Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Recruits

Azlee a.k.a. the road less travel have already decided to seek a greener pasture so to speak, for his career. He will never tell me a.k.a. his boss where he will be going. And I'm the type that will ask only twice for an answer. Thus if asked twice and yet he still being so secretive ... so be it. After all I respect his decision for putting up his resignation on the day our company launched our new model i.e Persona. What a timing huh! It was also a surprise for me as he never ever indicated that he will leave the company. Kira-kira nya nak hidup mati dengan company ni lah. So when he told me that he has decided to resign, it came to a big surprise for me.

But life has to go on irregardless of whatever situation. I pray the best for him and his endeavour. You'll never know. Maybe it's for his betterment to seek other opportunity elsewhere. Well with all his predicament of not having much money at before the end of the every month, I'm sure the pay there will benefits him a lot. Well I always believe that there is always a hikmah for anything to happen.

Of course I have already scrambled with HRD to get a replacement as soon as possible. The best way I thought is to make an internal recruitment. If I have my choice, it would be easier for me train the new guy as he would have know about our internal system and also people who are dealing with us. But the Recruitment guy from HR already warned me that to get other people from other departments would sometimes be difficult because their bosses won't allow them to leave.

Thus that recruitment guy suggested that I look some CVs of people who are interested to work in our company. Well there's always a pro and cons to everything right. But since time is running out for me, I told him that I will look at their CVs anyway.

So this afternoon when I came back from a meeting, I saw an enveloped that contain these CVs. And when I studied the CVs I found that these guys have the background and experience that are relevant.

Next step is to inform the HR people to call them for interview. You know lah the HRD people might take sometimes to get these
candidate for interview and takes years for them to recruit these people in. I hope I can get the right person to take over what my good friend cum assistant cum McGuyver cum teh tarik partner's job. Probably I let him join me to interview these new candidates too.

So well see the outsome.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I will survive in whatever circumstances!

Look at this picture that I took when I was in JB a couple of weeks ago. While waiting for the rain to stop, I saw these people came out from the mosque to return home from prayers. So what's the catch? Well maybe to you it is of none significant but it is to me.

You see the rain didn't show any sign of stopping within the next 20 minutes or so and I guess these 3 people a grandfather, a father and his daugther can't wait long to get back home for whatever reason so ever. So instead of waiting, they brave the rain using a piece of long plastic banner to cover themselves.

So you might think it is a stupid thing to do right? Why don't they wait for the rain to stop and start walking to their destination, right? But what do you know what are in their mind?

To me there are lots of significant. Firstly, I supposed they have to go somewhere for a reason. Maybe they have to get back home or where ever they want to go. Probably they got to be at their destination at certain time and waiting for the rain would certainly delay their schedule.

So the next thing to do is to think the best way to get to their destination. Probably they don't have a car. And probably they saw a unused plastic banner lying around and ideas came to use it as a cover.

More strategically, with three of them together, they can hold it together to move along synchronically forward. The shorter one in front and at the back whilst the tallest one in the middle. Thus it look like a moving tent.

Yeah for sure they get a bit wet but then again it's better then waiting for the rain to stop rather than missing the time or destination that they are heading for. But at the end, I guess they will get where they want to be.

Thus we can always relate this scenario in life. In life, they are so many things that we want to have, to go, to become, etc., etc. While pursuing to get our Dreams or Goals, we were sometime face obstacles and situation that holds us back. Most of us will taken aback when something came and disrupt our situation: maybe some family matters, work stress, relationship problems, health challenges. So if any of this situation arise, what do we do? Do we fall down and wait and wish for good things to happen us. Or do we get up and continue our journey to get to our Dreams and Objectives. Or do we find other ways and means to resolve those issues. What ever it is, are we doing something about it?

After hearing, Tracy Hutchins in the last Convention with her life's theme song "I WILL SURVIVE", I suddenly thought of this there people braving the rain. Yes they have lots to do about being significant and survive!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Reviving the Dream!

August 2007 Weekend Leadership Seminar

Last weekend I attended the Quarterly held seminar in Cheras. I always look forward to attend this quarterly-held National Convention - purely to revive my Dreams in building this business - as at times it fades slowly.

