came back about 10.30pm from business preview at KGPA. Was hungry and had my late dinner. Suddenly got sms from Acik using his new prepaid maxis. "Acik baru nak balik ni". He is in Klang with his Volleyball team since last Sunday. So I tried to call him a few times but was on messaging mode. I smsed him back to find out the details. Ky called his coach Cikgu Yazid and got him online. They were about to leave Klang and would arrive SK Taman Samudra by 12.30am.

It was only about 11.00 pm. So after taking a bath and Isyak prayers, Angah and me watched tv while waiting for Acik to arrive. By the way, Angah insisted that he will drive the car to pick Acik. Of course, I wasn't sure about that idea. At 15 years old and without driving license, it was a bit risky to let him drive.

By 12.15am Acik called the house phone informing that they had just arrived. Angah quickly grabbed my Wira car keys and went straight to start on the engine. Sigh ... well what the heck. I let him drive but of course with lots of instructions. "Drive slowly, jangan laju-laju sangat" was my specific instruction. " Alah, relax lah y
ah!" was the reply every time I told him to slow down.

Anyway, alhamdulillah we arrived safely at Acik school. Met Cikgu Yazid and a couples of other teachers waiting for the parents to fetch their children. Cikgu Yazid told me that their team were 1st runner up for Selangor and Sabak Bernam was the Champion. Syabas to Gombak - the underdog team. Acik told me that the girls under 12 team was the champion for Selangor.

Cikgu Yazid told me that a couple of players from their team was selected to represent Selangor. Acik , although a good player but being a bit too short, was unfortunately not selected for the Selangor team. (Acik was the shortest amongst his team mate but was the best setter).

I was not really depressed of him not being selected for Selangor under 12 team. I was actually elated by the fact that they had won second place in Selangor. To me that was already an achievement. Syabas Acik and syabas Gombak team.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Al-Fatihah to Puan Rahimah

I got this sms from my wife, Ky at 11.24 am.

"Untuk pengetahuan semua, sahabat kita, Pn Rahimah telah kembali ke rahmahtullah semalam, selasa jam 11.45 mlm. Mari lah kita berdoa semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya. Amin ya rab bal alamin.."

It was a devastating moment when I read this sms. Called Ky immediately after I read her sms. In between solemn and trying to console her, Ky told me that the last time she went to see Puan Rahimah in Damansara Specialist Hospital was last Monday, she was already in coma then. Last week, she also went to visit her after her Tafsir Quran class. Being frail and lost weight- due to the cancer cell have spread to the liver - they got to chat for awhile and shared some food together. Ky told me that Puan Rahimah had a few times invited her for lunch in her good times but time is not on her side - thus couldn't make it. Terkilan tak dapat makan bersama dulu.

Personally, I only knew Puan Rahimah from Ky. She is one of Ky's Cancer patients in Damansara Specialist. She had survived cancer for 7 years now. She had gone through several chemoteraphy, radiations and whatever she could stand until of late. She can't stand anymore side effects. She was taking alternatives supplements.

The first time I was introduced to her when we met at the Cancer Support group in Damansara Specialist. Ky was the facilitator. It was a special support group meeting there because it's a mothers day celebration too. Puan Rahimah was an invited speaker then. Her daughter and son also got the chance to speak highly of her.

The last occasion was on 17 February 2006. Ky and I organized a talk by Ustaz Dr Abdullah Yassin at KGPA on "Redha and Tawakal menghadapi penyakit". Puan Rahimah was there early to take the registration of the attendees. She also contributed some money to pay the rental of the hall - as this is a charity-kind of talk.

But most of all, she was close to Ky. Ky is her mentor and Puan Rahimah is Ky's close friend/patient/emotional partner - they both had cancer.Well it is time for her to go. We can't stop Allah's work. Probably it's best for her to go than to suffer in this world.

To my beloved wife : be strong and leave this to Allah because he knows what is best for you.

Al - Fatihah..

Traffic Summon

As I was arriving home from work about 7.30pm, there welcome me was a letter on the table. It was a registered letter and I immediately know that it's a traffic summon. Ha! now where did I speed?

I opened the letter and it stated that I had drove at 90km/hr in a 60km/hr zone at KM58 Sungai Besar Selangor on 10 September 2006. When I check at the calendar, 10 September 2006 was a Sunday so I assume it was when I was driving back after sending Along to his boarding school.

