Monday, March 31, 2008

Mimi's Team is the Gombak Champion

I usually take a short nap during lunch time. When I woke up today after the nap, I saw a msg from Mimi which I received at 1.25pm.

Mimi: Mimi dah lawan 3 game semua menang pompan masuk final tapi laki yak game kalah doa kan menang muah mimi.

Her msg was short without any full stop and grammar was bad. But I understood her msg. And I answer her msg after I woke up.

Msg : Ok ayah doakan Mimi main betul dan team Mimi menang.

At 4.26pm, I received this message from her : "Dah jadi johan pun". A short message but full of proudness (action lah tu). Now her school team is the Champion for Gombak District.

And I replied back to encourage her more. "Congratulation Mimi. Sampai kan tahniah ayah pada team Mimi."

But for sure tomorrow she got to go to school in the morning and sekolah agama in the afternoon. No compromise on that. Johan tak johan sekolah agama kena pergi jugak.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Medal of Happiness

Now my three kids had won the games they played in the Gombak District inter-zone tournament. Here's their medals.

Acik & his team was the champion in their under 15 game. He said only 3 of the 6 players were from form 1 whilst the rest were from form three. And that he is the shortest. Dia act sikit - dia kata dia lah the best ball setter for his team.

Acik a.k.a Adib's medal of championship.

Angah & his team got 1st runner-up in the under 18 category. He not only the medal but also both of his legs got muscles cramp.

Angah a.k.a Aizat's medal of agony.

Now Mimi pulak dapat medal ni. Johan lah konon. More so that she loves the glamor of getting the attention after winning the game.

Mimi's handball medal of glamor.

See I told you why it's a medal of glamor. She took this pic below on her own.

Mimi with her 1st medal of happiness.
(Gombak inter-zone handball Champion)

My Kids In Sport

Dulu Acik masa darjah 6, dia wakil Daerah Gombak dalam sukan Bola Tampar. Bagai nak rak practise tiap-tiap hari.

So now Acik dah Form One. So I ingatkan dia dah takpayah main lagi lah sebab dah masuk sekolah menengah. Lagi pun I ingatkan Volleyball Team sekolah menengah sure tinggi-tinggi punya and Acik is still short (bila lah dia ni nak besar dan tinggi macam Along. Belum mimpi lagi tu...).

So recently he mentioned to me that he has been selected to represent his school in the under 15 Volleyball team. Eh macam tak percaya jer sebab dia terpilih jugak.

So this week is the tournament week for the inter-zone for Gombak. And you know what. His team was the champion. Yesterday he brought back the champion medal. Wow.. hebat jugak team dia. Tapi I was not so surprise because his school team was the 1st runner up for Selangor under 12 last year. Angah also representing the same school but for under 17 team.

No wonder Mimi is trying to put up her sportmanship so that she can be like her brothers. Nak kata kan ikut Mak dia tak jugak sebab Mak dia kaki bangku. Mungkin ikut I kot. Tapi I was just a sprinter saja. Entah lah dia orang ni. Asalkan jadi orang esok besar jadi lah kan.

Mimi Lagi

Remember yesterday about Mimi getting lazy to go to school and me trying to discourage her going into the sport thinggy. She now trying to trick me into it again and now using reverse pyschology (hey is she going to be a psychologist like her mom???).

She called me while I was having a meeting.