The guests speakers were Diamond Directs Martin & Tracy Hutchins from South Africa. They were awesome speakers and they related their journey to Financial Freedom.

There 3 days session were full of ideas, experience, information, knowledge, etc. etc. Of course there were also local speakers to do some openings and the in-between sessions. Different speakers gave different perspectives and visions.

I managed to write some notes (as the MC reminded us to do so & and so that I won't felt asleep hehehee..). Yeah, I got lots of notes. If I were to write here all the notes that I got, it would have filled at least 10 pages. But more importantly, I jotted down what intrigued my mind most by each speaker.

1. Emerald Direct Nahu (an engineer from Penang)

We often heard of S.M.A.R.T goals i.e. :
S = Specific

M = Measurable
A = Achievable
R = Realistic
T = Time

But interestingly, Nahu add it as S.M.A.R.T.E.R goal, which adds :
E = Excitement
R = Rewards,

which means that we need to be excited with our goals and attach a personal reward when we achieve it. And that makes sense to me.

2. Diamonds Direct Fathiah

Fathiah as usual shared the many books that she have read. She had recently finished a thick book by Jack Canfield - The Success Principles. Yes, lots of things that I got from her speech I tell you.

The Fabulous couple : Diamond Directs Zul & Fathiah

I don't know how fast I can read the thick book, but listening to Fathiah's perspective, she reveals lots of secrets in it.

Some of the notes that I wrote down :

Jack Canfield : "Believing is Seeing" instead of "Seeing is Believing" what is simply mean is that you got to have belief in you before you do it.

"In order for things to change, you rather see it to be than what they are now." It means that we have to visualise how can things be for us in the future than we are now".

"Heart-set desire vs Mind-set". When we have a heart-set desire, it gives us the emotional part of the feeling. Heart-set desire give stronger emotional feeling that drive a person to get what they want in life."

3. Executive Diamond Simon Thompson

Simon was the speaker during the Builders Meetings. This meeting is meant for those who want to start the business. And as for us the "old timers" it meant to be a reminder hahaha..

The Buring Desire Perfectionist : EDC Simon Thompson

4. Diamond Direct Tracy & Martin Hutchins

Although they have some accent of the South Afrikaans , I managed to understand. They were hilarious at times. Each of them were brought up by a single-parent and it a second marriage for both them. They had a conventional business and were once arrogant when someone showed them this business. Now they are financially free.

Diamond Direct Tracy Hutchins : "I will survive"

Tracy's favourite song since she was a child till now is "I will survive". Every time she was done and out, she remember this song. "I will survive in whatever circumstances!" To me that's very powerful.

Diamond Directs Martin Hutchins : The Jigsaw Puzzle story

One of thing that Martin's mentioned was the jigsaw puzzle story." It simply means that we have to picture what we want before we set what we have to do to get it by putting the puzzle together." "If you stop dreaming, you stop living." Wow ... that's something that intrigued my mind!

Besides this seminar, there were other Line of sponsorship-managed events, one of which was the Dream team challenged. Peter & Petulia's team "Dreamworks" won the 2nd runner-up in the open category. I am proud of them. With their dedication and continuous work has resulted their winning. Congratulations Dreamworks.

The DREAMWORKS : from left : Habsah & Zaky, Shafik, Saat, Peter, of course the diamonddreamer, Petulia, Tahir, Suriaty, Siti, Zakiah & Faraby.

While backstage before the leaders parade, I saw Shima & Syed busy discussing their scripts as they were the MC for the Saturday session. They were superb being MC. Well done Syed & Shima .... keep being the MC .. so we don't have to be one hahaha..

Syed & Shima : the MC for the Saturday session.

Overall this Weekend Seminar do trigger my passion for this business. Lots of mind boggling ideas and things that triggered my mind. Yes "I will survive in this business no matter what the circumstances" I am in because I have already had a "heart-set" desire.

Although I was also alone this time around because my beloved Ky was experiencing unpredictable health challenges, I never regret it. So much that she wanted to be with me at the seminar, I told her not to come. Sitting in the seminars for hours during the weekend can be stressful and strenuous for her health. However I updated her on it. It's ok sayang, we will survive ok.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lucky Number 4242

You might be wondering why I posted this tab number from Pos Malaysia. Well it is not of any significant to you but it is to me.