Well I am not a speed driver but when the road is good and comfortable, why not drive a bit faster. If you have been driving from Kuala Selangor towards Sabak Bernam, you must realised that they already have a good 4 lanes trunk road. This is my 5th year of plying that road since Along went to school there. From a kampong road that was bumpy, potholes and lots of slow moving traffics, it has now turned into a 4 lanes "highway". Kudos to Selangor MB, Khir Toyo who at least developed that raod which benefits him too. By the way, his house is right besides the main road in Sungai Besar.

From a 2 hrs 15 mins drive, I can now reach Sg Besar in 1 hr 45 mins straight. Now who could blame me if I were to drive a little faster in a good road. As the road have been upgraded, they should at least increase the speed lit to 90km/hr isn't it?

Anyway, with the traffic summon in hand - and at lebihan laju 30km - I was compound RM300. But they also give an offer of RM150 compound. What a deal? But now I'm looking for a lubang on how to get it much lower.. hahaha!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Go Acik Go Acik!

I was craving for soup for today's lunch. So Azlee & I drove to Sec 18 Shah Alam cos we knew there's a shop "Sup Utara" that serves good soup there. It's next to the KPP College. Got a parking next to the shop and got seats easily as there were not too many people yet.

I ordered "mixed soup", white rice and my favourite "telur masin". Azlee ordered "beef soup" with white rice. We had "teh o ais". The soup was good although it was a bit spicy - we sweat over it.

After lunch we stopped at "Gerai Pisang Goreng Azmi" at Sec 19 (near the commuter station). Azlee have to queue up for this.
Pisang Goreng Azmi is well known in Shah Alam for its best goreng pisang. I can vouched for that.

Our next stop is the Dewan Volleyball Shah Alam in Sec 19 . Dropped by to see if Acik is playing there. True enough when we arrived, I saw Acik playing against Sabak Bernam team. On average, his team is shorter compared to the Sabak Bernam team, where mostly chinese guys and taller. At standard 6, the tallest spiker is in fact taller than me.

Acik saw me - not sure whether he is excited or scared heheheee.. I greeted En Yahaya, the ex-PIBG Chairman. He is the strong supporter for SK Taman Samudra team. Cikgu Yazid also saw me - but he was also concentrating on his team. Acik is the smallest kid in game - but mind you he did some tricks that gaves point to his team.

Gombak team managed to score over Sabak Bernam Team on the second game and went for rubber set. Unfortunately, they lost 15-7. But they showed true sportmanship but lost to a better exponent.

Well try again Gombak Team. You have few more games to go!

Monday, April 23, 2007

"Gombak Brothers Volleyball Setter"

Acik was excited since yesterday to go for the inter-distric volleyball tournament in Shah Alam. Like last year, Angah and Acik represent Gombak District in MSSN Selangor. Acik represent the under 12 team and Angah represent the under 15.

SK Taman Samudra was the district champion this year. So he was chosen again to represent Gombak District. Last year he was reserve for the district but now he is the player. Angah's school SMK Seri Gombak also represent Gombak.

Acik told me that he and Angah are the "Setter Adik Beradik Gombak". I repeated asked him " Apa dia? Adik beradik setter?" He told me that only Angah and him are siblings representing Gombak. On top of that, both of them are the "volleyball setters setting the ball for the spikers". Well that makes sense to me "
Adik beradik setter".

More exciting for him, he is the star player (according to him lah!) and this time he is playing too instead of being on the bench as reserve. By the way, Acik is shortest amongst the player. But since his "setting" is the best amongst the players, he has been representig his school for 3 years now.

Angah too has represented his school since the Form 1 i.e. 3 years in a row now. He played volley ball since primary school too.

Anyway, we sent them off to SK Taman Samudra where they took the bus to Shah Alam and Klang, respectively. Acik will be staying in Gold Coast Hotel Klang and Angah in Intekma Resort Shah Alam. The tournament starts this Monday. So what's the outcome. I hope they really make it this time.

Ijok's By Election

I was driving Along back to his boarding school to Sg Besar. Approaching Ijok, we saw a road block by police, checking all cars entering Ijok. Luckily I wasn't speeding but was about to overtake a slow car in front of me. Approaching Ijok, lots and lots of banners, flyers, flags, buntings hanging all over Ijok. This unusual scene is due to the upcoming by-election on 28 April 2007.

