Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pics of Linda's Engagement

Just received an email from Emma in Holland this morning. She is now in Holland with her husband. Went there 2 weeks ago and about 2 weeks after their wedding. She is already missing the family. Tu lah dia, nak sangat kahwin mat saleh.

Anyway she emailed us some of the pics taken during Linda's engagement ceremony which was barely a week after Emma & Denise's wedding. I've posted about this earlier. Just check the previous posting.

Since my brother was in KL from Labuan, we took this opportunity to conclude the engagement for his son, Along and Linda.

So here are the pics.

My sister, Kak Lang representing the family to fit in the ring.
But which finger can fit hah?

Ok this one fits? Betul ke nak tunang ni.

Maseh Mak Lang!

Heheee.. Linda dah ada tunang!

Posing maut Linda....

Linda and her mom (Kak Miah)

Linda's Mom and Brother (Yadin) & Abg De (Along's dad) and Kak Lang.

So when are they getting married? It either before Raya or after Abg De and Kak Mah come back from Mekkah. So we'll see ok.

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