You see, I got this tab from the machine when I was at Pos Malaysia in Shah Alam yesterday to buy a postal order from Aizuddin. So as usual, to get into the queue I have to take a number. I wasn't actually concentrating on what number I got as I know it was a long queue. There were about 40 people ahead of me. So while waiting, Azlee, who accompanied me, and I went to browse around at a small museum corner at the post office.

While we were browsing and amusing our self at the old stamps, I was also paying attention to the numbers being called. Flipping this queue tab, I realised that my number was 4242! And you know what that 4242 is actually the registration of my car number i.e. BHR4242. What a coincident both my tab and car numbers are the same 4242.

If I were the superstitious type, I would have run to the nearest Nombor Ekor or the 4 digit shop to buy that number. Who know that will be the number that will strike the first prize.

But then again... hmmm..I'm not that kind of guy who even buy a lottery ticket to win some money. Lest the 4242 be just a number!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bihar & Dino's Wedding in Kluang & JB

Friday 17 August 2007 - Hari Nikah

It's Bihar's nikah in Kluang. I could not attend this occassion as Acik only finishes his Sekolah Agama test at 5.00pm. So I left KL after Maghrib. Aini took a ride with us. Ky and Mimi left on Thursday with Lin & Ariff. We only reached Kluang about 12.00 midnite as the traffics out of KL was heavy. When we arrived, everything was over and we just had some food to eat.

Although I was not around, Ky told me the situation at the akad nikah ceremony. In fact she had been calling me every half hour to know where I was.

However I was update on this is:

The akad had to be done 3 times. It's because Dino had earlier practised to accept the akad nikah "Aku terima nikah nya, Rabihar bte Abdul Kahar ...." But on that nite itself, the jurunikah asked him to say .. Aku terima nikah nya, Rabihar bt Osman..." I guess Dino got panic due to the change of names.

Another things was that Dino was so touched and he cried when he read the "taklik nikah". Seeing him cried, every cried too. Well I never seen anymore cried when they read the taklik.

Saturday 16 August 2007 - Wedding Reception at Kluang

It was raining heavily in the morning. Luckily the rain stopped by 11.00am. What a relieve! By 11.30 am guests started arriving. The "pakatan" people had already prepared and make arrangement for the wedding. Pakatan is the kampung people that organised and helped our the wedding. This mean, its' less work for us yahoo..

My bro-in-law, Uncle Joe had assigned me to take care of the buffet table for the groom's family side. Fortunately, the pakatan people want to help that too. So I'm free hehe..

Our team colour for the day was maroon baju melayu for the men and shades of maroon for the ladies.

Dino & entourage supposed to arrived at 2.00pm. By 2.30pm, thay have still not appeared yet. Everybody was getting restless. "Mana pengantin lelaki ni?" "Eh, mengapa lambat sangat?" Comments from the family members. Anyway, Dino and entourage arrived slightly after 2.40pm. Here's some photo.

At last Dino & entourage arrived at 2.40pm. Their team colour was shades of pink and Dino wore turqouise baju melayu.

The flowers girls waiting for the groom. Look at Lin & Nora. They are there as the first "gate" keeper to ask for money from the groom before they allow him to enter. It's the Johor custom.

Of course we had to take pictures with the newly weds. They were just like us 18 years ago. Both look radiant and handsome. But of course much thinner then.

Bihar's special guests.

Both the bride's & groom's parents.

Abang Kahar, Khairi, Nora, Kak Imah, Fikri & Eisha.

Makan beradat.

They were radiant in blue. Dua-dua tembam hehehe..

Suap-menyuap kek. Pastu malam ni suap apa lak? hehehe..

At 4.30pm, we were hungry. So it's time to eat again. This time with the "lauk pengantin".

Lepak time. It's so tiring. So we lepak for awhile.

