Monday, July 16, 2007

Office Karaoke!!

It was Friday the 13th. Was it supposed to be jinxed? Maybe not. Our exiting boss, Tifli had recommended yesterday at his farewell lunch that he would bring his Karaoke set to the Office for us to let loose.

Ehmm..what an interesting idea. But who would have imagine that someone would do it in the office? Well those people in the International Sales & Services Division have done it! After all we did it after the official office time.

The Boss brought his own Karaoke set from home and set it by 5.30pm sharp. Initially everyone was not too sure whether we should sing in the office. But looking at the Boss effort of having it here, we have to cooperate with him.

Initially everybody was a bit reluctant to sing, so Aznita and the Boss started an Indonesian number. Aznita (representing the Asian Region), being a singing veteran, she has no qualm about singing. Her voice was ok too.

Tifli (the Boss) and Aznita started the Karaoke to break the ice!

Senin, representing the Technical & After Sales. Hmm not bad. Mungkin dia kaki karaoke juga kot hehee..

Senin sang "Seroja" with confident.

When no one else wanted to sing, Aznita took the mike again. This time the ladies accompanied her. Not because they want to sing but after this they can go back after they sang. What and excuse? Belasah aje...

Aznita accompanied by Siti & Nena... Fiesol meramaikan je!!!!

Of course there were people who asked other people to sing but they them self won't sing lah . Buat-buat cari the best song for them to sing. But they didn't sing anyway.

Pak Hamdan, Wan Faridah & Badli choosing the songs...
pilih jer lah, tapi tak nyanyi pun?

Osman Rizal (the newly wed) was sporting enough to sing with Aznita lagu Ajai & Nurul's "Keliru". Not bad. But of course, there were comments by Pak Hamdan. "Osman kau jangan keliru selepas Kahwin man!" By the way, he represented our Business Support.

Osman (hidden talent lah tu!) & Aznita belting out lagu Ajai & Nurul's "Keliru". Hopefully he's not Keliru after getting married just last week hehhee..

I am not a singer. Never had and never will. But Pak Hamdan insisted me. Well, when Hazami's "Sonata Musim Salju" song was put on, I picked up the mike and sang with Kushairi. Of course not the whole song lah.

Khushairi & me duet on Hazami's "Sonata Musim Salju". Boleh lah tahan.

Andy, the only mat saleh with us, was called several time to sing. Khushairi (by now he never let the mike go, ok) called Andy to sing along with him. Amazingly the video showed girls wearing bikini and they had a really good time singing while enjoying the video. By this time, more people join to singing, with or without the mike. Singing or watching the video??

Khus singing with Andy (UK & Australian reps.) Hotel California. It's not that they sing well but the video was showing girls wearing bikini hahaha.. that's why they enjoy the video.

How about representative from other regions. No reps from the Africa, Middle East and GCC. Nor reps from the Iran & Turkey or the Corporate Services. Well, they became the back-up singers or commentators as well.

And the rest are the spectator/commentator/back-up singers!

By 7pm, I decide to leave whilst the rest still enjoy the karaoke. Hmm.. well it's a good session to let loose sometimes. Instead of too stressed up to meet the volume to export cars overseas, get approval here and there, finding vessel space, production let down, etc. etc. this can be a way to release tension and have some laugh.

So do we have another karaoke session next time? Hmm.. maybe!!

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