Saturday, December 12, 2009

Acik is 14 years Old Today

12.12.1995. It was the day Adib a.k.a. Acik was born. That was 14 years ago. And today he is officially 14 years old growing up as a handsome teenager. As a December born child, he is the last one to celebrate his birthday. Boys his age already celebrated their birthdays early of the year but Acik celebrates his almost a year after them.

Well from a usually small and short boy, he is now growing up - slowly but surely. In no time he will be as tall as I am.

And tonight Cik Hindon & Teh invited us to her house for dinner. It was in conjunction of Juke, Zetty and Zara coming back from London for holidays. And since most of us will be there, I might as well celebrate Acik's birthday as well. Kill 2 birds with one stone as they said.

His 14th Birthday cake!

My growing up handsome teenager.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Family Day at Port Dickson 2009

It has been more than a year since we had our last Family Gathering. Hence it is about time for us to have one. Pak Uda from Labuan mooted this idea of having a "time out" for the family to take a break.

Zalma than started to look for the place and Port Dickson came into mind. So it was a Banglo house that we had rented during the last gathering somewhere at Tanjung Tuan area. It was an old banglo house but big enough to fit about 30 of us altogether.

The Banner that welcomes all of us to this year's
Family Gathering in Port Dickson - with compliment
from Uncle Nazmi.

Everyone starts arriving after 2 p.m. Me and Nenek arrived slightly before 4 p.m. Acik & Mimi came along but Angah didn;t because he is in middle of his SPM. Along also is preparing for his University's final exam. Well that doesn't bother me to have good times.

Once everyone was around and had their lunch cum tea, we started to have Games. What else, right? No games no fun. And usual, I was the one who everyone expected to organized it. And that's no prob for me. It's a jiffy.

I divided them into teams and obviously all the Uncles will be the Team Leaders. They were divided into 4 teams, namely Team Pak Long, Team Pak Uda, Team Pak Dak and Team Papi. All were divided equally and have to be mixed into each other family.

Everyone is eager to find out what the games are?

Everyone listen attentively for the games instructions
ans who will be their team members.

And the first game is the "Teka Teki Lawak Jenaka". It's a game that each team has to answer all the Teka Teki or Quizzes.

Example :
Question : Gajah lalu titi patah, lepas tu kambing pula lalu. Apa yang patah pulak?
Answer : Patah Balik.
Question : Bila loceng bas ditekan, bas akan berhenti. Apa yang akan turun dahulu?
Answer : Speedometer lah...

Now let see them answering it.

Team Pak Long.. thinking about the answers.

Team Papi.. trying to find the answers...

Team Pak Dak.. entah apa lah jawapan nya???

Team Pak Uda.. the winner for the first game.

The second game was the "Guess the pictures". I got the idea when I watch Ewah-Ewah in TV3. Since its a fun game, why not we do it, right?

Naza trying his luck to figure out what to draw from the list given.

Team Pak Uda trying to figure out what is drawn by Naza.

Team Pak Dak: What the heck is Uncle Nazmi's drawings?

Hidayat trying to show his skill in drawing.
Not bad all 10 were answered correctly.

Team Pak Long trying to figure out what Fazli is drawing.

Slightly before 7p.m. we stopped the Game for Maghrib prayers, Baca Yasin and Tahlil as well. What a better way than doing some prayers when we got to be together as a family.

After Marghrib, we started to do some barbecue.

Pak Uda preparing to grill the ikan keli.

The food and food and food which would filled up the table
or has it been cleared by the glutton.

Fazli, Acai & Opie helping out to grill the beef and prawns.

Pretty maids in a row.. or should I say Mak-mak Dara in a row

After having some foods, it time to have more games.
First it was building structure using balloon and masking tape.

Bukan senang woi nak buat...

You must have strategy to do it right!

And it must stand on its own and not supported
by anything or anyone????

I did some postmortem on each game. Actually I did all those games before and I knew the strategy and the morale behind it. Basically it's about teamwork, strategy, patience, and a bit of thinking. And I relate them to our real life. And how could we apply them.

After that we had the "Treasure Hunt". It's very interesting and it needs you to think about what is the things you should get.

As example :
Asam di darat, ikan di laut
Ditempat ini berjumpa lah ia
Masakan sedap hati terpaut
Dari tanah, keluli, aluminium pun ada

and jawapan nya ada lah ... periok!!!

Another one :
Yang panjang ada, yang pendek pun ada
Untuk merapi mahkota kepala
Kadang kala kutu menjadi mangsa
Tapi Mawi tak gunakan nya

and jawapan nya ada lah ... sikat!!!

Well it took me quite some times to do the questions in pantun style which sometimes rhyme and sometimes it doesn't. But who cares, right?

And all the teams have to start thinking .. of course..

Ha jangan gaduh-gaduh. Carik jer bende-bende tu cepat...

And all the answers have to be brought out to the front. Amazingly all teams answered almost perfectly correct.

And these are the things that have been collected as the answers.

Then we have the "Building structure using only straws without taps or strings". Quite interesting though.

Team Pak Long trying to build the tallest structure.

So is Team Pak Dak...

And Team Papi...

And the winner of the tallest structure that can stands by itself is....

Team Pak Long.. 1st place

Team Pak Uda.. 2nd place

3rd place goes to Team Papi

After the 5th Games, the scoring is as below:

The next day was a rest and relax day. After Subuh prayers the kids continued to sleep while me and my Mak relax sikit.

Reading newspaper after breakfast.

Pak Uda trying to bowl using buah kelapa.

Throwing loops.. not as easy as you think

Adik with the loops.. trying his luck

Playing the "real basket" ball using baskets.

After Asar most of us have to make our way home. I have to take Mak back home cos I got to take her to Hospital for her blood test tomorrow morning. So I got to leave early.

Well it was worth to have another Family Day this weekend. This weekend is well spent with people that I love and I cared for. Thanks to everyone who came and support our family togetherness. It's not everyday that we can get together as a family. We have mission to be together whenever we can. At least to tighten our family ties. Everyone is getting older by the day. Hence we need to enjoy the time left with us and with everyone we love.