I wanted to avoid the traffic jam and turned left at the traffic light using the Ijok ~ Batang Berjuntai route. Unfortunately, less than 200 meter from the junction, it was jammed. Not only packed with cars and people but there was road construction. Bull dozers, tractors and lorries occupied half the road. What the heck these people are doing it now? Yeah I know Sammy Vellu have to served the Ijok community by building new road but why now?

About 3 kilometers away from the first road construction, there was another one. This time they are widening the road. The jammed this time was worst than the first one. The slow moving traffic was about 20 mins. Worst still there was an Barisan Nasional gathering with VIPs motorcade passing by and the traffic stood still. Traffic police wasn't help much either. Traffic was ok once we passed Batang Berjuntai juntion towards Tanjung Karang inner road.

On the way back to KL, I decided to take the Kuala Selangor road towards Ijok thinking that the earlier road I took would be bad. Was I totally wrong! This route is worst than the first one. The traffic jam started about 5 km away before Ijok town. Motorist by then we overtaking each other. From one lane, it turned to 2 now. I was surprise that the traffic police, which were many of them there, didn't help much. Added salt to the wound, there was a Pasar Malam in town. I only managed to get out of this traffic jam after 1 hour by 7.30pm. I wish the traffic police can do more to ease the traffic jam.

My view:

1. If the Sammy Vellu wanted to show how the Government cares for the people, please have the road done at anytime of the year and not only during election time. I have been plying these road for more than 4 years now and nothing much had happen until this week.

2. To the traffic Police, please do what you are supposed to do -
get your priorities right!. Easy the traffic congestion and not just hanging in the middles of the road! Those who cut queue should be summoned eventhough they are VIPs cars! Once somebody starts to cut queue, others will follow.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I was watching TV9 on Monday nite at 8.30pm. Actually I was avoiding to watch TV3 9pm boring show Missi XXRay. Always fought with my daughter who got to see which programme. But luckily she was on something else so I got to control the TV all on my own.

It was an animal planet-kind of show -
Jeff Corwin Experience. It's about Jeff Corwin exploration to Alaska and they showed some of the native animals there e.g the seals, moose, bears and all the stuff. Anyway, I was more intrigued with the Alaska scenery during its spring time. Actually I was also reminiscing the trip that my beloved wife and I had when we were on the Alaskan Cruise was back in 2001. It was an incentive trip from our business.

We flew from KLIA into Seoul, Korea for transit. Since the connecting flight was in the evening they arrange for a half day tour in Seoul. Seoul happen to be the host for 2001 World Football Cup. So there were banners and billboards about the World Cup all over Seoul.

The tour tooks us to downtown Seoul: Ancient Palace, Cultural Centre, etc. Later that evening, we were driven back to the airport for our next flight to Seattle, Washington. That's the nearest city to the port where we boarded a big cruise ship. It was quite cold althought the winter was over. I remember the movie - Sleepless in Seattle. Well we are now in Seattle.

The cruise ship named "Legend of the Seas" was big. We were told that it has 11 level from the engine room at the bottom, up to the swimming pool on the roof top. It's kind of moving hotel on the sea. We boarded the ship in the afternoon and the ship launched in the evening when
everybody have boarded the ship.

I was fascinated by the fact that it was my first ever trip on a cruise ship. On top of that, we are going to Alaska! Never had I imagine that I'm going to step foot in Alaska. Yeah, I studied in America for 3 years and toured many states there but never thought of going to Alaska. Also for Ky and I, we took this opportunity as our "anniversary honeymoon" trip together after married for 11 years. By the way, our honeymoon after our wedding was in Kuantan hehehe..

Well we got into room without windows. Well who needs window when we can spent time with each other in the room alone. Honeymoon kata kan! Welcome gift (personal care products) from Amway were also on the bed. We were given the schedules and prog
rammes for the whole trip - where to go, what to see, where to shops, what to eat, so on and so forth.

At every dinner, we were served different cuisine that suits our palate. Of course it has to be halal. Breakfast were served in a restaurant at the top of the ship - overlooking the beatiful sea and the scenery of snow capped mountains. At nights, we were also entertained at the club with magic shows, dance shows or perhaps even games coordinated by the club staffs. Supper were served differently every night. In one of the night, it was chocolates night - everything chocolates - cakes, mousse, fruit dipped in chocolate, hot chocolates, etc, etc. I gave up trying to eat everything! It was just too much to eat.

