Monday, March 31, 2008

Mimi's Team is the Gombak Champion

I usually take a short nap during lunch time. When I woke up today after the nap, I saw a msg from Mimi which I received at 1.25pm.

Mimi: Mimi dah lawan 3 game semua menang pompan masuk final tapi laki yak game kalah doa kan menang muah mimi.

Her msg was short without any full stop and grammar was bad. But I understood her msg. And I answer her msg after I woke up.

Msg : Ok ayah doakan Mimi main betul dan team Mimi menang.

At 4.26pm, I received this message from her : "Dah jadi johan pun". A short message but full of proudness (action lah tu). Now her school team is the Champion for Gombak District.

And I replied back to encourage her more. "Congratulation Mimi. Sampai kan tahniah ayah pada team Mimi."

But for sure tomorrow she got to go to school in the morning and sekolah agama in the afternoon. No compromise on that. Johan tak johan sekolah agama kena pergi jugak.

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