Monday, July 2, 2007

Who do you listen to?

Sometimes you do not know who is the best person you should listen to? Is it people who are older ,wiser, more qualified than you? I am not sure. Or maybe it depends more on the situation or condition at that point of time.

Why do I raise this issue? You see last Saturday night this someone for now just let us know as Abg X called me up to ask for something.
(I won't reveal his name because he is close to me). It was a "doa script" that I wanted to get from an Ustaz nephew of mine who read the doa at a wedding. Me, being the person who always got involve in any close family wedding thought that it would be a good idea to get the "Doa script" so that it can be used by someone else in the future. You know lah, sometime it's quite difficult to get someone to read doa especially when they never read doa at a wedding before. So I thought it would be handy if I could get this Doa script.

So at some point of time, I asked this Ustaz nephew of mine for it. Obviously for good intention, this Ustaz nephew is ever willing to give a copy to me without hesitation. But this Abg A, who was seated next to me started complaining and telling me why should I get it. Of course I explain that it can benefit us later. After all, I'm not getting it from him but from this Ustaz.

The same thing happen when I was trying to get the MC script from the so-called professional MC. This guy gave the MC script to my niece who was involve in that wedding. I asked my niece to keep a copy because I'm sure my niece will need to use it in the future ( as she is also the family's MC for some event). Again, when Abg X heard it, he made comments that I don't like to hear. My niece agreed with me on this but Abg X was not. I told Abg A that after all we are paying the so called professional MC so why not we keep the script after all right! After all I not getting it from
Abg X so what the fuss isn't it?

So last Saturday Abg X called me asking me whether I still have the Doa script. Of course being a good guy, I told him that I have it. But I ask him for what? He told me that he might be doing the "Doa reciting" at a friend's daughter wedding reception. I gladly told him that I will fax it to him later.

I know I'm a good person but somewhere in me, there is a bad evil.. this is a chance for me to get back at him. I told him that "remember Abg X that when I wanted to get the Doa script from Ustaz, you were very sarcastic to me like hell. Now you yourself want to use the Doa script. So next when I get something for our future benefit and use, please don't be so sarcastic at me ok." Wow what a feeling ... to get back at people who had degraded me before in front of other people. I know I'm cruel but what the heck it's so uplifting for me. hahahaaa....

So I told me wife about it so that she knows my situation (as she was seated near me when I got that call). And that was not the only situation I told her.

Another scenarios.
1. We were looking for an bigger size car or MPV as my kids is growing up a few years back. A Proton car is too small for us to travel as a family especially long distance. You see the 3 boys and my little girl are all growing up in sizes and in heights. Thus getting from one point to another is a challenge when you have small car. So we thought it's a good idea to have an affordable MPV to carry us around. A few years back, the most affordable MPV or a van would be Toyota Unser. Well it might look like a van but if can fulfill the purpose of carrying us around, to me why not isn't it?

So I told Abg X about it. You what, the first reaction was... Ha.. kereta Unser tu. If you buy that Unser, don't come to my house. But malu aje! I was stunned by his remarks but I kept it to myself. I put off that idea of buying the Unser then.

A couple of years passed and Toyota came out with a new model of Unser with more accessories and new look. Me and my wife decided to buy the newer version anyway as that the most affordable MPV that can carry us family with comfort. My kids were very happy travelling this time as everybody were comfortable and could even have a seat to sleep in while travelling. It's with Automatic and high-line model.

So one day, somehow or rather God knows how to get me back to Abg X. We wanted to go for Friday payers at Masjid Shah Alam. Since there were many of us and the only transport that can carry all of us, was my Toyota Unser. So everybody including Abg X got into my Unser. On the way, Abg X said " Eh..not bad lah this Unser. Very comfortable and luxury." Ah... should I get back to him? Well since I'm going for Friday prayers to do good deed, I just kept quite. But inside me I said... tu lah dia, dulu sampai tak kasi kita orang datang rumah dia kalau kita orang beli Unser...!!!

2. While I was toying with the idea to buy Unser before he was recommending me to buy Kia Sportage, as he has already got one. He said that it is the best MPV lah... money saving on and so forth. Well I'm not into Korean cars. My heart was already with Unser.

After a year or so, he started complaining about his Spotage. Banyak pakai minyak lah, not easy to maintain lah mahal lah... blah..blah..Today he has already sold his Sportage and bought another Kia model.

Should I have listened to him before, I think I have the same predicaments as him. I'm glad we bought the Unser. It doesn't gave us much problem and easy to maintain. Now we already sold of the Unser for a smaller Avanza. Even Avanza meets our requirements for now.

So guys, who do you think you should listen to? Somebody who is
older and who you think is wiser, knowledgeable, experience or more qualified than you? I guess it all depends. But we have think who is best for us to listen to. He might be older, knowledgeable and experience than you but probably he won't give you the best advice.

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