Friday, April 13, 2007

It's time for Performance Appraisal again!

Ha this is also the time of the year that I have been dreading to do. It's the performance appraisal. I hate it especially when you have to be so creative to manipulate facts and figure to make your performance looks better than others.

Being the Head of the Business Support team, my main responsible is to assist all the country managers to achieve their volume, thus achieving the overall target. This year seems to bleak out a bit. Problems surfaced one after another. Vessels space were filled up by Japanese and Korean car makers and left practically zero for us. Thus no shipment volume from Malaysia. Production hiccups also contribute to the already accumulated problems.

Well I have filled up all the necessary part with my creativity - but also based on facts and figures. Now I leave it to my boss to decide on the rest. Hopefully I will get a better renumeration this time.

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deOughtred said...

Good luck bro Azam, nanti get Big B, boleh lah B kawan-kawan ye... belanja laaaaa