Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Along & Linda officially engaged

Believe it or not! Linda and Along were officially engaged to each other last nite.
Time : 8.00 pm
Date : 2 July 2007
Venue : Kg Tunku, P.J.

Got a ride from my sis & her husband because I was alone. Mimi & Acik wanted to come along but I disapprove because I don't want them to stay late and tomorrow they have a reason for not going to school. Ky had a long day yesterday and she didn't want to go either. So the best thing to do is to get a ride from Zalma who stay just one block away from me.

We arrived before 8.30 pm. The merisik was supposed to be done after Maghrib. So by the time we got there, they were already concluding the discussion. Kak Lang is ready to put the ring to Linda's finger. Of course, I had to take pictures of this ceremony.

Linda was smiling all the way. It was witness by family members from both sides. Kak Miah & Yadin (Linda's mom & elder brother) was there. On our side, my 5 brothers and 3 sisters were there plus my in-laws too. Only Jeman, Kak Ngah and Ina didn't attend. (BTW I have 5 brothers and 5 sisters altogether - and that can make a football team hehehee..)

The discussion cum merisik was smooth. I guess because all of us knew each other since a long time. By the way, Linda's mother (Kak Miah) is Abg Zali's sister and Abg Zali is my brother-in-law. So what makes Along and Linda then. They are both Emma's cousin but from different family line.

Anyway, Abg De was also excited having a soon-to-be daughter-in-law. He has been calling Kak Mah in Labuan telling that everything went smoothly as planned. He even took a photo of Linda and mms it immediately to his family in Labuan.

Thereon, we were invited for dinner. But where is Linda by then???? We were searching for her to be with us for dinner.

We found out that she was in the back kitchen and is already on the HP with Along. "Amboi tak menyempat-yempat lagi dah call Along lah tu ye?" One of the aunties making a statement. "Eh, kan kita dah ada tunang" said Linda and everybody laughed. She is an easy going girl and I can say that the way she talk makes you laugh.

I guess there'll be another wedding before year end. Baru nak rehat lepas Emma kahwin, dah nak kahwin lagi sorang.

Anyway Selamat Bertunang Along and Linda. Uncle berdoa jodoh awak akan berkekalan.

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