Mimi: Ayah. Mimi tak suka lah. Mimi kena pergi sekolah petang ni kena practise untuk wakil sekolah lagi. Cikgu paksa Mimi pergi. Mimi tak dapat pergi Sekolah Agama hari ni.
Me: Mengapa pulak?
Mimi: Semalam Mimi masuk 4 sukan. Bola Baling, lompat tinggi, lompat jauh dengan lari. Mimi menang semua Yah. Empat-empat Mimi dapat (dia cakap dengan perasaan bangga)
Me: Habis tu kenapa pulak. (i now begining to sense her trick)
Mimi: Cikgu paksa Mimi wakil sekolah Yah. Mimi kena pegi esok. Tapi Mimi nak pergi sekolah agama jugak.
Me: Habis kalau awak nak pergi sekolah Agama, awak cakap lah ngan cikgu awak taknak masuk sukan.
Mimi: Takpe Yah. Mimi masuk ni sekali je Yah. Pastu Mimi tak masuk lagi. Ok Yah.
Me: Kan awak kata awak nak pergi sekolah agama. Awak cakap lah kat cikgu tu supaya awak tak payah wakil sekolah lagi.
Mimi: Takpe Yah. Sekali je ye. ok Bye...

Tak sempat nak kata apa-apa dah dia letak talipon. Siap dia malam ni.

Habis macamana...............

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lagi cerita Mimi

Semalam Mimi's school team won Gombak inter-Zone handball game. So dia bawa balik satu medal. Well good for her. Tapi dia missed sekolah agama petang. Dah lah tu, kulit muka putih nya tu pula sunburnt - macam udang kena panggang.

I was happy that she won and I knew that she was happy too that she is now representing her school in the handball team. Itu satu hal.

Tapi apa yang tak sedap nya ialah dia dah start ponteng sekolah agama nya just because she got to attend the training and the matches. So semalam at about 8 somethin after magrhib she told me that she might be demam esok. Iya ke tu? Ada kah itu satu helah sebab malas pergi sekolah. I buat dek je sebab malas nak layan kerenah dia. Kalau ikutkan dia, memang lah selalu malas ke sekolah bila dah letih sangat main game.

Malam tadi befoe she goes to sleep, dia dah siang-siang beritahu I that she don't want to go to school konon-konon nya dia tak sedap badan. So this morning I woke her up as usual at 6.30am. Dia mengerang malas nak bangun. I consistently wakes her up.

Dia macam nak tak nak (deciding nak pergi sekolah ke tidak) bangun and she didn't hug me before going into the bath room as she usually did. Dah tunjuk memberontak lah tu. But I got all the uniform prepared for her.

Macam nak tak nak juga, she got all her books packed in her bag. Got into the car late till 7.15am (it's already very late for me) - dengan muka masam nya. Sampai sahaja kat sekolah, dia mula malas keluar kereta until I had to tell her to. Dia mula nak nangis - tu yang I malas nak tengok.

Selalu nya, she'll will salam me and give me kisses on both cheeks as what I would always do to her. But hari ni dia buat muka masam and taknak salam and kiss. Ni yang buat I hot ni. Dah sampai kat gate sekolah, mula nak buat hal lagi.

I paksa juga dia keluar kereta dan suruh masuk sekolah. I am already late and she is testing my patience. But I have to be firm about it. If she want to go for the games, she should not sacrifies for her school. No school no games.

So she reluctantly got out of the car and walk slowly into the school. Kesian juga tengok dia tapi kadang-kadang tak boleh memuakan (bagi muka) sangat kat dia. Nanti dah banyak lemak, kita jugak yang susah. To me, I want to teach her a lesson. She should know how not to sacrifies something to get other thing. She
should not sacrifies her school if she wanted to play the game so much. She should know how to balance her life.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Future Planning

You might be wondering what future planning right? Is it the plan to have a another life partner hehehee?? Definitely not!

It's Mimi who have been pestering me to plan for her birthday party. I don't have much interest in planning her party. She had been telling me what to do and what to plan for her. I just kept one ear open for her and not really paying much attention.

However during a get-together cum baca doa selamat and a birthday do at my mom's place last Thursday, 2 of my sisters gave a a self-printed invitation letter to us inviting to their children birthday party. The self-printed letter were neatly done and Mimi was excited over it.

One is on next Sunday for my lil-sister's 3 boys and the other was an invitation to a Barbeque-cum-birthday party gathering cum picnic at Kuala Linggi Melaka. And that will be a weekend stay at the beach front resort. Now Mimi got more excited to plan for her birthday party.

