Sunday, April 6, 2008

Flashes of Love

For the past one week, I have had flashes came into my mind on occasions of my late Sayang.

At one time while I was driving home from work, suddenly my mind was thinking about her being carried down into her grave. I vividly remember what was happening then as I was there holding Mimi's hand while Aizuddin and Aizat carried he Mak's jenazah down.

On other occasion, suddenly I was thinking about her on bed and I was taking care of her.

A few time, I suddenly thought of her body being cleansed and being "wrapped" (Kafan) at the Surau.

The other day another flashes of her came in. It was the time when my children and I gave her the last kiss after being "wrapped" with white cloth, before she being prayed upon.

I had a deep thought each time these flashes of her came into my mind. But most important of all .... Why? Is there something do I need to do for her that I have forgotten.

Didn't I visit her lately? Didn't I think of her lately. Or is it that I have forgotten of her.

I don't think so. I visited her almost every week even though it rains most days. If not weekdays, I would have gone to visit her on Saturday or Sunday morning. Yesterday afternoon, I took all the kids to visit her.

Forgot about her? No I don't think so. Every time after each prayer, Insyaallah, I doa that Allah placed her amongst the religious souls. Thus she's always in my mind.

Or probably, the Children have not read Yassin for her for sometimes now. So today after Jemaah Magrhib with the kids, we gathered to read Yassin for her.

Or is it something that I still don't understand what she meant but she kept coming into my mind! God knows.

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petite n powerful said...

As much as you miss her, she misses you just as much. The bond we have with our late spouses are so special a gift from Allah that it will never be broken. Isn't that wonderful?