Monday, April 23, 2007

Ijok's By Election

I was driving Along back to his boarding school to Sg Besar. Approaching Ijok, we saw a road block by police, checking all cars entering Ijok. Luckily I wasn't speeding but was about to overtake a slow car in front of me. Approaching Ijok, lots and lots of banners, flyers, flags, buntings hanging all over Ijok. This unusual scene is due to the upcoming by-election on 28 April 2007.

I wanted to avoid the traffic jam and turned left at the traffic light using the Ijok ~ Batang Berjuntai route. Unfortunately, less than 200 meter from the junction, it was jammed. Not only packed with cars and people but there was road construction. Bull dozers, tractors and lorries occupied half the road. What the heck these people are doing it now? Yeah I know Sammy Vellu have to served the Ijok community by building new road but why now?

About 3 kilometers away from the first road construction, there was another one. This time they are widening the road. The jammed this time was worst than the first one. The slow moving traffic was about 20 mins. Worst still there was an Barisan Nasional gathering with VIPs motorcade passing by and the traffic stood still. Traffic police wasn't help much either. Traffic was ok once we passed Batang Berjuntai juntion towards Tanjung Karang inner road.

On the way back to KL, I decided to take the Kuala Selangor road towards Ijok thinking that the earlier road I took would be bad. Was I totally wrong! This route is worst than the first one. The traffic jam started about 5 km away before Ijok town. Motorist by then we overtaking each other. From one lane, it turned to 2 now. I was surprise that the traffic police, which were many of them there, didn't help much. Added salt to the wound, there was a Pasar Malam in town. I only managed to get out of this traffic jam after 1 hour by 7.30pm. I wish the traffic police can do more to ease the traffic jam.

My view:

1. If the Sammy Vellu wanted to show how the Government cares for the people, please have the road done at anytime of the year and not only during election time. I have been plying these road for more than 4 years now and nothing much had happen until this week.

2. To the traffic Police, please do what you are supposed to do -
get your priorities right!. Easy the traffic congestion and not just hanging in the middles of the road! Those who cut queue should be summoned eventhough they are VIPs cars! Once somebody starts to cut queue, others will follow.

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