Friday, May 4, 2007

Moving into new house

Abg Teh & Kak Hapipah just moved to a new flat recently. So they invited family members over to the new home on Wednesday for lunch. We brought the "household products" for them for as their house warming gift.

Their new flat is in Setapak Jaya. I haven't been to that area for quite sometimes so getting there was quite a challenge. We left the house about 11.45am and drove straight to Wangsa Maju area. I did open up my map book but wasn't really sure the location of their new flat. I knew the general area though.

After driving around, at last we found it. It was on the 14th floor. When we arrived, Abg Amin, Kak Harison, Kakak, Cik Yah, Ina & Family were already there. Later Jeman & Family and Abg Dak & Family arrived. Since the flat was a bit small, having everybody seated there was a challenge but we managed.

selamat was read and lunch was served. In our family, food was not a problem. Whenever there is a kenduri, everybody would potluck each lauk. Food was abundance : Masak lemak nangka, kacang panjang goreng, asam pedas ikan tenggiri, ikan masin, hati ayam masak kicap, cencalok, ulam-ulam were there ready to be eaten. In addition, there were nasi himpit, satay, kuah lodeh and kuah kacang. Food were plenty.

Kak Cik & Family came later. The last was Zalma & Family who had just came back from the Penang trip.

After chatting awhile we make a move about 2.30pm and wished them the best in their new home.

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