Everyday we arrive into new port of destination. Thus after breakfast we were ready to explore each city we arrived into. Each place has its own specialty. We went to Ketchikan,
Sitka and lastly Juneau.

I remember having bake salmon at Gold Creek (supposed to be famous in Ketchikan). Having the barbeque besides the creek. You can eat as much salmon bake as you want. I wasn't into salmon actually but since everybody was enjoying, so it's no harm for me having it too.

In Juneau, we had the chance to get into a cable car that carry us on top of a mountain overlooking the port. It was beatiful scene on top of the mountain. We had the chance to play snow ball. Downtown in the city, shopping was the main attractions. Lots of things to buy especially when you don't have to think about converting US$ into RM. Bargains everywhere.

In one of the days, we went for a mountain trail. In the early days people explored the mountains to dig for gold. That was long time ago. But now as a tourist attraction, they developed a railway track right up to the border of Canada. It was about an hour journey from the city. It was cold up in the mountain but the scenery were beautiful. I managed to take some photos of the creeks and hills during our train ride.

Alaska is also well known for its diamonds! Thus the ladies were eyeing on which diamond that fits into their fingures. I actually brought Ky a simple but beautiful diamond ring. It's for our anniversarry cum her birthday cum valentine's gift for her!!!! By the way, most of the shops selling jewellery were Indians. We were told they only open their shops few month every years when tourist arrive into their city. Other months, it was all snow and not many tourist would come to Alaska.

In Sitka, the weather was not on our side. It was drizzling, wet and cold. Instead of going to the see the ancient totem poles, we went to its shopping mall. We brought somethings for the family there.

After about 5 nights in the cruise ship, it was time to get home to Malaysia. Some of us extended their trips into Canada. We took a plane back from Seattle to Tokyo and then to KLIA. It was quite tiring after a very long journey to Alaska but it was a beautiful experience for both Ky and I.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A drive to Sungai Besar

Along, my first son, called me the other day from his boarding school saying that he is short of money. He has not come back since the last 4 weeks. Usually he will be back every two weeks and I will give him his forth nightly allowance when I send him back. So this time around, since he didn't come back, he is short of money now.

He suggested to me to send via money order but it will take sometimes to arrive to him. I did asked him to borrow some money from his friends enough money for his bus fare. But he told me that his friends too are just broke as him. I also suggested to bank in into his account but unfortunately his BCB ATM card is with his mom. So the next best way is to go and see him
this Saturday. So that was what we did today.

Mimi, Ky and I decided to drive our Avanza to Sg. Besar to see Along. We shoot off from home about 11.45am. Ky and Mimi haven't been there since a year now. So it was quite an interesting journey for us to go together. The 2 brothers didn't go. Angah has his weekend tuition and Acik has his "nasyid group" practise for his inter-district competition.

We took the Sg Buloh to Ijok to Kuala Selangor road. Traffic was smooth and the weather was hot bright and sunny. Along the way, I showed Mimi the beautiful Kuala Selangor bridge with its' wide river, the sawah padi at Sekinchan, stalls selling local fruits and stuffs, etc. These are not the things we usually see in KL. It's kind of geography class for her.

Before we reached SMKA Simpang Lima, Sg Besar, Along missed a call on my handphone. So I returned his call. We were just about a kilometer away. When we reached his school, it was slightly after 1.20pm. Gave him things he wanted and then we took him out to the Sg Besar town.

Mimi was already hungry by now. So we stop at the town's food court. Mimi ordered her favourite Nasi Ayam and I ordered mee Mixed-soup i.e soup with beef, paru-paru, perut and all the stuff. Well it was good and I finished the whole bowl. Along only ordered his favourite tea "o" ice as usual and Ky wanted to try the ABC. Mimi & I ordered fresh mango juice - it was good!

In Sg Besar there are few shops selling stuff so Ky decided to buy Mimi her track bottom. Hers had riped off so her mom wanted to buy her a new pair. So we just went around a few shops and she got it. Whilst in the shop, Ky also saw a nice white cotton blouse and bought one for Hindon - for her birthday present. Went to Fajar Supermarket and Along brought some stuff for his food ration. I also stopped at the wet market and brought some nice fresh fish and crabs there. Told the china men to put grated ice together so it stay fresh till we get back
home. And also brought some belacan - Bibik have reminded me earlier.

