Monday, October 20, 2008

Hari Raya without someone you love.

This year's Hari Raya is not the same like l have celebrated since the last 18 years. Someone that I have cared for all this while is not with me anymore.

But as the saying "life must go on" ... so is my life.

For the first time
, my children celebrated this Raya without their mom. What can I say. I didn't realised that it's so much painful to see especially Mimi getting ready in the Raya morning without her mom get things done for her. For many years, Ky was the one who got her baju kurung and all accessories ready. Now she had to do it herself. She was fortunate that I managed to get her 2 baju kurung for raya and another 2 baju kebaya before raya.

The boys tak kisah sangat. They told me that they would wear whatever baju melayu available. Angah and Along got not problem.. but Achik??? Since he is getting slightly taller than a year ago, most of the baju melayu were a bit smaller. Luckily when I open their wardrobe (I seldom do that ok), I realised there was one pair of baju melayu with still price tag on it for Achik. Thank god, it fitted him well. In fact Achik had forgotten that Ky had bought him a pair a year ago and without him wearing it yet. So he got the ochre-coloured baju melayu that his late Mom bought for him.

And this year, unlike most years before, all of our baju melayu are in different colour. Look at the pic below.

Hari Raya at Zul & Fathiah's house in Shah Alam.


lilinbiru said...

en azam. selamat hari raya.

Phlegmatic Melancholic said...

Hi lilinbiru

selamat hari raya to you as well.
I try nak masuk your blog tapi tak boleh.. macam mana ha?

I dengar you dah resign dan utara skrg kat utara ya?

lilinbiru said... laa..invited readers now ni. sbb dah bocor plak. give me ur email ntt i'll invite

Phlegmatic Melancholic said...


My email is

cepat-cepaat lah invite.. boleh gak tengok your girls growing up in up north..