Saturday, March 22, 2008

Future Planning

You might be wondering what future planning right? Is it the plan to have a another life partner hehehee?? Definitely not!

It's Mimi who have been pestering me to plan for her birthday party. I don't have much interest in planning her party. She had been telling me what to do and what to plan for her. I just kept one ear open for her and not really paying much attention.

However during a get-together cum baca doa selamat and a birthday do at my mom's place last Thursday, 2 of my sisters gave a a self-printed invitation letter to us inviting to their children birthday party. The self-printed letter were neatly done and Mimi was excited over it.

One is on next Sunday for my lil-sister's 3 boys and the other was an invitation to a Barbeque-cum-birthday party gathering cum picnic at Kuala Linggi Melaka. And that will be a weekend stay at the beach front resort. Now Mimi got more excited to plan for her birthday party.

Last year when her Mak was around, she planned her birthday party together with Rayyan, her cousin Joey's son. Now she wanted to h
ave the same birthday party. She had been insisting me to plan for her.

So last night she had been penning something on how her party should be. This is what she had been wanting, and I just gave her some ideas:
  1. Time and date
  2. Venue
  3. Theme colour
  4. Games
  5. What food to bring
She had already told me to invite both sides of our family and also all her school friends. I told her it all depends on where she wanted to have it. Initially she wanted to do in the park like the Metropolitan park a.k.a. Taman Layang-layang somewhere in Kepong. But I told her it would be a problem for her school girls friends to come cos it's quite difficult for them to come on their own.

Theme colour: she already insisted on white and black. But I told her why not yellow and blue? Red?? We had that last year - so red is out.

She had started pestering me to design her invitation card. What to write, how the design should be like, what to be on front page, so on and so forth...boring betul nak buat kerje-kerje ni kan...

Last time he Mak was the one who went all out for her to organize everything. Unfortunately this year I have to do it for her. Unlike my 3 boys, they could careless if their birthday is coming at all.

Everybody was dressed in RED

Joint birthday party for Mimi and Rayyan May last year.

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lilinbiru said...

actually, invitation card u can buy in bulk.ada byk design.cari kat stationery shops.kedai apek kecik2 pun kengkadang ada design "barbie"..tapi pirate punya design la.hehe.