Sunday, April 15, 2007

A drive to Sungai Besar

Along, my first son, called me the other day from his boarding school saying that he is short of money. He has not come back since the last 4 weeks. Usually he will be back every two weeks and I will give him his forth nightly allowance when I send him back. So this time around, since he didn't come back, he is short of money now.

He suggested to me to send via money order but it will take sometimes to arrive to him. I did asked him to borrow some money from his friends enough money for his bus fare. But he told me that his friends too are just broke as him. I also suggested to bank in into his account but unfortunately his BCB ATM card is with his mom. So the next best way is to go and see him
this Saturday. So that was what we did today.

Mimi, Ky and I decided to drive our Avanza to Sg. Besar to see Along. We shoot off from home about 11.45am. Ky and Mimi haven't been there since a year now. So it was quite an interesting journey for us to go together. The 2 brothers didn't go. Angah has his weekend tuition and Acik has his "nasyid group" practise for his inter-district competition.

We took the Sg Buloh to Ijok to Kuala Selangor road. Traffic was smooth and the weather was hot bright and sunny. Along the way, I showed Mimi the beautiful Kuala Selangor bridge with its' wide river, the sawah padi at Sekinchan, stalls selling local fruits and stuffs, etc. These are not the things we usually see in KL. It's kind of geography class for her.

Before we reached SMKA Simpang Lima, Sg Besar, Along missed a call on my handphone. So I returned his call. We were just about a kilometer away. When we reached his school, it was slightly after 1.20pm. Gave him things he wanted and then we took him out to the Sg Besar town.

Mimi was already hungry by now. So we stop at the town's food court. Mimi ordered her favourite Nasi Ayam and I ordered mee Mixed-soup i.e soup with beef, paru-paru, perut and all the stuff. Well it was good and I finished the whole bowl. Along only ordered his favourite tea "o" ice as usual and Ky wanted to try the ABC. Mimi & I ordered fresh mango juice - it was good!

In Sg Besar there are few shops selling stuff so Ky decided to buy Mimi her track bottom. Hers had riped off so her mom wanted to buy her a new pair. So we just went around a few shops and she got it. Whilst in the shop, Ky also saw a nice white cotton blouse and bought one for Hindon - for her birthday present. Went to Fajar Supermarket and Along brought some stuff for his food ration. I also stopped at the wet market and brought some nice fresh fish and crabs there. Told the china men to put grated ice together so it stay fresh till we get back
home. And also brought some belacan - Bibik have reminded me earlier.

Past 3 pm, we headed back to Along school. Left him with some money and lots of advise from his mom. "Jangan lupa belajar rajin-rajin. Jangan lupa sembahyang, etc. etc." We then hit the road again by 3.30pm.

Earlier Mimi have reminded me to stop at the kedai kerepek. So before we reached Sekinchan again we stopped at that kedai Masri - it a small malay cottage industry selling lots of kerepek, kueh baulu and many more malay cookies. The kueh baulu were baked fresh. Mimi was excited and she grabbed a big packet of kerepek ubi and kuah bawang. Ky took 2 packets of kueh ros for Minah & Hindon. And I ate the "taste for free sample" hey.. the baulu gulung was nice!

After that we stopped at Sekinchan mosque for our prayers. Mimi reminded me again to buy the Jagung rebus that she saw earlier along the road before Sekinchan. So on our way back, we stopped at one of the stall and got what she wanted. The jagung was nice and sweet.

So by then we drove straight back home. Reaching Tg Karang, it was already cloudy. It rained all the way from Kuala Selangor to Sg Buloh. Arrived home slightly after 6pm. I was glad Ky & Mimi accompanied me. We talked on many things and we had laughed on funny things that crossed our life. Although we were a bit tired, but we enjoy our trip there.


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yeah life its slow to a standstill

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