Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kedai Kopi Kawan @ Kawan Kopitiam

I have been wanting to go to this new restaurant which belongs to close friends of mine. Another friend, Zaiham had once invited me to join her family for berbuaka puaa but I just couldn't fit it into my schedule. And weeks after weeks, there are many other schedule engagements that I had to attend to prohibits me from going there.

And this evening, I decided to go to this place. If not now, then when else? So I decided to drive all the way from Batu Caves to Bandar Baru Bangi where this restaurant is located.

You see, I shouldn't miss his opportunity to go because this eating place belongs to my really close friends, namely Hasbullah, Rezal & his wife Ezzah. If you know Ezzah Aziz Fawzy of TV3, then you know it's her. I knew these people quite a long time ago. And when they open up this eating place, then the least I could do is suppor them and probably recommend to you guys to go.

Kedai Kopi KAWAN @ KAWAN Kopitiam

Kedai Kopi Kawan @ Kawan Kopitiam is located in Section 3 of Bandar Baru Bangi. Rezal gave me the exact location. From the Bangi toll, go pass the 2 roundabout 12 o'clock. After the 2nd roundabout, go straight ahead and at the traffic light take right where the Petronas station is. The restaurant is located behind the Petronas station - at the of end the shophouses. It's easy to find.

Arriving there, Rezal was there to greet us. I got to know that Hasbullah just got back from Johor and he was really tired to come. Ezzah had some works somewhere. He initially took us around for a short tour.

The interior : simple yet cosy & comfort

Now the eating time. I asked Rezal to suggest what to order and what the best in the house. You see this place offered some Johorian menu, among which : Laksa Johor Ezzah Aziz Fawzy, Mee Rebus, Mee Bandung, Kacang Pol (or sound something like that), etc. There are menu : Char Kuey Teow, Chinese Fried Rice, and many more Icoudln't remember. Rezal also told me that there is also roti bakar with kaya.

The mee rebus looks good to me so I ordered it for myself. Mimi ordered Laksa Johor, Angah wanted Chinese Fried Rice and Acik as usual love Char Kuey Teow. Rezal also recommended Mimi to take Milo Dinasour. It's actually ice milo with lots of milo topping. Just look at the things we ordered. Not only it look deliciously goos, it tasted good as well. Why I said this? Because I tasted each and everyone what was ordered.

Milo Dinosaur : Milo ice with lots of Milo topping

The mee rebus tasted like the one Hj Wahid sold in the shop somewhere in Johor Bahru - where my late father-in-law used to take us there. If you are a Johorian, then you should know about it. I'm not a Johorian but I married to one - so I have to know it.

Mee Rebus Johor : Sedappppp!!!!! Tasted like Mee Rebus Hj Wahid. Recommended

And if you are a Johorian, I'm sure you would love to eat the infamous Laksa Johor. And because Ezzah herself is a Johorian and she cook as well, the menu is named after her - obviously. And it tasted as good as the one you can find in Johor or if not better.

Laksa Johor Ezzah Aziz Fawzy : it's delicious . You should try this. Recommended.

Angah finished off this Chinese Fried Rice in no time.

Chinese Fried Rice : It's delicious as well.

So is Achik. His all time favourite is Char Kuey Teow. Where he goes, he would almost always order for Char Kuey Teow.

Acik's favourite : Penang Char Kuey Teow

While enjoying the good food, enjoying the company of the owner, Rezal, is something to be remembered. We talked on almost anything about what we can think of. From how he and Hasbullah started business, to the our children, to our other circle of friends, etc.

The special guests : Me & the kids

Rezal serving Milo Dinosaur

I should not miss of taking these pics of partnership. Rezal, his wife Ezzah and Hasbullah's picture on the wall. This picture was taken during their Ramadam buffet promotion. I heard that the response was overwhelmed.

The Friends @ Kawan : Rezal, Ezzah & Hasbulah

The portrait of the Friends @ Kawan

I knew about their venture thru a friend who read their story in the Migguan Malaysia's Pancaindera. Thereon, I started contacting them and had been wanted to go until today.

