Saturday, April 26, 2008

Family Day in Port Dickson

Sometimes we need to have a break in our life and get way somewhere for the break. And we just had that a week ago. My sis, Zalma mooted the idea quite sometimes ago but it just didn't materialized due to other commitment.

At last, last week end we gathered at a place somewhere in Port Dickson with most of my family members attended. Except my mom, who is always reluctant to get out of her house and Kak Ngah who had health challenges, the rest took time off to be there.

Taha and Zalma sponsored the accommodation of 2 big bungalow, while the rest of us organized food and other stuff. I personally organized the whole program especially the indoor and outdoor games so that our stay there will be more lively.

Most of us reach Port Dickson after 2pm while some came earlier. The program supposed to start by 4pm with the Birthday celebrations and cake cutting. The birthday recipients for month of April are Adik and Ika, Quswa and Mak Long. However since Mak Long went for a wedding in Melaka earlier that day, we had to wait for her.

So while waiting, some of us tried the karaoke.

Pak Dak & Pak Tam trying out the Karaoke.
Once they started, they wouldn't let go the mike.

Once everyone was there, the birthday do began.

Ika & Adik's Birthday & the host of the Family Day
Zalma & Taha.

Another Birthday girl : Quswa and Family.

Another birthday girl : Mak Long (who rushed all
the way to PD after a wedding in Melaka).

After the birthday hi-tea was over, the game began. I divided them into teams and each of the team was headed by my brothers : Pak Long, Pak Dak, Pak Teh and Pak Tam. I was glad all those who were there, was so sporting and we really enjoyed all the games that I had organized.

Before the game started, I had to take their team photo. But they need to act or do anything while their photos are taken. Just see the pics below:

Pak Long's team : Panca Sitara

Pak Tam's Team: The Itek Ronggeng

Pak Teh's Team : The Ultra man

Pak Dak's Team : The Cheer Leaders

It was fun and we laughed a lot looking at some of them whom we had not seen their other side of the character.

The first game started with the balloon blowing game i.e. which team blew the most balloon within stipulated time.

Then with the balloon they had blown, they had to run back-to-back with the balloon in between them.

Nek Cu and Mak Teh : running back to back
with a balloon in between them.

The most hilarious game was running with the balloon in between the legs. Just look at the guys down here - waiting their turn to run.

What a fun: Running with a balloon in between the legs.

Then "water-filled balloon throwing" game. Now most of them need to be careful throwing the balloon or else they'll get wet.

Throwing a water-filled balloon. Who can catch
the balloon the furthest without breaking it, wins.

I had a few more games to play but the kids were already wanted to go for a dip in the sea. It was already 6pm so I let them go for an hour to the sea.

The girls having fun in the sea after the games.

Since everybody was there, it won't do us much justice if I didn't organized a Maghrib berjemaah and bacaan Yassin. So we had that done as well. "Orang kata, suka suka juga, Allah kena ingat juga."

So after the prayers and all that, we start the BBQ. The food was so much but the seafood was the first to finish.

Family gathering without BBQ is no fun. So we organised
a BBQ as well.

While some of us were finishing the food, I had to start the indoor game. The first game was the "Statue of Liberty" game - which I had the experience to participate years before.

Kekecohan Mesyuarat Parti MIC

Kemeriahan Persandingan Kaum India

Perlawanan Bola Sepak

The next was the "Charade" and this game requires a person to demonstrate to his team of an event without any verbal communication but with gestures only.

After that was the "Fashion Design" contest whereby each team had to design and put up a fashion using newspaper to their model. By then, unfortunately my digital camera was already out of memory. Thus I didn't get to snap their pictures.

The last was the "Knowing your Spouse". It was quite interesting how much or little my brothers and sisters know about their spouse after many years of marriage.

By then it was already after 11pm and the prize giving ceremony had to be done.

I retire to bed about 12 mid-night as I was too tired by then.

The next day, Mimi was having fever and I had to take care of her. The others went for another dip in the sea. After lunch about 3pm we had to leave Port Dickson.

Overall it was as good family outing for us. The last family outing we had was sometimes in October last year when we went to Terengganu for Emma & Dennis wedding ceremony. Probably we will plan for another in the near future.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Work, work and work

It's been almost 20 days since the last time I blog. I had indulged with work that gave me no time to blog. It has been really hectic for me with work, with family and with life as a whole.

Sometimes it's just hard to explain that we have no time for ourselves especially as single father. From the minute I woke up, prepared my little girl to school, then I got to rush to work thru' the never ending KL traffic jam. Then from 8.00 am till 6.00 pm, it's totally work continuously. Meetings after meetings, rushing here and there. Then there are things to prepare for the meetings. Phone calls keep coming in and calls got to be done to the related people - so that things get done.