Last year when her Mak was around, she planned her birthday party together with Rayyan, her cousin Joey's son. Now she wanted to h
ave the same birthday party. She had been insisting me to plan for her.

So last night she had been penning something on how her party should be. This is what she had been wanting, and I just gave her some ideas:
  1. Time and date
  2. Venue
  3. Theme colour
  4. Games
  5. What food to bring
She had already told me to invite both sides of our family and also all her school friends. I told her it all depends on where she wanted to have it. Initially she wanted to do in the park like the Metropolitan park a.k.a. Taman Layang-layang somewhere in Kepong. But I told her it would be a problem for her school girls friends to come cos it's quite difficult for them to come on their own.

Theme colour: she already insisted on white and black. But I told her why not yellow and blue? Red?? We had that last year - so red is out.

She had started pestering me to design her invitation card. What to write, how the design should be like, what to be on front page, so on and so forth...boring betul nak buat kerje-kerje ni kan...

Last time he Mak was the one who went all out for her to organize everything. Unfortunately this year I have to do it for her. Unlike my 3 boys, they could careless if their birthday is coming at all.

Everybody was dressed in RED

Joint birthday party for Mimi and Rayyan May last year.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Macam-macam cerita dia orang ni lah....

Scene 1:

Bro-out law: Zam kau nak tak?
Me : Nak apa?
Bro-out law: Alah.. nak kawin lagi lah....
Me : Taknak. Mengapa lak? Ada ke? (Curious jugak nak tau tu)
Bro-out law: Ada. Umur 30 tahun. Belum kahwin lagi.
Me : Tak nak
Bro-out law: Cepat lah.. Kalau taknak, aku ambik kang...
Me : Ok you ambik lah..

Leceh betul out-law ni.

Scene 2:

I met a lady office colleague whom I haven't seen long time. She was walking towards me but facing
the floor.

Me: Hi Zau, pandang atas lah sikit. Nanti terlanggar tiang lah pulak.
Zau : Eh...Azam. Apa khabar?
Me : I ok jer. Macam biasa.
Zau : Anak-anak you macam mana?
Me: Anak I ok jugak. Yang the boys tu no problem. Tapi my youngest girl tu jer rindu kat mak dia kadang-kadang.
Zau: You taknak lagi ker?
Me : Taknak apa? (but I understood what she meant by now)
Zau: Alah taknak lagi ker?
Me: Ada orang nak I ker?
Zau: Kalau you tak memilih, ramai lah... hehehehe

Cheh si Zau ni.. I pun belah dari situ.

Scene 3:

Sherry : Ha kau apa khabar Zam?
Me : Aku ok jer.. Kau ok ke?
Sherry: Aku ok gak. Tapi busy lah sekarang. Sorilah lama aku tak call kau sejak Ky meninggal.
Me: Tak pe lah Sherry. Aku pun busy gak.
Sherry: Eh Zam. Siapa jaga anak-anak kau.
Me: Aku lah. Sape lagi.
Sherry : Takde lah. Bila kau keje sape lak jaga dia orang.
Me: Kan aku ada bibik yang dah keje dengan aku lebih 16 tahun kan. Dia lah jaga dia orang.
Sherry: Bagus kan kau. Tapi kau jangan kahwin-kahwin lagi tau. Kau jaga anak kau betul-betul.
Me: Eh.. lain lak cerita kau tu..
Sherry : Betul Zam. Kau jaga anak kau baik-baik. Kalau kau gatal sangat, kau ...... jer tau, tapi jangan kahwin tau..
Me : Tak guna kau Sherry. Bukan nya nak suruh aku kahwin .. kutuk aku lak ya... ok byee.. hehehheee


Scene 4:

Sophie: Ha kau sekarang ni dah single. Nak aku carik kan ke?
Me: Taknak.
Sophie: Eh..kau kan sekarang single and available.
Me: Ya lah aku tau. Tapi bukan lah sekarang. Biar lah dua tiga tahun lagi.
Sophie: Kalau kau nak, nanti aku carik kan.
Me: Woi sejak bila lak kau ni jadi Agen Pencarik Jodoh ha?? Tak yah.. aku taknak lagi tau.
Sophie: Hehehehehe..