The Newspaper clipping about the restaurant.

Mimi reading the newspaper cut-out of Kawan Kopitiam

Time flew so fast when you are enjoying the accompany of good friend. Although we arrived about 8.45pm, I felt that it was just a 15 mins presence there. We left Bangi about 11.00pm.

By the way, the price is so reasonable. With what we eat, I hardly felt the pinch in my pocket. So I guess that it's a good place for you to bring your family there. And if you are staying somewhere in Bangi area, that place is a must go place. And even of you are travelling towards there, do go there and taste how the good food tasted like.

By the way, if you want to go here's the detail:

26A, Jalan 3/69
Bandar Baru Bangi.
How to get there : From the Bangi toll, go pass the 2 roundabout 12 o'clock. After the 2nd roundabout, go straight ahead and at the traffic light take right where the Petronas station is. The restaurant is located behind the Petronas station - at the end of the shophouses.

So why not try it out. Cheers.

Rezal & Me

Friday, November 7, 2008


I remember my sister sent me an email (below) quite sometimes ago. I knew it was something that relates to me and after reading it I though of putting it up in this blog. Unfortunately because I was too busy then, I forgot about it ... until lately when suddenly I remember about this email.

And getting old email is not easy. I knew I read it somewhere that my sister sent. Could it be in my Gmail, Yahoo or office email? Tu lah dia banyak sangat email account. And in one day easily I get hundreds emails. So you can guess how long it took me to search for it.

Anyway to cut story short, this email really put some ease in me. After reading the content, I then realised that it's not necessary for you to mourn for years over somebody death because there is something for her/him in the hereafter.

And this morning while driving to work, I heard the Ustaz in the radio mentioned that there must be a good reason if Allah takes away somebody or something from you. It's just that we have to be patience and realise that Allah knows the best for you.

By the way, as I had wrote somewhere in this blog, I redha Ky's passing. But what I didn't really mentioned is that at times I never really feel her lost. Not because I didn't love her and not because I didn't care for her. Most of the time it reminded me with our good times together. But now I knew the answer. And you have to read this till the end to find out why?


Seoarang lelaki telah berumah-tangga dengan seorang wanita solehah. Hasil dari perkahwinan ini pasangan tersebut telah dikurniakan beberapa orang anak lelaki dan perempuan, kehidupan mereka sekeluarga sungguh bahagia dan sejahtera.

Si isteri sewaktu hidupnya, adalah seoarang wanita yang beriman dan bertaqwa, berakhlak mulia dan rajin beribadah, ia juga adalah isteri yang setia dan taat kepada suaminya, seorang ibu yang penyayang dan sebaik-baik pendidik kepada anak-anak-anaknya.

Rumah tangga yang indah ini kekal selama 22 tahun, sehinggalah si isteri meninggal dunia. Setelah jenazah si isteri diuruskan dengan sempurna, disolatkan dan dikebumikan, maka semua ahli-keluarga, saudara-mara dan kaum-kerabat berhimpun di rumah si suami untuk mengucapkan ta’ziah. Kesemua yang berhimpun itu mahu mengucapkan kata-kata yang boleh meringankan dan mengurangkan rasa pilu dan kesedihan si suami kerana kehilangan isteri yang paling dikasihi dan dicintai.

Namun demikian, sebelum sempat sesiapapun berkata-kata, si suami telah berkata: “ semoga tidak ada sesiapapun dari kamu yang mengucapkan ta’ziah kepadaku sebaliknya dengarlah kata-kata ku ini.”

Semua yang berhimpun terkejut dan terdiam dengan kata-kata si suami itu.

Si suami meneruskan kata-katanya: “ Demi Allah yang tiada Ilah yang berhak disembah melainkan-Nya, sesungguhnya hari ini adalah hari yang paling bahagia dan gembira bagiku, lebih gembira dan bahagia dari malam pertamaku bersama isteriku itu.

