Monday, July 2, 2007

Thanks giving & Match making

Got sms from my sister telling us family to gather at Mak's house on Sunday afternoon. There were few agenda for the gathering. 1. to meet up with my elder brother who now resides in Labuan came visiting us. 2. to discuss about Along (one of our nephew) and nak jodohkan dia dengan my brother-in-law's niece 3. thanks giving by Emma & Denise.

As usual my sis would remind us to bring a dish each. This weekend Bibik happen to take her weekend off and Ky is going for her Kelas Tafsir Quran every Sunday morning. "So how?" Ky asked me. Me being a dutiful husband would say; "Alah beli aje ayam panggang 2 ekor kat Giant tu bawak rumah mak! Kan senang" Isn't it? Why should I get into trouble of cooking when there's somebody who could do it better than us. So buy lah... (My colleague, Azlee would love to agree with me on this!!!) I told everyone about the roast chicken imported from Giant but no one care less about it as long as there is something to eat. By the way, my roast black-peppered and honeyed chickens finish off first ok!

After doa selamat was read, Abg De (from Labuan) mentioned that his wife, Kak Mah kirim salam to everybody as she could not leave her aging father.

We then proceed to discuss about Along and Linda. You see, Along is the eldest of the nephews & nieces. He is about 33 years old now. Emma ( the our eldest niece) just got married a forth night ago. Syamsul got married about 2 years back and now got a little angel, Wani. Every time he is around, evrybody would ask ; "Ha, Along bila lagi?" Usually his standard answer was; "Belum jumpa lagi". If the auntie is more kepoh, she would reply; "Macamana nak jumpa kalau tak carik?.

Linda is a young widow with one small girl, Khalidah. Her husband passed away 10 months ago due to kidney failure and lung cancer. Linda is also a niece of my brother-in-law. We had known Linda since she was young. A vibrant, full of energy, a bit chubby but nice girl. People loves to be around her because she is a joker and makes everybody laugh when she is around.

So my brothers and sisters were match-making the 2 of them and believe me, they both agreed. We were happy about it as we had known both of them. But of course, being a concern uncle, I told Linda to get to know each other first so that the decision they make is a good decision.

Abg De (Along's father) from Labuan were also informed on this. Of course he agreed to it. He has been waiting for the day for Along to get married. As I said earlier, we knew Linda since she was small and we were comfortable with her. So today, after Maghrib, we will be going to Kak Chik's house in Kg Tunku to do the "merisik" and Linda's mom will be there too. I hope everything will turn out right for them.

Next we have Abg Zali, Kak Chik, Emma & Denise thanking us for helping out the wedding from the engagement cum khatam quran, to the Nikah in Terengganu and wedding receptions both in Seri Melayu and Wisma Getah Asli. As a token, Emma gave us a small hamper for each family.

Well to me, the most important thing is to get all the family members together; be it a simple birthday do or a big wedding functions. The objective is that I want to have a whole family that cares for each other in good and bad times. I am glad that my effort of bringing family together achieved it objectives.

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