Scene 5:

I was walking for a meeting when suddenly Sheikh who was walking towards me smiling from ear to ear.

Me: Ha.. mengapa Sheikh kau tersengeh-sengeh ni.
Sheikh: Kau sejak dua menjak ni kan hensem je lah.
Me: Pehal pulak. Aku macam biasa jer.
Sheikh: Ya lah. Kau ni kan sekarang tengah mencari-cari kan.
Me : (I still cannot catch what he was saying). Apa kau cakap ni? Aku tak faham lah.
Sheikh: Ya lah .. carik awek lah. Kan kau tengah single ni. Patut lah hensem semacam jer.
Me: Celaka kau Sheikh. Aku ingat kan apa bende.

Scene 5:

We were in a meeting room while waiting for other to come when suddenly Onn ask me.

Onn: Kau taknak kahwin lagi ker Zam? (He asked politely)
Me: Tak lagi kot. Not these 2 three years.
Onn: Bagus lah tu.
Me: Ngape lak?
Onn: Bukan apa. Sekarang ni memang lah tak terasa. Tapi nanti dah tua-tua nanti kau seorang aje tinggal. Anak-anak nanti tinggalkan kau. Kalau kau kahwin, ada juga teman tua kau nanti?
Me: I just give him a smile.... (Betul jugak Onn cakap kan!!!!!)

And that makes sense....

I know all my friends and family meant well when they ask me that "Million Dollar" question. And I ni pun jenis yang tak kisah sangat. And these peopla are very close to me. That's why they asked me out of concern.

Tapi ada gak cakap macam ni....

Scene 6:

Sis-in-law: Kalau you nak tu, I faham...
Me: Nak apa Nah.
Sis-in-law: Alah nak tu lah. We all will support you.
Me: Support apa bende Nah. Apa you cakap ni. Kahwin lagi ke?
Sis-in-law: Habis apa lagi?
Me: Eh boleh. I ingatkan you all (all the sisters in law) tak bagi.
Sis-in-law: Eh.. kita orang faham. We all support you.
Me: Alhamdullilah.
Sis-in-law: Tapi ada satu saje...
Me: Ha.. ada apa lagi.
Sis-in-law: Kena go through kita orang dulu tau.
Me: Hey.. sape nak kahwin ni. You ke I?
Sis-in-law: Kita orang nak interview dia dulu tau...
Me : Cheh....macam ni memang lah I tak dapat kahwin-kahwin lagi

Scene 7:

I was having lunch at the cafeteria with some office colleague (girls) as there was an empty seat at their table. Somehow we were talking on some topics and we came to this topic as well. I was relating the above story to them i.e. about all my sis-in-laws wanted to be the panel of interviewers for my future partner (if I ever want one).

Girl 1: Aha.. elok lah tu. Bagi kitarong interview jugak.
Me: Hey.. apa pulak ni?
Girl 2 : Betul lah dia cakap. I pun nak jadik panel jugak.
Girl 3 : I pun nak. Kita orang semua nak tau jugak tau.
Me: Eh.. kalau macam ni lah, semua orang nak kena interview dia, sampai bila I tak kahwin tau.
Girl 3: Ya lah.. kita orang punya standard tinggi tau.
Girl1 and 2 : hahahahahah...

Cheh ..Tak guna punya kawan.. bukan mau support gua.Bikin gua susah lagi ada lah..chissss.

Scene 8:

Suddenly she wanted to ask me.

Sis-in-law: Arwah ada wasiat.
And suddenly I know what she wanted to ask.
Me: I taknak tau.
Sis-in-law: Eh.. betul ni.
Me: Taknak
Sis-in-law: Dia ada wasiat supaya you ....
I cut her thru' halfway
Me: Taknak dan taknak.. ok byeeeee..