Past 3 pm, we headed back to Along school. Left him with some money and lots of advise from his mom. "Jangan lupa belajar rajin-rajin. Jangan lupa sembahyang, etc. etc." We then hit the road again by 3.30pm.

Earlier Mimi have reminded me to stop at the kedai kerepek. So before we reached Sekinchan again we stopped at that kedai Masri - it a small malay cottage industry selling lots of kerepek, kueh baulu and many more malay cookies. The kueh baulu were baked fresh. Mimi was excited and she grabbed a big packet of kerepek ubi and kuah bawang. Ky took 2 packets of kueh ros for Minah & Hindon. And I ate the "taste for free sample" hey.. the baulu gulung was nice!

After that we stopped at Sekinchan mosque for our prayers. Mimi reminded me again to buy the Jagung rebus that she saw earlier along the road before Sekinchan. So on our way back, we stopped at one of the stall and got what she wanted. The jagung was nice and sweet.

So by then we drove straight back home. Reaching Tg Karang, it was already cloudy. It rained all the way from Kuala Selangor to Sg Buloh. Arrived home slightly after 6pm. I was glad Ky & Mimi accompanied me. We talked on many things and we had laughed on funny things that crossed our life. Although we were a bit tired, but we enjoy our trip there.

Friday, April 13, 2007

It's time for Performance Appraisal again!

Ha this is also the time of the year that I have been dreading to do. It's the performance appraisal. I hate it especially when you have to be so creative to manipulate facts and figure to make your performance looks better than others.

Being the Head of the Business Support team, my main responsible is to assist all the country managers to achieve their volume, thus achieving the overall target. This year seems to bleak out a bit. Problems surfaced one after another. Vessels space were filled up by Japanese and Korean car makers and left practically zero for us. Thus no shipment volume from Malaysia. Production hiccups also contribute to the already accumulated problems.

Well I have filled up all the necessary part with my creativity - but also based on facts and figures. Now I leave it to my boss to decide on the rest. Hopefully I will get a better renumeration this time.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's time for Tax Return again!

Ha! It's time to prepare for the Income Tax again. As usual it's been dreading yearly activity to compile all the receipt, documents, bills and whatever I have and to get all the proper record. I have been keeping most of these in a big envelope because I know it will really helps me when I start doing this tax return.

Yesterday in the Main Office Lobby, our HR had arranged for the Inland Revenue to set up a counter to handle all the tax enquiries for the staff. I didn't bother to join becuase I wasn't ready yet. I have been postponing to even start doing it since I got the Income Tax Return last February.

So this morning I thought of doing it for good cause I wasn't that busy today. Went into the Income tax website and got access to the e-filing. It was quite easy though compared when I tried to access it last year. Last year I got so frustrated trying to get into the website, let alone downloading the file. So last year I ended up submitting my tax return via the normal manual form.

Once I have downloaded the file, eveything seems to be simple. And since I got all the hospital bills, insurance statement, zakat statement, EA form and everything I needed, I start filling up the relevant boxes. It will also automatically calculate how much you got to pay.

I was really excited cause the amount at end of the statement says "cukai yang terlebih bayar RM1,073.29". Is it for sure??? I kept recalculating the figures to make sure. Yes! it is the extra amount that I have paid. Woweee!!!!!!!! What a relieve and what a pleasure.

After many years of submitting the tax return, this is the first time the Inland Revenue owes me that much hahahaaa... So I print out a copy of the statement just to make sure that it is for real. And I also made a personal record of submitting the tax way before the dateline and not rushing to submit it on the last day.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sentimental Songs

Sometimes when you listened to some songs, not only the tune is catchy but also the wordings were really nice to listen to. Being me, I like to listen to easy-listening, soft rock and ballard numbers. So recently, I was got to know these songs that really touches my soul. It reflects something in some part of my life. Being sentimental and melancholic, the lyrics sometimes makes me feel "extra emotional".

And currently 2 songs always played in my mind. One is by Indonesia group Nidji i.e.Hapus Aku and the other is by Kaer AF i.e Izin ku pergi.