"Interogation time cum orientation for Bihar & Dino"

Well while we were lepaking after the wedding, now it's to plan the "bertandang" ceremony the next day. We were informed that Bihar & Dino had to go back to Dino parent's house that night. In that case, how could we go for the bertandang when the bride & groom are already at the groom's place, right? Traditionally, the bride's family will take along both bride & groom to the groom's parent house, with the bride & groom. But if Bihar & Dino are already there, so who are we supposed to send.

So a family meeting was held? Alamak meeting lagi! And Abang Leman called Bihar & Dino in to discuss on how to solve the issue. While we were lepaking, Bihar & Dino came.

And Bihar came just after having a shower with wet hair. What wet hair? Of course, me being the youngest and loudest uncle shoot out a question. So the first question asked was "Mengapa rambut A'a basah sebelum malam lagi?" That bring an uproar of laughter from everybody??? I hope you understand why I asked that question. hehehe..

Tersipu-sipu malu, A'a answered "Rambut A'a keras lah sebab tu A'a basuh rambut". And that gave me an idea for the second question : Mengapa rambut A'a keras?" Another uproar of laughters creater. "Rambut A'a kena spray lah mak andam buat"... was a funny and hilarious moments then.

Another question asked to Dino was "Mengapa awak nangis masa baca taklik? Sebab awak takut ke, nervous ke atau awak tak tau apa awak baca?" Dino answered was " Takde Uncle, saya terharu masa baca taklik tu". Wah.. what an answer. You know what, all the uncles never cried or even felt that way when we read the taklik nikah. hahaha...

Anyway I let Abg Leman, as the chairman of the team to proceed with the rest of the discussion on the bertandang.

"Mengapa rambut A'a basah sebelum malam lagi?" Look at everybody laughing. Look at Lin behind A'a, she couldn't help but laugh.

Sakit perut sebab ketawa banyak sangat. Just because of the rambut basah and rambut keras issue???

Sunday 19 August 2007 - Majlis Bertandang at Johor Bahru

We shoot off from Kluang about 12.00 noon. The plan was to be at a mosque is Taman Sri Pulai by 1.30pm and meet up with the Bride & Groom and then proceed to the wedding reception in a hall.

On way to JB, it was raining heavily here and there. By 1.30pm we managed to be at the Taman Sri Pulai mosque. Bihar & Dino was already there waited for us. However it kept raining heavily and we have to wait in the car for almost half an hour while waiting the rain to stop.

Slightly after 2.00 pm, the rain slowed down and we decided to make the move. The reception hall was only a couple of minutes away from the mosque. Once arrived, we were greeted by the groom's family. Here's some pics below.

The arrival of bride & groom. It was still raining outside.

Dino wore a simple baby blue satin Baju Melayu Johor whilst Bihar wore skin-coloured lace (see through mah) and royal blue songket.

Both look so sweet and tembam at the Main Table.

While waiting for the food to be served, we have to endure the loud kompang that we thought could last forever. Lapar dah tau...

Almost all family members were seated at the Main Table. Even Rayyan sat with his Atok.

The ladies sat on the left side of the bride.

A family photo taken before everybody parting goodbye to each other.

By 3.30pm, then reception was almost over. So after salam everybody, we had to make our way home to KL from JB. 3 cars left for KL with Lin & Ariff and kids in one car, Kak Kepol, Rina & Aishah in another car and then me & family. After filled up our gas tank full, we headed for the highway. Some of them got back to Kluang to help out Kak Imah & Abg Kahar before going back on Monday.

We made a couple of stop at the rest areas before we proceed home. Arrived KL about 9.00 pm. Alhamdullilah all went well for the wedding and us arriving home safely.

So if you want to see more pics, just click at the slide show on the top right of this blog. I'll add more pics from Ky's camera.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The King and Queen are coming!

Yes. The King and Queen are coming here tomorrow. This will be the first time they are coming to visit our company after being inaugurated as the 13th King. And they are coming to officially launch our new model.

And this will be the first time ever that a King officially launch our new model range. Usually the Prime Minister will have the honour to launch them. Hmm.. why? I don't know.

This morning our usual parking were block to make ways for this upcoming occasion. The parking lot which is next to our office have to be vacated. Thus I have to park elsewhere. Luckily I have that yellow parking sticker meant for the management and I got a good covered parking.

