Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I was watching TV9 on Monday nite at 8.30pm. Actually I was avoiding to watch TV3 9pm boring show Missi XXRay. Always fought with my daughter who got to see which programme. But luckily she was on something else so I got to control the TV all on my own.

It was an animal planet-kind of show -
Jeff Corwin Experience. It's about Jeff Corwin exploration to Alaska and they showed some of the native animals there e.g the seals, moose, bears and all the stuff. Anyway, I was more intrigued with the Alaska scenery during its spring time. Actually I was also reminiscing the trip that my beloved wife and I had when we were on the Alaskan Cruise was back in 2001. It was an incentive trip from our business.

We flew from KLIA into Seoul, Korea for transit. Since the connecting flight was in the evening they arrange for a half day tour in Seoul. Seoul happen to be the host for 2001 World Football Cup. So there were banners and billboards about the World Cup all over Seoul.

The tour tooks us to downtown Seoul: Ancient Palace, Cultural Centre, etc. Later that evening, we were driven back to the airport for our next flight to Seattle, Washington. That's the nearest city to the port where we boarded a big cruise ship. It was quite cold althought the winter was over. I remember the movie - Sleepless in Seattle. Well we are now in Seattle.

The cruise ship named "Legend of the Seas" was big. We were told that it has 11 level from the engine room at the bottom, up to the swimming pool on the roof top. It's kind of moving hotel on the sea. We boarded the ship in the afternoon and the ship launched in the evening when
everybody have boarded the ship.

I was fascinated by the fact that it was my first ever trip on a cruise ship. On top of that, we are going to Alaska! Never had I imagine that I'm going to step foot in Alaska. Yeah, I studied in America for 3 years and toured many states there but never thought of going to Alaska. Also for Ky and I, we took this opportunity as our "anniversary honeymoon" trip together after married for 11 years. By the way, our honeymoon after our wedding was in Kuantan hehehe..

Well we got into room without windows. Well who needs window when we can spent time with each other in the room alone. Honeymoon kata kan! Welcome gift (personal care products) from Amway were also on the bed. We were given the schedules and prog
rammes for the whole trip - where to go, what to see, where to shops, what to eat, so on and so forth.

At every dinner, we were served different cuisine that suits our palate. Of course it has to be halal. Breakfast were served in a restaurant at the top of the ship - overlooking the beatiful sea and the scenery of snow capped mountains. At nights, we were also entertained at the club with magic shows, dance shows or perhaps even games coordinated by the club staffs. Supper were served differently every night. In one of the night, it was chocolates night - everything chocolates - cakes, mousse, fruit dipped in chocolate, hot chocolates, etc, etc. I gave up trying to eat everything! It was just too much to eat.

Everyday we arrive into new port of destination. Thus after breakfast we were ready to explore each city we arrived into. Each place has its own specialty. We went to Ketchikan,
Sitka and lastly Juneau.

I remember having bake salmon at Gold Creek (supposed to be famous in Ketchikan). Having the barbeque besides the creek. You can eat as much salmon bake as you want. I wasn't into salmon actually but since everybody was enjoying, so it's no harm for me having it too.

In Juneau, we had the chance to get into a cable car that carry us on top of a mountain overlooking the port. It was beatiful scene on top of the mountain. We had the chance to play snow ball. Downtown in the city, shopping was the main attractions. Lots of things to buy especially when you don't have to think about converting US$ into RM. Bargains everywhere.

In one of the days, we went for a mountain trail. In the early days people explored the mountains to dig for gold. That was long time ago. But now as a tourist attraction, they developed a railway track right up to the border of Canada. It was about an hour journey from the city. It was cold up in the mountain but the scenery were beautiful. I managed to take some photos of the creeks and hills during our train ride.

Alaska is also well known for its diamonds! Thus the ladies were eyeing on which diamond that fits into their fingures. I actually brought Ky a simple but beautiful diamond ring. It's for our anniversarry cum her birthday cum valentine's gift for her!!!! By the way, most of the shops selling jewellery were Indians. We were told they only open their shops few month every years when tourist arrive into their city. Other months, it was all snow and not many tourist would come to Alaska.

In Sitka, the weather was not on our side. It was drizzling, wet and cold. Instead of going to the see the ancient totem poles, we went to its shopping mall. We brought somethings for the family there.

After about 5 nights in the cruise ship, it was time to get home to Malaysia. Some of us extended their trips into Canada. We took a plane back from Seattle to Tokyo and then to KLIA. It was quite tiring after a very long journey to Alaska but it was a beautiful experience for both Ky and I.

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