Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's that time of the year again! KPI lah!

You might be wondering, what is this guy talking about? Well, it's the KPI i.e. Key Performance Indicator. This mean that we have to set our target to be achieved this year.

The Company had already set it's headline KPI. Now it's the Division level and thereon the Departments have to set its own KPI. As for me, setting our Department's KPI was a bit tricky. In the first place, we were
force indicated to double-up our volume. Can we do it? Aha... that's the tricky part. It's such a hard task that by now we can foresee that it is unachievable. So why the high target? Good question but I don't the answer.

Are we supposed to be the "yes" man and accept the big task given and later try to give all sort of excuses for not meeting the target. Or stand up now and be a "no" man but will try our level best to achieve what we believe is achievable. I definitely believe the later but of course somebody else have the last say. Thus, we have to be the "yes" man too and try to figure out our own KPI to support the Headlines KPIs.

Well actually I'm taking a few minutes breaking from doing my Department's KPI now cause it's so mind boggling what to put in. That's why I'm blogging hahaha...

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