So what car is to be launched? Have a peek here. Well what do I think about this car? Hmm.. you see. We have been in the red for a couple of years now. Hopefully with the launch of this new car it will revive the sales and hopefully rise us up again.

l update more on the tomorrow.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Old Treasures from USA

Whilst the men and kids were clearing the store and tearing down the fowl's pen, the ladies were clearing the cupboard inside the house. These cupboard had stored Mak's collections of plates, bowls, cup and sauces, glasses, and many more things.

You see, my mom used to buy dozens of plates and bowls on instalments or what they use to call 'kutu-kutu'. She will pay on monthly instalments like RM20 per month until it's all paid for. By then, she get another sets to top up her collections. So over the years, she had collected dozens of sets. I remember she used to say that "senang bila nak pakai" especially during kenduri.True enough, the plates and bowls were of use when the time comes. In fact until now we use it when there is kenduri.

Her collections also includes all those plastic containers. Some were Tupperware but other were free gifts containers that she collected over the years.

I was taking a rest while the ladies were clearing mom's cupboards. These cupboard had to be make way so that it's easier for the contractor to start the renovations. Whilst they were emptying the cupboard, they discovered many newspaper covered corning wares casseroles, which were well kept by mom. I found out that these are corning wares that I bought home from United States more than 20 years ago. It was a very expensive in Malaysia back then but sold quite cheap in the US.

This brings up the topics of how I use to buy these corning wares when I was a student. We, Malaysian students, would only buy these items when they were on sales. Reminising my life back then, I would always look out at the sales brochures and will buy these items on sales. I collected quite a few so that I can give them to mom for her use. But knowing mom, she will only use cheaper bowls and container then these expensive corning ware. Thus she will keep and protect these items from being used. I remember that I sent home these corning wares by crates to Malaysia.

My sister pestered my to collect all the corning wares back since mom is not using it much anymore. But when I ask mom, "Mak, Mak pakai lagi tak corning ware ni? She answered me, "pakai lagi." But everyone knew that these things have not been used for years. My sister quietly told me to sneak them back home. So I did. I can use them especially during open house. After all it all mine.

Mana Reban Ayam Mak?

Probably you were asking, what is he talking about, right? Well, it's actually about my mom's asking where is her Fowl/chicken's pen (reban ayam).

You see, we were planning to made a small renovation at mom's house. The extension of the house somehow have to encroach Mak's fowl's pen which is very nearby to the house.

We, the siblings and nieces and nephews were clearing the house last Saturday. So many of the garbage (that includes all the things that Mak have been keeping for years and years) had to be disposed. Can you imagine things that were kept everywhere, under the cupboard, on top of cupboard, in the store, maybe were treasure to some, but not to us anymore.

I was the one who has to take charge on what to throw and what to keep. The old shoes, mostly belongs to my sisters, had to go first. "Sayang lah kasut tu.. boleh pakai lagi" my sis said. But I abruptly said, "Kasut tu dah takde sape lagi nak pakai. Lagi pun, dah teruk sangat.". These are the shoes that my sisters used to wear but not anymore. It's already outdated and have worn out.

Other things that were thrown out were old shoe rack, umbrellas, tons of old newspaper and magazines, old toys (my kids have outgrown them by now), old cassettes/cartridges (I use to record many TV programmes before), some broken records and many more.

Some of these things do bring memories to me. Whilst I my nephews and nieces brought the things to me, I do look at them. But I could not keep these things anymore. It has became old junk.

All these old junk had to be burnt with the old furniture that were already rotten and useless. Some were already infested by termites. So it's better to burn them down. The metal junk were set aside so that the contractor can dispose it elsewhere later.

Once the things inside the store were cleared, now it's turn to tear down the fowl's pen. I know it's hard to decide whether to tear it down or not. Mak have been rearing the chickens when she was young and much healthier. That was her passion. However, since a couple of years ago when she is bedridden, she only looks at the chickens from her room. She didn't go out anymore. My sister, Kak Lang will feed the chickens once while. Now there were only few chickens and fowls left.