Heeh takut nak dengar wasiat ni. Entah betul ke tidak..or is she trying to pull my leg.

Ini bukan cerita dongeng tapi kisah benar... macam cerita KISAH BENAR ulangan TV3 tu. Tapi watak-watak tu kena lah tukar sikit ya supaya taknak mengaibkan yang hidup atau pun yang telah menginggal dunia. Tapi cerita-cerita macam ni lah yang menceria kan hidup gua tau...Chissss...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

You are MY ALL Sayang

Yesterday when I was getting ready to go for a nephew's wedding suddenly Mimi asked me:

Mimi : Ayah baju jubah mak yang mak beli dekat Kluang tu mana dia?"

Me : Yang mana satu ni? Yang ni ke? ( I showed her the one in floral Green).

Mimi: A'ah tapi mak ada satu lagi yang colour pink tu. Yang mak beli kat Kluang tu.

Me : (After checking the rest of of Ky's baju in the closet, I couldn't find one.) Entah lah Mimi. Entah-entah Ayah dah bagi kat Kak Siti kot (one of my niece who could fit into Ky's dress - the rest a bit too big). Mengapa Mimi nak baju tu.

Mimi : Mimi nak simpan baju tu. Kalau tak makcik-makcik Mimi saja yang boleh akai baju tu. (wow what an instruction from my baby girl)

So this afternoon after my Asar prayers I suddenly thought of opening Ky's closet.

Somehow or rather, lots of memories suddenly came into my mind. Really lots of memories. Each of her dresses: whether a baju kurung, jubah or many other outfits reminded me of where and in what occasions she wore it.

I particularly remembered the floral pink long dress when she wore during Simon & Diana's high tea party, or the light purple lace with inner dress at a wedding, or the navy blue sequined long dress she wore at one of the Weekend Leadership Seminar. And many more dresses at many more occasions. I remember them all.

I can still picture her in the beautiful dress she wore. She would smile from ears to ears when I complimented her for dressing so well and beautiful. Who shouldn't be right, especially when her own husband complimented her. Her "Love Language" is "words of affirmations". (Do read the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman). So she would loves kind words, complimentary and the simple word "I love you" from me.

Now all that has passed. All I can do is just remember the good old days when she was still around.

And the song by Mariah Carrie "My All" suddenly came into my mind when I was flipping her dress. Yes maybe she is all "MY ALL".

My All - Mariah Carrie

am thinking of you
In my sleepless solitude tonight
If it's wrong to love you
Then my heart just won't let me be right
'Cause I've drowned in you
And I won't pull through
Without you by my side

I'd give my all
To have just one more night with you
I'd risk my life
To feel your body next to mine
'Cause I can't go on
Living in the memory of our song
I'd give my all
For your love tonight

Baby, can you feel me
Imagining I'm looking in your eyes
I can see you clearly
Vividly emblazoned in my mind
And yet you're so far
Like a distant star
I'm wishing on tonight

I'd give my all
To have just one more night with you
I'd risk my life
To feel your body next to mine
'Cause I can't go on
Living in the memory of our song
I'd give my all
For your love tonight

I'd give my all
To have just one more night with you
I'd risk my life
To feel your body next to mine
'Cause I can't go on
Living in the memory of our song
I'd give my all
For your love tonight
I'd give my all for your love

Thursday, March 13, 2008

SPM and Decision Making

Aizuddin a.k.a. Along has been quite a studious guy. He's the quiet type and don't talk much unless he's being asked. In short, he's the reserved type or what we called "Phlegmatic", the cool type- just like me. Unlike his two younger brothers who is more "noisy" than him.

Along just got his SPM result yesterday. I didn't put high hope on him although I know that he's above average. It's just that sometimes he is playful in his quietness. He got representatives of all the grades i.e. A, B and C for all his 12 subjects. Alhamdullilah he didn't failed any of his subject.

