Thursday, April 26, 2007

Naib Johan Selangor - Volleyball under 12

Came back about 10.30pm from business preview at KGPA. Was hungry and had my late dinner. Suddenly got sms from Acik using his new prepaid maxis. "Acik baru nak balik ni". He is in Klang with his Volleyball team since last Sunday. So I tried to call him a few times but was on messaging mode. I smsed him back to find out the details. Ky called his coach Cikgu Yazid and got him online. They were about to leave Klang and would arrive SK Taman Samudra by 12.30am.

It was only about 11.00 pm. So after taking a bath and Isyak prayers, Angah and me watched tv while waiting for Acik to arrive. By the way, Angah insisted that he will drive the car to pick Acik. Of course, I wasn't sure about that idea. At 15 years old and without driving license, it was a bit risky to let him drive.

By 12.15am Acik called the house phone informing that they had just arrived. Angah quickly grabbed my Wira car keys and went straight to start on the engine. Sigh ... well what the heck. I let him drive but of course with lots of instructions. "Drive slowly, jangan laju-laju sangat" was my specific instruction. " Alah, relax lah y
ah!" was the reply every time I told him to slow down.

Anyway, alhamdulillah we arrived safely at Acik school. Met Cikgu Yazid and a couples of other teachers waiting for the parents to fetch their children. Cikgu Yazid told me that their team were 1st runner up for Selangor and Sabak Bernam was the Champion. Syabas to Gombak - the underdog team. Acik told me that the girls under 12 team was the champion for Selangor.

Cikgu Yazid told me that a couple of players from their team was selected to represent Selangor. Acik , although a good player but being a bit too short, was unfortunately not selected for the Selangor team. (Acik was the shortest amongst his team mate but was the best setter).

I was not really depressed of him not being selected for Selangor under 12 team. I was actually elated by the fact that they had won second place in Selangor. To me that was already an achievement. Syabas Acik and syabas Gombak team.

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