Monday, May 21, 2007

May 2007 Weekend Leadership Seminar

"You got to attend every Weekend Leadership Seminar if you want to survive in this business". Well that was what the leadership in the business said. "It's like a car need some petrol for you to move one!" They were right. That's why Ky and I never failed to attend this major function held every quarterly.

So we attended this May 2007 Weekend Leadership Seminar in Menara PGRM, Cheras. In fact we have bought these tickets 3 months back in February 2007. The guest speaker is Diamond Direct Pat MacDonald from Edmonton, Canada. A very choleric but hilarious speaker. He is one of the best speaker in the N21 circle.

His story started on his encounter in the business 28 years ago. Like everyone, he was very negative about it but circumstance changed him. Now he has businesses all over the world and now reaping his fruit of labour for more than 20 years now. It's all about TIME, MONEY and FAMILY. No doubt we will need the all 3 when the time comes. Believe me, we will need all these 3 sometime in our life.

Besides Pat MacD, there were several other speakers: Founders Emerald Direct Stephen Chin, Diamond Direct Fathiah, Exec Diamond Direct Simon Thompson.

Stephen, who did the opening act, spoke why should we choose this business. As an Editor of the Investment Magazine, he has the authority to speak on this matter. He mentioned about where should one invest their money. If there's no money to invest, the next best thing is investing our time. That's where networking comes in. He also compared this Networking business with others and obviously, this is the best.

Fathiah spoke in the LC Meeting. She spoke on the "AFFIRMATION" and Law of Attraction. Well we have to be positive and knows what we want and eventually the positive wave length will attract people or things we want to meet and have. She spoke based on the book about "The Power of your Sub-Concious Mind"

Simon spoke about going 21% from LC in the Builders Meeting. It's just the simple steps that we have to make. Simon makes it so simple for people to understand the concept.

Of course there were othes filler speakers and recognition that filled up the whole 3 session from Friday to Sunday. It good to listen to speakers who have moved up and grow in the business.

I took heaps of notes from what I listen from all these speakers. I jotted down things that make me ponder and that put some sense into my brain. I was also glad that Ky can make it in all of the session despite of her condition.

The Seminar ended on Sunday. In the last session, Pat McD edified all the Malaysian, Singapore & Brunei leaders and invited them on stage. I did managed to snap the view from stage and felt how elated it was being applauded by the audience.

Immediately after the seminar, we left as I have to send Aizuddin back to his hostel in Sungai Besar.

Looking forward for another Weekend Leadership Seminar in August 2007. Cheers!

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