I was a bit concern last time because during his monthly test and Trial exam, he flunked his Add. Math and one Islamic paper. His late mother was also worried but she always reminded him to continue study and try harder.

So whilst other kids were overjoyed with straight As, I was overjoyed that he didn't fail any subject. He got A's in BM, English and Math. B's in 4 subject and C's in 5 subject. To me it's ok for him getting that result because I know he had tried his best. What else can you expect?

Last night I sat down with him in front of the Computer. He is now applying for a place in University. He had earlier went into a website to apply for a place and had some idea of what courses to apply. But I told him, before he finalised his application, let me go thru' his choices of courses.

He initially wanted to do several courses : Chemical Engineering, Accounting or Business. Since the application requires him to put about 8 choices, I suggested him a few more. This include Architecture (since I always wanted to be an architect before but never materialised). Along also opt for a Psychology course probably like wanted to follow her Mak's footstep. He also applied for a Aeronautical Engineering course - probably out of curiosity.

Whatever he chooses I am pleased with it. I wanted him to learn to make his own decision and wanted him to be independent: just like me when I was at his age. I was really independent then and no one actually help me to choose what I wanted. But I survived.

On top of that, I was not too concern about what courses he wanted to take. What matters most is that he is willing to learn, develop his thinking, develop his skill and get him prepared for the real world. The courses he will be taking doesn't matter much to me.

At one time, a friend of mine: Abg Latip, deliberately told him that it doesn't what courses he want to take. Because at the end of the day, it's what he wanted to do with his life and what makes him happy to do for a living. Abg Latip for example is a qualified Engineer but later ended working in Marketing. And now he is a caterer. What a big difference right? He also mentioned a Engineer friend of his also ended as an owner of a restaurant.

So it doesn't matter much now what courses Aizuddin will choose. What more important is the decision he will make in the future on what he want to do for a living at the end of the day and how he manage his life.

As a father, I always wanted him to be the best what he want be and not forgetting to be a good son to me and a humble soul to God - a Solehin.

By the way, Along passed his car driving test (after taken for a second time). He had passed his motorcycle test last week. Congratulations Along!

Aizuddin merenung masa depan nya!

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Boys

Angah has reached his 16th birthday yesterday : Sunday 9 March 2008. I wasn't home on Sunday morning to wish him Happy Birthday as I slept over at my mom's place. You migth ask me why right?

Well, my 2 elder sisters, who were staying with my mom, were hospitalised. One had to go through bone operation to take out the iron rod out of her pelvic bone and the other had to make a minor operation to replace the tubing for her dialysis on her neck. And that left my mom alone with the Indonesian maid. Well the maid is not realiable as well. And with mom on wheel chair and bed ridden most of the time, we as her children have to take more care of her.

This morning my little sister called me and told me that the maid had absconded. Yesterday when I left mom's house about 3.00pm, I told her to really take care of mom. Well you can't actually trust Indonesian maid nowadays. Today she put a "good face" and beheve well. The next minute, they are gone. True enough.

Anyway Angah called me about noon yesterday and asked me if he could go for a "Gigs" somewhere in Jalan Maharajalela in KL - god knows where is that place. He would be going with Along and a few of his friends. Since it's school holiday and it's a weekend, I told him it's ok to go, provided he has to behave well and take care of himself.

Note: I believe "Gigs" is a place where the Indies bands play music and mostly patroned by teenages and young adults. Maybe it's a trend nowadays.

Sometimes I felt that I should not control my boys too much. As part of growing up, they want to be where their friends are. And "Gigs" is a place to go where they would listen to the underground music or what not. And since Angah is into music, he would want to be where his peers be.

My advise is very simple. No smoking and No drugs. Learn how to take care of themself and be wise enough to think what should and what should not be done.