Maha Suci Allah Ta’ala, sesungguhnya isteriku itu adalah sebaik-baik wanita bagiku, kerana ia sentiasa mentaatiku, menguruskan diriku dan anak-anakku dengan sebaik-baiknya dan juga ia telah mendidik anak-anakku dengan sempurna. Aku sentiasa bercita-cita untuk membalas segala jasa-baik yang dilakukannya kepada diriku. Apabila ia meninggal dunia aku teringat sebuah hadith Nabi (salla ‘Llahu ‘alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam);

“Mana-mana wanita yang meninggal-dunia sedang suaminya redho kepadanya pasti akan masuk ke dalam Syurga.”[1]

[1] (Riwayat Al-Hakim dan At-Tirmizi)

Tatkala akan meletakkan jenazahnya di dalam lahad, aku telah meletakkan tanganku di kepalanya dan aku berkata: Wahai Allah, Aku sesungguhnya redho kepadanya, maka redhoilah ia.” Kulang-ulang kata-kataku itu, sehingga tenang dan puas hatiku.

Ketahuilah sekalian, sesungguhnya aku, di saat ini amat berbahagia dan bergembira, tidak dapat ku gambarkan kepada kalian betapa hebatnya kebahagian dan kegembiraan yang ku rasakan ini.

Maka barang siapa yang telah bercadang untuk mengucapkan ta’ziah kepada ku atas kematian isteriku itu, maka janganlah kamu melakukannya. Sebaliknya ucapkanlah tahniah kepadaku, kerana isteri telah meninggal dunia dalam keadaan aku redho kepadanya. Semoga Allah Ta’ala menerima isteriku dengan keredhoan-Nya.”

Conclusion :

Now at least I know that she is in good hand. Insyaalah she'll be in Syurga. And I don't have to worry about that. Now I realised why at one time Mimi mentioned about her mom. Please read this posting " Mimi mimpi Mak".

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hari Raya 2008

I know Syawal month is over. So is the Hari Raya. But I couldn't help it. I just wanna share that this Raya had never been the same again. Why? Because 2 of the person we love most are not with us celebrating the Raya. First and foremost, my beloved life partner, Ky, passed away on 5.1.2008. And secondly my beloved sister, Kak Lang. who passed away on 18.8.2008. Without these two, our life will never be the same again.

So it left me with my 4 growing up children. I know it been a trying time for me to get everything ready for the Hari Raya: the children, the house, kuih raya, etc. I don't know whether you'll ever understand what I'm saying. Only Allah Almighty knows what goes inside me going thru' this alone.

Usually, before Hari Raya, Ky will the one busy getting the kids their Baju Raya, Kuih Raya, the house gets prepared and all those stuff. She'll never forget to buy somethings for everybody including my mom and siblings even though it's a small stuff. I know she is very thoughtful on that matter. Me .... hmmm entah lah. Kadang-kadang thoughtful jugak.

And my arwah Kak Lang pulak, she will be busy preparing all the kuih tradisional like kuih semperit, kuih bijan, kuih kacang, etc. It's the hand down recipe from my mom. Not forgeting the rendang, kuah kacang, kuah tauchu, and you name it. Also the ketupat palas as well. She and Mak will intricately folded the daun palas to make it into the right folding. Kalau tidak, my mom will say, "itu yang jantan, bukan betina". If you don't understand, I sympathy you. You see, if you fold the daun palas wrongly and you'll end up tying it wrongly.

Anyway the most interesting part is when you see my Kak Lang buat kecoh. As usual if there is no kecoh and screaming here and there, there's something wrong with her. Now none of it can be heard anymore. She's not around anymore.

Those gone forever won't be back. We got to make it on our own now. So this Raya, eventhough the feeling and atmosphere is different, we got to go through it on our own.

Probably my kids have understood our situation and they didn't demand much from me. I pity them. Really. I couldn't give them the time as much as I wanted to. I could get them what their mother would have given them - mother's love.
But we survive this Raya. And am I glad that bibik is still around to take care of my kids.

Me and the kiddos - they are getting bigger by the days except Acik.

Bibik and the family.

My beloved mom.

The family : only half of us. The other half came later.

And what is this blog without a song. And this song from Sheila Majid called "Ku Pohon" enjoy......