Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hari Raya 2008

I know Syawal month is over. So is the Hari Raya. But I couldn't help it. I just wanna share that this Raya had never been the same again. Why? Because 2 of the person we love most are not with us celebrating the Raya. First and foremost, my beloved life partner, Ky, passed away on 5.1.2008. And secondly my beloved sister, Kak Lang. who passed away on 18.8.2008. Without these two, our life will never be the same again.

So it left me with my 4 growing up children. I know it been a trying time for me to get everything ready for the Hari Raya: the children, the house, kuih raya, etc. I don't know whether you'll ever understand what I'm saying. Only Allah Almighty knows what goes inside me going thru' this alone.

Usually, before Hari Raya, Ky will the one busy getting the kids their Baju Raya, Kuih Raya, the house gets prepared and all those stuff. She'll never forget to buy somethings for everybody including my mom and siblings even though it's a small stuff. I know she is very thoughtful on that matter. Me .... hmmm entah lah. Kadang-kadang thoughtful jugak.

And my arwah Kak Lang pulak, she will be busy preparing all the kuih tradisional like kuih semperit, kuih bijan, kuih kacang, etc. It's the hand down recipe from my mom. Not forgeting the rendang, kuah kacang, kuah tauchu, and you name it. Also the ketupat palas as well. She and Mak will intricately folded the daun palas to make it into the right folding. Kalau tidak, my mom will say, "itu yang jantan, bukan betina". If you don't understand, I sympathy you. You see, if you fold the daun palas wrongly and you'll end up tying it wrongly.

Anyway the most interesting part is when you see my Kak Lang buat kecoh. As usual if there is no kecoh and screaming here and there, there's something wrong with her. Now none of it can be heard anymore. She's not around anymore.

Those gone forever won't be back. We got to make it on our own now. So this Raya, eventhough the feeling and atmosphere is different, we got to go through it on our own.

Probably my kids have understood our situation and they didn't demand much from me. I pity them. Really. I couldn't give them the time as much as I wanted to. I could get them what their mother would have given them - mother's love.
But we survive this Raya. And am I glad that bibik is still around to take care of my kids.

Me and the kiddos - they are getting bigger by the days except Acik.

Bibik and the family.

My beloved mom.

The family : only half of us. The other half came later.

And what is this blog without a song. And this song from Sheila Majid called "Ku Pohon" enjoy......

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