Now with no more chicken's pen, Mak keep asking me, "Mana Reban ayam? Kat mana ayam-ayam tu nak tidur?" I pity her on her concern about the chickens. "Mak jangan susah.. pandai-pandai lah ayam tu cari tempat nak tidur mak."

I know it is heartening to hear mom asking me for upteens time about her Reban Ayam. But what can I say? I feel bad too mom! But we have to make way for house renovation.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Gastric Emergency

It was 5.00am in the morning. Ky was already screaming for the pain she had been enduring since last night. She has been feeling the stomach pain since yesterday. Wasn't sure because it's due to her cancer or what? She had been complaining of her pain in her tight bones and also muscle ache.

So when she couldn't stand it anymore, at 5.00am I could not think any further but to drive her to HUKM. Her health records are all in HUKM, so it wise to go there instead of Selayang Hospital which is much nearer to our house.

Reaching HUKM emergency room wasn't a problem but getting a parking is. I made 2 rounds to find a parking space but it seems that everywhere were no parking zone, cones and chains lining the Emergency lanes. I couldn't find a parking!!! So I just parked at the entrance so my wife could get onto a wheelchair and was wheeled inside by the staff.

I left the car at the entrance but was later asked by the guard to removed my car to the common parking space about 200 meters away. Why shouldn't HUKM spare some parking space for people who are on emergency? After all it's an emergency case.

Anyway, the doctors quickly put Ky on a bed and asked few questions to find out her health background. Of course I have to answer him as Ky could not have answer him anyway as her pains is unbearable by then. After some enquiries had been answered, the doctor
injected some pain killers to relieve the pain. But Ky was still screaming with excruciating pain. Only a few minutes later the pain subsides a bit. There on, she was wheeled into an observation cubicle. Thus she rested there while I had to wait. The doctor suspected that she's having gastric pain and necessary medication was given. She was given some milky solution to swallow - to neutralise the acidity in her stomach.

By 6.30am I had to find a surau since I have not prayed subuh yet. The common surau at the main building only opens at 7.00am. Thus luckily a nurse showed me the staff surau nearby - but I had to go thru' the operation theater which was quite eerie especially early in the morning when there's nobody around.

While Ky was under observation, I had to wait outside the emergency room because no one is allowed to wait in the emergency room. So I had to wait at the waiting area next to it - near the automatic door into the room. So once a while when the nurse or attendance came out from the door, I quickly make myself into the room to see Ky, just in case she needs anything.

By 9.30am, the young female doctor, Dr Nurul briefed me about Ky's condition. She had the gastric pain due to prolonged taking of pain killer. This is also due to her fasting continuously the past weeks. Dr Nurul mentioned that she had also paged for a oncologist on call, however none of them was around.

By 10.30am, Dr Nurul also told me that Ky have to be discharged especially when the emergency room is now full. She had to let Ky go since more patients are coming into the ER. So we had no choice but to leave. Afterall, we wouldn't t hear people screaming in the ER. You know people who had accidents and can't bear the pain. In ER, you can see all that. Luckily Ky had felt better-off by then. So I had to take her home for some rest.

This morning before I left for work, she said that she had felt better. Of course I told her to continue with the medication and no fasting until she is ok.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's that time of the year again! KPI lah!

You might be wondering, what is this guy talking about? Well, it's the KPI i.e. Key Performance Indicator. This mean that we have to set our target to be achieved this year.

The Company had already set it's headline KPI. Now it's the Division level and thereon the Departments have to set its own KPI. As for me, setting our Department's KPI was a bit tricky. In the first place, we were
force indicated to double-up our volume. Can we do it? Aha... that's the tricky part. It's such a hard task that by now we can foresee that it is unachievable. So why the high target? Good question but I don't the answer.

Are we supposed to be the "yes" man and accept the big task given and later try to give all sort of excuses for not meeting the target. Or stand up now and be a "no" man but will try our level best to achieve what we believe is achievable. I definitely believe the later but of course somebody else have the last say. Thus, we have to be the "yes" man too and try to figure out our own KPI to support the Headlines KPIs.

Well actually I'm taking a few minutes breaking from doing my Department's KPI now cause it's so mind boggling what to put in. That's why I'm blogging hahaha...