My usual short nap during lunch time was the rest that I usually look forward to. I read somewhere that a good deep 20 minutes nap is the best to put your brain to rest for awhile and after that you'll feel fresh and start ready to work again.

But what more tiring is when your brain has to work more than usual after the nap.

Sometimes I just felt taking few days away some where... alone.. But then again, who is going to take care of my kids.

After work meant rushing back home and going thru' another never ending traffic jam again. Worst still if its rain in the evening. The traffic crawls so slow that you can even sleep while driving.

Reaching home is usually after 7 p.m. and its usually about Maghrib time. And its also time when all my "active & energetic growing-up teenagers" children are at home awake. And it's the time I got to get them take their bath if they have not and make sure they pray. I need to remind them everyday and have to make sure they do. You know kids never listen to their parents right?

Dinner is usually after Maghrib and if the kids had earlier dinner, they'll skip dinner with me.

Then it's time for me to rest a bit watching the news or some TV program - depending who got to control the remote control. Cats fight is the usual scene between Acik and Mimi who wants to choose which program to watch. But of course, this is the time for them to finish off their home work too - so another instruction from me to get them do their home work instead of concentrating onto the TV.

If its too boring, then I will head for bed after Isyak.

Then the next day, it's all start all over again ... the never ending work.

That's why I need a bigger DREAM to build a bigger business to pursue DREAM.... I need the TIME and MONEY!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthdays Again

Birthday dos are not only for kids and adults to celebrate their achieving another year of their life, but also so the rest of the people to gather and have fun or just enjoy the company of each other.

Last Saturday afternoon, we gathered for another birthday do for Cik Hindun (sis-in-law), Dania (pangkat cucu) and also Nina (niece-in-law .. is there such a term hmmm..). Anyway it was an occasion whereby we met the in-laws, out-laws and also people who we are not sure which category they belongs to.

It was held at Izan & Dini's new apartment in De Rozell Kota Damansara. Quite a nice new place.

The birthday for Cik Hindun, Dania & Nina

Of course the food was the main thing I looked for since I haven't had lunch yet. There were nasi goreng, pizza, spaghetti, karipap, somosa, etc. etc. There were 3 birthday cakes and all of them look good. But the main birthday cake with the Bunny sitting on it is too nice to cut. I guess it was for decoration only.

The beautifully decorated Bunny's Birthday Cake

Of course I had to eat the tempting cheese Birthday cake which is my favourite. Yeah there are cup cakes but I guess these are also for decoration as well because they are too nice to be eaten - look below.

Pretty cup cakes... is it for eating or for show case only

Beautifully decorated clown cup cakes

Aha there was a clown to do the balloon with all shapes and sizes. The kids just loves it. But some people just couldn't resist to take a pic with the clown.

The sonings a.k.a. kepochi posed with the Clown.

What a better way to finish off the birthday occasion when you have it at pool side - dipped in the water. Yeah the kids wouldn't resist the water and they had to jump in it.

The kids already in the pool.

It just that the adults had to stay out of the water and keep themselves dry.

.. and the adults just watching as poolside & don't want to get wet...

Flashes of Love

For the past one week, I have had flashes came into my mind on occasions of my late Sayang.

At one time while I was driving home from work, suddenly my mind was thinking about her being carried down into her grave. I vividly remember what was happening then as I was there holding Mimi's hand while Aizuddin and Aizat carried he Mak's jenazah down.

On other occasion, suddenly I was thinking about her on bed and I was taking care of her.

A few time, I suddenly thought of her body being cleansed and being "wrapped" (Kafan) at the Surau.

The other day another flashes of her came in. It was the time when my children and I gave her the last kiss after being "wrapped" with white cloth, before she being prayed upon.

I had a deep thought each time these flashes of her came into my mind. But most important of all .... Why? Is there something do I need to do for her that I have forgotten.

Didn't I visit her lately? Didn't I think of her lately. Or is it that I have forgotten of her.

I don't think so. I visited her almost every week even though it rains most days. If not weekdays, I would have gone to visit her on Saturday or Sunday morning. Yesterday afternoon, I took all the kids to visit her.

Forgot about her? No I don't think so. Every time after each prayer, Insyaallah, I doa that Allah placed her amongst the religious souls. Thus she's always in my mind.

Or probably, the Children have not read Yassin for her for sometimes now. So today after Jemaah Magrhib with the kids, we gathered to read Yassin for her.

Or is it something that I still don't understand what she meant but she kept coming into my mind! God knows.