I remember when I was growing up especially when I was still schooling in a boarding school. But obviously those days were totally different compared to now. We hang out at shopping complexes during the weekends, watched movies sometimes or just hang out in the hostel dormitory doing nothing. But nowadays, they have places where they do "gigs". Too many shopping complexes and some of them I haven't been into.

Anyway Angah and Along wasn't around when I got back home about 3.00pm. Only Acik was home doing his homework. Since I had to go to Bangsar I left home again about 5.00pm and came back about 9.00pm. Both boys haven't come back yet and when I called them, they told me that they are still in KL. They only came back when I was already in bed about mid-night.

Sometimes I just don't what to do with the boys. If I said to them not to go, they would give all kind of excuses. If I let them go, they will always come back too late. Should I be strict and cruel to them or should I be a bit "relaxed" and let them learn about life on their own.

Being a father is not easy. When you are too strict, your kids would be complaining that you don't love them. But when you are too relax, they would step on you. And sometimes you don't know which position you want to be in. But you know you want some control over them. I don't know whether I should do the "trial and error" position. What it means is that I wil try a few ways. If this doesn't work, try another way. Or should I depend on situation to take any position.

Well, I guess that is part of being a parent with growing up children. But then again, I am a single parent. I have to handle it all by myself. All the burden and responsiblities are on my shoulders. May Allah show me the best way. Insyaallah.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Anak Perempuan Saya Seorang ni

Orang kata jaga anak perempuan seorang lebih susah dari jaga kerbau sekandang. Betul ke? Itu perpatah Melayu dari zaman dahulu lagi. Mungkin ada betul nya kot sebab itu perumpamaan nya ada sampai sekarang.

I pun ada anak perempuan seorang juga. Tapi kadang-kadang perangai nya kadang-kadang susah juga nak control. Umur nya baru nak masuk 11 tahun tapi kerenah nya macam-macam.

Tiap-tiap pagi kalau nak bangun, masyaallah .. liat nya! Kena kejutkan banyak kali. Kalau tak, tak pergi sekolah lah dia. Kita yang kena kejutkan dia pun kena banyak lah bersabar. So kena kejutkan awal sikit supaya timing nak pergi kerja tak lari. Kalau tidak, alamat lambat masuk office ler jawap nya.

Baju dia kena lah I sedia kan.. every morning. Semua kena complete - panty dia, singlet dia (tak lama lagi bra lah pulak), stokin hitam, serkup hitam dan handkerchief dia. Kalau tak, melalak lah dia tak nak pakai baju sekolah.

Pastu kena lah susun kat atas katil dengan baju uniform dan tudung dia. Senang dia pakai sekali lepas mandi. Tapi kena ingatkan jugak ambil sembahyang supaya dia tak lupa sembahyang subuh sebelum ke sekolah.

Tengah dia bersiap sedia lepas mandi, kita pulak kena siapkan bekalan makanan untuk sekolah. Mesti ada dua. Satu untuk makan pagi sebelum start sekolah dan satu masa rehat. Ha.. dia nak bapak dia juga siapkan. Bibik hanya buat breakfast saja so kita lah kena pack kan untuk dia every morning. Itu tak masuk duit belanja dia tu. Mungkin dia simpan untuk beli entah apa-apa tah lagi.

Kalau pasal make-up, dia no. 1. Entah dari mana dia belajar make-up pun, I tak tahu. Mungkin dari emak dia kot. Tapi emak dia pun tak ada make up set semacam dia. Kalau dalam dia punya handbag, barang dia lagi banyak dari arwah mak dia. Lagi pun handbag dia pun banyak juga. Bila aunty-aunty dia pergi shopping kat overseas ke, kat shopping mall sini ke atau masa birthday dia ke, ha.... banyak lah dia dapat handbag. Itu belum masuk make-up untuk dia lagi tu.