Hapus Aku - Nidji

Kutuliskan kesedihan
Semua tak bisa kau ungkapkan
Dan kita kan bicara dengan hatiku

Buang semua puisi
Antara kita berdua
Kau bunuh dia sesuatu
Yang kusebut itu cinta

Yakinkan aku Tuhan
Dia bukan milikku
Biarkan waktu waktu
Hapus aku…

Sadarkan aku Tuhan
Dia bukan milikku
Biarkan waktu waktu
Hapus aku…

Izin Ku Pergi - KAER

Sinaran mata
Cerita segalanya
Duka lara terpendam
Memori semalam

Tinggal segala cinta
Tiada kembalinya
Lama dikasih kita
au bawa bersama

Mimpi indah mekar
Saat cinta bersemi
Sedetik asmara syurga

Pergilah rinduku
Hilangkan dirimu
Tak sanggup menanggung
Derita dikalbuku

Pergilah sayangku
Bermula semula
Semangat cintaku
Membara kerana dia
Tiada niatku

Tersemat dijiwa
Setia bersamanya
Cinta murni berdua
Beribu teguhnya

Mimpi indah mekar
Saat cinta bersemi
Sedetik asmara syurga

(Ulang korus)

Pergilah sayangku
Bermula semula
Semangat cintaku
Membara kerana dia
Tiada niatku

Maafkan aku duhai kasih
Izinkan ku pergi..

Another Hectic Saturday

Emma's Khatam Quran & Engagement

Woke early in the morning & send Acik to school for his "kelas tambahan". He is taking his UPSR this year. That mean he can't join his cousins for the Khatam Quran. To those who doesn't know what is "Khatam Quran" it is actually the completion of reading the Quran. This ceremony is observed for every Muslim. At least once a lifetime, we should complete it.

Only Kiky, Mimi & I would be able to go. Picked-up Mak & Kak Lang by 9.00am. Drove off to Kg Tunku by 9.30am. When we arrived Kg Tunku, everybody was already there. Emma, Ika, Nazar, Adila & Shikin was ready for the Khatam Quran ceremony except for the Marhaban Group. Later I got to know that they lost their way to Kg Tunku but managed to arrived by 10.30am. Whilst waiting for them, Ky got them practising their reading (tajwid) so that they won't hick-up later.

Once the Marhaban Group from Kg Baru arrived, they were served breakfast. Thus the Khatam Quran starts. Daniel (Emma's Fiance soon-to-be) was there to observed the whole ceremony. It's good for him to accustomised with our culture here. By 12.00 noon, the ceremony completed. At the end of this ceremony, Kak Chik thanks the marhaban group for making the whole ceremony without a glitch. They were later invited for lunch which were already prepared outside.

As planned earlier, once the Khatam Quran & Marhaban ceremony completed, the engagement ceremony will take place. Since Daniel (a Dutch) who is here alone and to make him officially engaged to Emma, some form of Malay tradition has to take place i.e. the merisik and "bertunang". In this case, Daniel is represented by his foster parent i.e. En Bakar. The Bride family were represented by our eldest brother. After the berbalas pantun took place and agreement was reached upon, then Mom put in the engagement ring to Emma. Mom also presented her with a gold necklace. Doa selamat was also done as all went smoothly.


Though it was a simple ceremony but it is meaningful to both parties especially to Daniel & Emma since this is their engagement. The guests were invited for lunch which were already served outside. By 1.30pm, we all prayed together and left by 2.30pm.

Dania's 1st Birthday

Bi's first grand daughter's 1st birthday bash was held in Kelab Sri Damansara at 3.00pm. Since we arrived home only at 3.30pm and after a quick shower we drove straight to that Club house. We arrived slightly after 4.15pm. Almost everybody was there. We make a "Grand Entrance" since we were late and everybody was watching us hahahaa.. Greeted everyone.

Bi, as usual was the MC for the ceremony, had already organising some games for the parents & kids. We had some food and some fun. I did managed to have some chat with relatives whom I have not seen a while. Just to touch base with them especially the elders.

Left the club about 6.00pm and left for Ijah's house in Kota Damansara. Rest for awhile.

Berubat with Pak Santo

After Maghrib we had dinner and by 8.05pm, Hindon, Ky and I left for Abang Ad's house in Kelana Jaya. By the time we arrived, Pak Santo & Kamar was already there. By the way, Pak Santo is an Indonesian Architec but also practise alternative medicine. He can scan a human body and tells you what sickness you have. Ky, Hindon & Kak Illah have been seeing him for a while now.

