Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One Birthday and Three Weddings

Last Sunday, was a record breaking in my life. I went to a birthday party and three weddings in a day. Imagine in a day I went to these functions between 10 am till 4 pm.

1. Ally & Ayra's Birthday Party

My niece, Lynn invited the family for her 2 daughter's birthday party. Ally's getting 3 years old and Ayra's 5 year old. Of course Mimi & Acik are looking forward to it because Lynn told them it's a poolside birthday party and they can jump into the pool too. So they got their swimming gear ready. Mimi brought along her new "Burqini suit" her mom bought at the Islamic Exhibition in PWTC.

Although it was children's birthday party but as usual, they were more adults there i.e. parents taking their children there. And of course the food should also be prepared meant for the adults. Kak Illah (Ally & Ayra's nenek) prepared LaksaJohor, especially for the adult. Lynn prepared spaghetti carbonara for the kids. Of course there are chocolates cakes and other kueh.

The guests were mostly Lynn & Ariff's friend. The face-painting artist were there to paint the kids faces. 2 small rubber pools for small kids were already filled up with water. A blown-up rubber slides have been pumped for the kids to play. Lynn also displayed her new products i.e. the "slides".

We planned to go for the 1st wedding by 12 noon. Mimi and Acik, who were already involved in the party, didn't want to join us, so we left them there. After all, their cousins and uncles & aunties were still around go take care of them.

The reasons that we had to go to these weddings is very simple : all these people came and help at our wedding 18 years ago.. hahaha..18 years ago mah! So it's only justify that we need to attend these weddings.

2. 1st Wedding at Pucong

This is my best friend, Andak's nieces wedding. Andak was my best man at my wedding. And of course all his family were at my wedding 18 years ago. It was a double wedding as Kak Ani's 2 daughter wedded the same time.

I haven't been to their house in Taman Bukit Kuchai, Pucong for ages. The last time was when Andak got married and that was many years ago. However, we got there easily.

We arrived about 12.45 pm and Abg Shah (Kak Ani's husband) met us at the entrance and ushred us in. Met Kak Ani and the rest of the family. Andak was the so-called "event manager" that day. We had some food and waited for awhile to see the 2 brides and grooms bersanding. They were supposed to arrived by 1.00pm. However till 1.45pm they have not appear yet. Thus we got no choice but to leave for the second wedding. which is in Gombak. So we have to excuse our self and leave early.

3. 2nd Wedding in Gombak

We rushed our way to Gombak for this second wedding. It was Kak Hasnah's son wedding. Kak Hasnah was Ky's Mak Andam when we got married. She is also he "tukang urut" when Ky delivered my first son. Kak Hasnah is also Nadia's auntie. Nadia is our family wedding planner. What a trivial. So it not nice to attend this wedding. It more of paying respects to these people. The groom .... hmmm.. we didn't know much about him.

Anyway, we arrived at the reception about 2.20pm - just after the arrival of the bride & groom. My sisters-in-law and brothers-out-law were already there. Fortunately we were seated in the VIP tables meant for the family of the bride. By this time I couldn't eat much at all. Buat syarat, I took very small portion of rice and some lauk.

So by 2.50pm, fortunately in-laws and out-laws made the move. So it's my way to the third wedding somewhere in Sentul. It was already cloudy and start to drizzles.

4. 3rd Wedding in Sentul

Now this is my relatives son's wedding. He is my mom's cousin. During my wedding (years ago) we transit at their house before marching to my house.Their family is one of the closest family to us till now. So it's not nice for me not to go to their son's wedding. My sisters and brothers came earlier.

Anyway we arrived slightly after 3.00 pm. I was relieved to see that there are still guests coming to their house. We don't to be seen as a late comers especially when the hosts is clearing the tables and chairs. That would be awkward right. Anyway as buat syarat, we took little portion of the food. Since I knew that the Caterer was the Caterer that catered at my wedding, I'm sure the food was good especially the rojak. Phew.. it was good but a bit pedas.

The Caterer was his aunt, which is somehow related to my mom. Imagine that they have been catering for more than 20 years. Hmm...

So after 30 mins there, we excuse ourselves. We told the host that this was our 3rd wedding reception for the day!

Thereon, we headed back to Kelana Jaya, my in-law's house. Mimi and Acik were still there having fun in the pool with their nieces, Ayra & Ally.

Of course, we lepak there for a while after Zuhur prayers. We went back home about 6.00 pm to rest at home. Phew... one birthday and three weddings in less than 6 hours. Believe me, that's was a record in my whole entire life!!!

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