Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Sayang

This song by Adam Ahmad have been coming into my ears lately especially when Ky's birthday is coming. Probably it also mean something to me especially when I now felt the lost or probably needed her at this point of time in my life.

Kau Pergi Jua - Adam Ahmad

It's 26 October 2008. It could have been Ky's 48th birthday. I remember it well. Why shouldn't I? We have been celebrating it for the last 18 years together.
But this year is different. We aren't celebrating her birthday. Not as much as we wanted to. But I personally felt that it's a day to remember her. She has left us almost 10 months now. So on Saturday 25 October 2008, after Maghrib each one of us read Surah Yassin at home dedicated to her. Knowing her, she had once told me that she don't one any of us to read Yassin nor doing tahlil at her grave. So by read Yassin at thome, I guess that is the most precious gift the kids and I could give her.

I have also planned to make the resting place a bit better. Initially it was just an ordinary grave that looks the below.

Ky's resting place - just as simple grave with wooden plank
curbing the area with 2 red leave plant as marking.

So I have planned to have a simple yet lovely kubur for her. So during the Ramadan, I have requested somebody to do a "one tier" kubur without any frills. I have choosen white tiling as I guess it would look clean and simple as well.I already got 2 large size river stone to put as her "batu nisan" but I haven't got the time to put some engraving to it yet.

I've also decided to plant small "Japanese roses" in the middle of her grave with Red English Rose on the top and "button flower" plant at the bottom.

Actually the kids and I had planned to get pebbles from the river to put on top of her grave. However, due to the fasting month and Raya month, till now we could get it done. Thus I decided to use the littel white and black pebbles that I bought from the nursery.

English Red roses plant instead of a bouquet of red roses for my love one.

At the end, it came out to be a simple but yet nice grave that I guess would be my birthday present for her. I was quite please of the outcome.

So on Sunday I took the kids to the grave so that they could recite Al Fatihah for their mom at her resting place. Nowadays, it not easy to get the kids together at one time. Fortunately today, we got together to spend sometime at the grave.

Along, Angah, Acik (hidden) and Mimi reciting Al-Fatihah her their mom.
I even told the kids that if I'm not around anymore, I would want them to visit me and remember me during my birthday. Of course reciting Surah Yassin is more precious to me than anything else.

The simple grave. White tile border. White and black pebbles.
English rose, Japanese roses and button flower plant as accessories.



Lena Imani said...

Dear Uncle Mi and family,
Aunty Kiki was truly a remarkable soul. We miss her too.
May Allah (SWT) grant her a place in Jannah and bless your family with strength to bear this loss.
She is always in our prayers.

~Emma,Den & Lena~

Zalina said...

Of course I missed her too, we used to celebrate birthday together.....

Al-fathihah to arwahyarhamah....

Ina & family