Ky & Kak Illah both have breast cancer. Hindon has seizures. And we felt that besides the normal medical treatment, why not also try alternative treatment. We shall find means and ways to get healed. For all sickness, there is a cure. We have to find out ourself. It all in the God's hand.

Since I was too tired, I went up and catch a few minutes to doze off. By 11.00pm we sent back Hindon to Kota Damansara, fetched Mimi and head for home.

Arrived home by 12.15 am. After the Isyak prayers.. here I am updating by blog.
Now the time already shows 1.44 am and I thinks its time for me to take a break and head for my bed. What a Saturday!!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Words of Wisdom

I got this sms from Uncle Joe (one of my brother-out-law.. hehehe..) quite sometimes ago but still kept in the inbox cause I thought it's just make sense to me. It reads....

If Allah answer your prayers, Allah is increasing your faith
If Allah delay them, Allah is increasing your patience
If Allah doesn't answer, Allah has better plans for you in the future

So whenever my prayers is not being answer yet, then I will always remember this. There are better plan for me to look for..insya'allah..

Thanks Uncle Joe!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lessons in Logic

I was browsing my email this morning when I saw an email from somebody. Well, I smiled when I read it. So just wanna share with you what's the "Lessons in Logic".

Lessons in Logic

If your father is a poor man,
it is your fate but,
if your father-in-law is a poor man,
it's your stupidity.
I was born intelligent -
education ruined me.
Practice makes perfect.....
But nobody's perfect......
so why practice?
If it's true that we are here to help others,
then what exactly are the others here for?
Since light travels faster than sound,
people appear bright until you hear them speak.
How come "abbreviated" is such a long word?
Money is not everything.
There's Mastercard & Visa.
One should love animals.
They are so tasty.
Behind every successful man, there is a woman
And behind every unsuccessful man, there are two.
Every man should marry.
After all, happiness is not the only thing in
The wise never marry.
and when they marry they become otherwise.
Success is a relative term.
It brings so many relatives.
Never put off the work till tomorrow
what you can put off today.
"Your future depends on your dreams"
So go to sleep
There should be a better way to start a day
Than waking up every morning
"Hard work never killed anybody"
But why take the risk
"Work fascinates me"
I can look at it for hours
God made relatives;
Thank God we can choose our friends.

The more you learn, the more you know,
The more you know, the more you forget
The more you forget, the less you know
So.. why learn.
A bus station is where a bus stops.
A train station is where a train stops.
On my desk, I have a work station....
what more can I say........

Monday, April 2, 2007

Acik & Mimi's Sports Day

Sunday 1 April 2007 - it's sports day for Acik & Mimi. They were excited since last nite and got up early this morning. I drove them to the school first and have to get back home to fetch Angah to send him to the LRT.

Went to their school again about 9.00am with Ky. When we arrived, the parking were already full but I managed to get a space. The ceremony had already started - the children lined-up in front of the guests tent in uniform and their house colours. Acik was standing infront of his St John's ambulance troop handling the flag. Mimi was in the front row of the Kadet Remaja in her green uniform. Both of them look smart in uniform. Am proud of them.

Mimi didn't participate in the track event. She told me that she paticipate in the long jump but probably didn't win. Acik particiapte in the 100m race. Unfortunately he got no. 5 of eight. But he won the second in 4x100m, high jump ... yes high jump ! Unbelievable for a short Acik to get second in high jump. He aslo got second in tug-of-war.. yes tug-of war! I guess the rope if bigger than him ha!

Ky & I went back home before 11am cos nothing much to see then. Acik & Mimi stayed on - I guess it's more to play around with their friends thn watching the sport. Told them that I would pick them up at 12noon.
But unfortunately by 11am it rained heavily. I guess it have disrupted the event.

About 12.15pm when the rain stopped, I went to pick up Mimi. She was drenched wet. Totally wet. Acik came back later also drenched wet. But he came back happy with 3 medals over his neck.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Family gathering - Birthday Celebration & Meeting on Wedding

This weekend was quite filled up for me. Why? Well let me write something on it. I am the organiser & chairman for this week event.

Saturday starts with my normal routine, it's pasar time. Pasar Selayang was my first destination to buy all the vegetables, chicken and fish. Parking was not bad and got one under bridge. NSK nearby was the next stop to get all the dry stuff.

I already told my kids to be back at home and get ready by 12.00 noon so that we can get to Nenek's house for Birthday celebration (Feb, March & April) and for a family meeting on Emma's wedding. Acik got back home from his practise about 12.00 and everybody were already in the Avanza by 12.30pm heading for nenek's house.

