Thursday, May 3, 2007

Meeting old friends

Meeting old close friends after a long time and spend some hours together is such a wonderful feeling. That's what happened on Tuesday.

Saziah & Hasbullah came over to our place. It has been quite a while since the last time we met up. Probably since the last Hari Raya when we gave them a visit. Since then we only communicate through handphones in midst of our busy schedules. So earlier Saziah called Ky about dropping by and we decided that since Tuesady is a holiday why not they come over for lunch.

They arrived slightly after 2pm from Bangi. Only 2 of them. Their kids : Fatin & Farhan didn't want to come along and Farhana is in Kuantan.

Lunch were already prepare on the table. Ky specially requested Bibik to prepare the Johorian Asam Pedas Daging especially for Has because Ky knows Has would loves it. Besides that our dishes includes Kepah/Lala rebus (sedap!!!!), goreng pucuk paku, ikan masin, tauhu sumbat, ikan goreng bawal kecil, etc. The dishes were simple but it really brings up our appetite.

Of course we chatted while eating catching up with many things. Updating our families - the kids growing up, Saziah's parent, our jobs, and the list goes on. Of course they were updated with our current business - the Go Diamond at Putrajaya, the new Double XX, water treatment system, etc. We had a few laugh reminiscing our past.

We didn't moved away from our lunch table and we continued to have tea. I served "tapai pulut" which Azlee gave me earlier all the way from Pahang. Ky added on with kerepek bawang and kuih makmur served with tea.

We chatted till about 6pm. Times flew so fast. It's time for them to leave. But before they left, Has wanted the buah mangga - he already mentioned it immediately when he saw them hanging in the tree in front of our gate when they arrived. Pluck a few for him.

After parting goodbyes , we reminded them to keep in touch again. Adios Has & Zie.

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