Monday, April 30, 2007

Another Weekend

I always look for weekends. That's when I don't have to rush for works. However each weekends took place differently each week.


Tonite I have a Business Building Seminar with guest speaker from Sweden - Diamond Directs Mats Holmberg. On the way to KGPA, I sent Ky, Mimi and Acik to Ijah's house. They wanted to watch Akademi Fantasia together. So we left home slightly after 6.30pm and reached Kota Damansara slightly after 7.00pm. After dropping them off, I went straight to KGPA.

Mats Holmberg is a very exciting young guy who achieved his Diamondship before age of 30. Good speaker. This is the second time he is here. He got some international partnership here in Malaysia and we were told that he is spreading his business here in Asia.

The KGPA hall was unusually packed by old and new IBOs. People who are researching the business add to the number. Had to get more seats for the attendees.

It finished at 11.00pm and after meeting the group, I left. Went to fetch Ky and the kids. Acik was already sleeping - he's an early sleeper. Mimi insisted to that I wait till Aznil announced the next person to be kicked out from AF. It was Aizat. I didn't care much about AF since I didn't follow it anyway. Got home about 12.30pm.


Ky have reminded me about the Kelas Tasfir Quran by Ustaz Abdullah Yassin. She has been attending the class whenever she can. Usually it's on Monday morning. But this around she said that, the Ustaz is doing a Sunday class on Sunday to cater the working people. She insisted that the class will be held in Menara Marinara in one of the surau.

She has been promoting this class to verybody she knew who would be interested. Kak Harrison tagged along with us. We left home by 9.30am. Reached Menara Marinara about 10.00am but this building seemed to be deserted. Except for a couple of security guards, nobody was there. We went to the parking area hoping to see cars parked there to make sure it's the right place and day! No one seems to be around.

Asked Ky to call Ustaz but she was unable to get to him. Ky also called few other people but they were unaware of this class. But 10.30am my patience is being tested. So I decided to drive back home. Ky apologizing for the whole thing.

Anyway we got home before 11.00am. Ky invited Kak Harison for breakfast - ubi rebus & sambal ikan bilis- it was good man! They chatted till about 12.00pm.

I got to relax watching TV at home. Need a nice break.


Brother Lans said...

Aslkum, BroLans here from Putrajaya. I did sent a note in your 'family gathering...' and I am sure u r my 'long lost schoolmate' from Sains Cheras :-) The Gombak time zone & the very familiar bispectacled face and smile confirms all.Azam,ape kabor?Send me an email will you!Wassalam.AufWiedersehen.

Melancholy Phlegmatic said...

Salam BroLans

Ingat kan sape ni...pleasant surprise after these long years.I'm fine thanks.

Let's get in touch more ok and we can update in our blogs.


Brother Lans said...

Zam aslkum. Hehehe,ingat lagi tak?Betul ke ingaaat? Dah tak buat M-way lagi ke? Are you still 'based' in Gombak? Very the setia tinggal kat Gombak :-) Click on my name for my email address :-)
AufWiedersehen from Putrajaya Wsalam

Anonymous said...

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