It was a portluck celebration and we brough along fried chickens. By the time we got to nenek's house almost everybody was there. Greeted everybody. Everybody was busy making dishes and arranging the food on table. The men were rearranging the living room to make space for Zuhur prayers. By 1.25pm the sejadah were arranged nicely and we prayed together.

By the way, Daniel @ Dennis from Holland - Emma's boyfriend is already here. I was informed that he has converted to Islam last Monday 26 March 2007 at Perkim Jalan Ipoh. Alhamdullilah. I wish him all the best to embrace Islam and be a true Muslim. They are getting married this June and the family is organising their wedding. That's is one of the reasons why almost all the family was here.

After the Zuhur prayers, our stomachs were already croaking for food. Well enough was more than enough. There were sambal sotong (Mak Lang), Ayam masak lemak, kacang panjang goreng, ikan sembilang masak asam, ulam & ikan masin, sambal ikan bilis petai... and many more. The food was delicious.

For kids there were home made KFC fried chicken, burgers, mashed potatoes (made by Daniel & Emma), french fries. Desserts includes jelly, grapes, koci, yellow watermellon, roc mellon, buah kundang, etc.

Well foods were plenty for everybody. Not a problem. In fact, plenty to be 'tapau' back home.

The Birthday Celebrations
After stomach were filled up but before our eyes got weary and sleepy, we got to kick-off with the event. It's the birthday celebration for February, March & April. There were 18 birthday babes altogether but only 15 turned up because some of my nieces & nephews in Labuan and Kedah can't be with us.

Syahrul Azwan Mohd Ariffin 2 Feb 1980
Mohd Azharuddin Mohd Anuar 5 Feb 1985
Roszita Osman (Zee) 2 Feb 1967
Mohd Azam Ismail 13 Feb 1960
Mohd Nazatullah Mohd Nazmi (Naza) 12 Feb 1994
Mohd Nikmatullah Mohd Nazmi (Niki) 7 Feb 2001

Muhammad Zaki Mohd Ariffin (Aki) 26 Mar 1995
Mohd Aswadi Mohd Adnan (Aboy) 14 Mar 1992
Rina Azura Razalie (Zura) 5 Mar 1984
Mohd Rusydi Razali (Didi) 20 Mar 1986
Mohamad Aizat Mohd Azam (Angah) 9 Mar 1992
Zalma Ismail 18 Mar 1963
Mohd Hidayatullah Mohd Nazmi (Ayat) 27 Mar 1997

Hajjah Harrison Hussein 9 Apr 1952
Siti Nurul Aini Mohd Anuar (Siti) 4 Apr 1988
Quratul Quswa Mohd Azman (Wawa) 25 Apr 2003
Afiqah Izati Taharuddin (Ika) 12 Apr 1997
Muhammad Afiq Taharuddin (Apik) 21 Apr 2001

The celebration went well. Although it was a simple do, but everyone enjoyed especially the kids when the received presents from every family. I have told everybody that it is not how big or how expensive the presents are, but more importantly the thought and the art of giving to other people. I got some presents too hahaaa...

To make the occasion more interesting, Mimi and Ky had actually prepares a short quiz - about Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. - in conjunction of Maulidul Rasul today. She also prepared some small gifts for people who answer her correctly. That's my girl. She always want to enjoy things. I guess she got it from her mom.

Meeting on Emma & Daniel's wedding
We start the meeting with doa selamat.

I chaired this meeting. It was the 3rd meeting to update the family members with regards to the wedding.
As many had known, Daniel had already converted as a Muslim. Alhamdullilah.

We went thru the agenda one by one.

  1. The next week on 7 April 2007, is the Khatam Quran & Engagement Ceremony at Kg Tunku, P.J.
  2. 16 June 2007, will be the Akad Nikah ceremony in Masjid Terapung, Kuala Terengganu - Emma & Daniel chose that mosques because it kind of special for them.
  3. 23 June 2007 - wedding reception at Seri Melayu, Jalan Conlay, KL. It's a sit down reception.
  4. 24 June 207 - wedding reception at Wisma Getah Asli.

Of course we went thru the details part of it. However there things need to be confirmed, straighten up and settled. The next meeting is proposed middle May i.e about a month before the wedding.