Friday, April 25, 2008

Work, work and work

It's been almost 20 days since the last time I blog. I had indulged with work that gave me no time to blog. It has been really hectic for me with work, with family and with life as a whole.

Sometimes it's just hard to explain that we have no time for ourselves especially as single father. From the minute I woke up, prepared my little girl to school, then I got to rush to work thru' the never ending KL traffic jam. Then from 8.00 am till 6.00 pm, it's totally work continuously. Meetings after meetings, rushing here and there. Then there are things to prepare for the meetings. Phone calls keep coming in and calls got to be done to the related people - so that things get done.

My usual short nap during lunch time was the rest that I usually look forward to. I read somewhere that a good deep 20 minutes nap is the best to put your brain to rest for awhile and after that you'll feel fresh and start ready to work again.

But what more tiring is when your brain has to work more than usual after the nap.

Sometimes I just felt taking few days away some where... alone.. But then again, who is going to take care of my kids.

After work meant rushing back home and going thru' another never ending traffic jam again. Worst still if its rain in the evening. The traffic crawls so slow that you can even sleep while driving.

Reaching home is usually after 7 p.m. and its usually about Maghrib time. And its also time when all my "active & energetic growing-up teenagers" children are at home awake. And it's the time I got to get them take their bath if they have not and make sure they pray. I need to remind them everyday and have to make sure they do. You know kids never listen to their parents right?

Dinner is usually after Maghrib and if the kids had earlier dinner, they'll skip dinner with me.

Then it's time for me to rest a bit watching the news or some TV program - depending who got to control the remote control. Cats fight is the usual scene between Acik and Mimi who wants to choose which program to watch. But of course, this is the time for them to finish off their home work too - so another instruction from me to get them do their home work instead of concentrating onto the TV.

If its too boring, then I will head for bed after Isyak.

Then the next day, it's all start all over again ... the never ending work.

That's why I need a bigger DREAM to build a bigger business to pursue DREAM.... I need the TIME and MONEY!

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