So semalam dia ada tanya. "Ayah, make up Mimi dah habis lah". Aduih.. betul ke I dengar ni. At 11 years old dah tanya gitu. I jawap lah "Ha.. kan make up emak kan banyak. Pakai aje lah. Habis kan make up emak tu dulu." Apa tak nyer, make up set Artistry emak dia berlambak-lambak ada. Dulu dia jugak berebut-rebut dengan emak dia pasal make-up. I teringat lagi, kalau mak dia hilang make up nya senang aje. Bukak lah handbag Mimi, mesti nyer ada kat situ.

Itu baru make-up. Belum masuk bab baju lagi. Pergi sekolah pakai baju kurung bertudung. Tapi pergi jalan mesti nak melaram habis. Baju dia melambak-lambak kat dalam almari. Sampai tak muat pun.

Apa tak nyer. Selain dari baju dia yang beli sendiri, banyak baju yang di pass down oleh cousin-cousin dia. Ada tu baru beli dan baru pakai sekali dah tak nak, so pass lah kat Mimi. Itu belum lagi kalau cousin-cousin dia belikan dari UK atau Australia. Sebab on Ky's side, she is the youngest of all the cousin. So bila nampak baju yang ciut miut tu, dia orang belilah kan untuk dia.

Itu belum masuk bab accessories lagi. Berkotak-kotak collection accessories dia. Entah mana dia belajar pasal tu pun I tak tau. Kalau masuk bilik dia, kadang-kadang tersepak anting-anting dia lah, gelang tangan dia lah, dan bermacam-macam lagi. Kadang-kadang hot jugak sebab bersepah sana sini. Kadang dia dapat rantai dari South Africa lah, Sarawak lah, dan entah dari mana-mana lagi. Tapi tak reti nak jaga betul-betul. Kadang-kadang anak-anak orang lain atau kawan-kawan dia hairan macamana dia ada collection macam gitu.

Itu hari lepas Mak dia pergi, I nak agih-agihkan baju mak dia. I tanya dia dulu macamana nak agihkan. Tapi dia kata, nanti dia pilih dulu baju-baju mak dia. Lepas tu baru bagi orang lain. Tapi I cakap, nanti kalau dia dah besar nanti, fesyen pun dah lain. Nanti pakaian dah out dated. Tapi sampai sekarang, baju-baju masih ada dalam almari.

Dia dah siang-siang cakap: handbag mak tu bagi Mimi. Biar Mimi pilih dulu. Begitu juga dengan kasut-kasut Mak dia. I cakap, size kaki dia masih kecil so kena bagi orang lain lah. Tapi dia nak jugak. So I kata ok lah kat dia. Simpan mana yang boleh. I cakap gitu sebab I pun kalau boleh taknak bagi semua kat orang. At least kalau Mimi pakai, boleh juga teringatkan kat Mak dia.

Itu baru bab pakaian dan make up aje. Belum masuk bab merengek lagi. Tungguuuu.... Dalam pada tu, pandai jugak dia jadi model untuk Parkson Grand untuk Hari Raya Special Issues 3 tahun lepas. Tengok lah bawah ni.


Mimi second girl behind. Pakai casual out fit.
Kalau pasal melaram, ha bagi lah kat dia.

Mimi yang tengah tu. Lain sikit sebab dah kena
pakai wig rambut kerinting.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Seribu Tahun Kan Ku Nanti

Lirik Seribu Tahun - Imran Ajmain

Relaku menunggumu seribu tahun lama lagi
Tapi benarkah hidup aku akan selama ini
Biar berputar ke arah selatan ku tak putus harapan
Sedia setia

Relaku mengejarmu seribu batu jauh lagi
Tapi benarkah kaki ku-kan tahan sepanjang jalan ini
Biar membisu burung bersiulan terlelah gelombang lautan
Ku masih setia

Adakah engkau tahu… ini cinta
Adakah engkau pasti… ini untuk selama-lamanya

Relaku menunggumu seribu tahun lama lagi
Tapi benarkah hidup aku akan selama ini… yeah…
Biar berputar ke arah selatan ku tak putus harapan
Sedia setia

Jangan putus harapan… sedia setia……