Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthdays Again

Birthday dos are not only for kids and adults to celebrate their achieving another year of their life, but also so the rest of the people to gather and have fun or just enjoy the company of each other.

Last Saturday afternoon, we gathered for another birthday do for Cik Hindun (sis-in-law), Dania (pangkat cucu) and also Nina (niece-in-law .. is there such a term hmmm..). Anyway it was an occasion whereby we met the in-laws, out-laws and also people who we are not sure which category they belongs to.

It was held at Izan & Dini's new apartment in De Rozell Kota Damansara. Quite a nice new place.

The birthday for Cik Hindun, Dania & Nina

Of course the food was the main thing I looked for since I haven't had lunch yet. There were nasi goreng, pizza, spaghetti, karipap, somosa, etc. etc. There were 3 birthday cakes and all of them look good. But the main birthday cake with the Bunny sitting on it is too nice to cut. I guess it was for decoration only.

The beautifully decorated Bunny's Birthday Cake

Of course I had to eat the tempting cheese Birthday cake which is my favourite. Yeah there are cup cakes but I guess these are also for decoration as well because they are too nice to be eaten - look below.

Pretty cup cakes... is it for eating or for show case only

Beautifully decorated clown cup cakes

Aha there was a clown to do the balloon with all shapes and sizes. The kids just loves it. But some people just couldn't resist to take a pic with the clown.

The sonings a.k.a. kepochi posed with the Clown.

What a better way to finish off the birthday occasion when you have it at pool side - dipped in the water. Yeah the kids wouldn't resist the water and they had to jump in it.

The kids already in the pool.

It just that the adults had to stay out of the water and keep themselves dry.

.. and the adults just watching as poolside & don't want to get wet...

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