Monday, April 2, 2007

Acik & Mimi's Sports Day

Sunday 1 April 2007 - it's sports day for Acik & Mimi. They were excited since last nite and got up early this morning. I drove them to the school first and have to get back home to fetch Angah to send him to the LRT.

Went to their school again about 9.00am with Ky. When we arrived, the parking were already full but I managed to get a space. The ceremony had already started - the children lined-up in front of the guests tent in uniform and their house colours. Acik was standing infront of his St John's ambulance troop handling the flag. Mimi was in the front row of the Kadet Remaja in her green uniform. Both of them look smart in uniform. Am proud of them.

Mimi didn't participate in the track event. She told me that she paticipate in the long jump but probably didn't win. Acik particiapte in the 100m race. Unfortunately he got no. 5 of eight. But he won the second in 4x100m, high jump ... yes high jump ! Unbelievable for a short Acik to get second in high jump. He aslo got second in tug-of-war.. yes tug-of war! I guess the rope if bigger than him ha!

Ky & I went back home before 11am cos nothing much to see then. Acik & Mimi stayed on - I guess it's more to play around with their friends thn watching the sport. Told them that I would pick them up at 12noon.
But unfortunately by 11am it rained heavily. I guess it have disrupted the event.

About 12.15pm when the rain stopped, I went to pick up Mimi. She was drenched wet. Totally wet. Acik came back later also drenched wet. But he came back happy with 3 medals over his neck.

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