Friday, November 30, 2007

Malas nak blog

If you guys been wondering why I didn't write or update this blog, it's because I'm so lazy to do it. In fact I have not been accessing this blog for quite sometimes now.

The word is MALAS nak blogging. Or probably I'm dry of ideas what to write. So if you guys have any ideas for me what to write, just post in the comments box ok.


Monday, November 19, 2007

18th Blissful Anniversary

17 November 1989 - was the day we got married at Taman Ehsan Kepong. It was 18 years ago but I still remember the day when I was sooooooo .... anxious, scared, happy, chaotic, afraid, glad and whatever vocabulary I can think off at that point of time. But put every those vocabs into one - I was like a poker face - selamber je - when the solemnise too place. Kena lah maintain muka confident sikit bila Tok Kadi nak nikahkan!

So it has been 18 years since we officially tie the knot. Well it wasn't easy for me actually to decide whether to get married and loose the freedom of bachelorhood but I have decided on it anyway. A man have to decide what a man have to decide right!

This is not our 1989 wedding picture but it was taken a couple of months back at a nephew's wedding. But we still look good as a couple don't we ????

But if you were to ask me how's the 18 years.... well lots of things had happened in our life as a couple. But the most important thing to me is that we had learned so much of each other. We began to tolerate each other more and understand each other characteristics - believe me that we are actually 2 different individual with 2 entirely different characteristics living under one roof.

She is the more dominant and want to get what she wants immediately. Me on the other hand is the more peaceful and don't like confrontation. She is happy-go-lucky but I'm more detailed person.
She doesn't plan what she wants to do and can change any plan as when she wants it. Me on the other hand will plans things for weeks and hate to change any plan. She is Choleric Sanguine and I am Phlegmatic Melancholy. If you can't understand me please read this book called the "Personality Plus" by Florence Littauer. This help us to understand more of each other and probably helps us to reduce confrontation and probably had save our marriage!.

This book can save your marriage!!!!

So after 18 years and with 4 growing up kids, we had endured so many obstacles in building our life together. Yes there were up and downs but we survived. Yes there are many challenges but we stood up for it. And we survive till this 18 years.

So at our 18th Wedding anniversary, we didn't have a fancy dinner but just a small quiet dinner at Kenny Rogers restaurant with the kids. But more important is that I still remember our 18th wedding anniversary as I know some of you guys don't. As an advice to all married guys reading my blog : You can forget anything and everything but never forget your wife's birthday and your wedding anniversary. It can be disastrous. I really mean it man!

Ok before I buzz off - just some jokes that I read for your some laugh.


The most effective way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once .

Man is incomplete until he is married. Then he is finished.

The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.

Man is incomplete until he is married. Then he is finished.

Despite the old saying, "Don't take your troubles to bed"' many still sleep with their wives!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Along struggling with his SPM

Whilst Acik (Adib) is anxious plus scared to get his result, Along (Aizuddin) is currently struggling with his SPM. His SPM started on Monday with BM papers. After that was English and so on.

He is taking 12 papers altogether. 3 of which were Arabic Communication and other 2 I'm not sure - but I know it's related to Arabic papers. One of the hardest and most difficult for him was Additional Maths. He failed is his previous trial exam whilst he scored 7 A in the rest of the subject. But he passed in his other modern maths. Not bad I thought. What can I say? I asked him to try harder so that he can get at least a credit for his Add Maths. I can't advise him much on Add Maths cos I flunked my Add Maths as well when I did my MCE zillion years ago hehehee.

But of course as a father, you always want you kids to have the best result right? But to think of it, even if I didn't an A for Add Maths, I didn't even apply all the tangent, sign, cosign, and mind boggling formulas God knows what today. And even without Add Maths, I still obtained my Masters Degree in Business Administration. Dapat CGPA 3.95 lagikkkk!! hehehe.. So what if you failed Add Maths right? It's just a subject. I wonder if Bill Gates ever pass his maths classes??? Anyway.......

By the way, Along is in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Simpang Lima, Sungai Besar. A 2 hours drive from our home. So last Saturday, Ky, my sis-in-law Hindun and I went to see Along. It's a matter of giving him the last encouragement before his exam. Bought him some food and took him to town the get him whatever stationery he need for his exam. Ky also brought a bottle of "air Yassin" for him as well. Mudah-mudahan dengan berkat doa ibu, insyaallah orang kata terang hati anak.

Being the eldest son, I always advised to show good example to his siblings. Of course I prayed that he will do his best in his SPM and get the best result. Hopefully he will get entrance to a good college or university next year.

To Along.. Ayah & Mak prayed for you ok. And you should
do nothing but the best.

THE Day for Acik

Today Thursday 15 November 2007 is THE Day for my 3rd son ... Acik. It's his UPSR result day.

When I came home yesterday, Mimi gladly shouted that tomorrow is Acik result day. Acik will get the result. "Acik tengah takut tu Ayah!". Acik kept silently watching the TV lying on the big cushion infront of the TV. I quickly add "Ok ayah pergi sekali tengok result awak boleh tak". Takyah... result keluar lambat .. mungkin petang kot... ayah kena pergi kerja..." he said helplessly - trying to prevent me from going.

"Mak nak pergi jugak" said his mom. Acik kept silent. I added, "Acik sms kat ayah kalau dapat 5 A." The kepoci Mimi added again, " Kalau dapat 4A 1B camne?" I answered, " Kalau dapat semua B pun kena sms kat ayah, ok!"

Well for me, although I'm concern what result will come out for Acik, but I trust that he had done his best in his UPSR. If he gets 5 A - alhamdulilah. Even if he gets all B - also alhamdulilah. I can't pressure him anymore as I had done that before his UPSR. Who don't want his kid to get all A right? But what if he didn't get A at all. Do I disown him? Of course not. He is still my little cute youngest boy. Maybe a nice long lecture will help then hehehee..

I can't blame Acik for maybe some little mistake he has made. By the way, he is still not even reach 12 years old. He birthday is on 12. 12. 2007. So practically he is still an 11 years old boy. Still a small boy. He is as tall as Mimi who is 10 years old. They look like twin when they walk side by side because they are of same height and similar look.

Anyway will see what his result today.....

Friday, November 9, 2007

Life Sdn Bhd - The Real Show

Someone asked me recently, How's the Life Sdn Bhd theater show?

In fact Wan Faridah called me a week after the show. Eh, bila show tu ha? I said, "Oi dah habis lah. Dia orang buat time raya itu hari lah" Alamak
..... silap haribulan.

Anyway let me just update you on it. The show was held at time people were busy preparing for the Hari Raya. The show was 2 days before Hari Raya and 2 days after that.

We went at the opening night at The Actors Studio, Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC). We bundled up my kids and left early to BSC so that we can break our fast there first before we went for the show. The boys break fast with me and Mimi followed her mom for prayers first, eat something and then rush to the backstage.

All Ky's sister came in support for her debut on stage. They came in one car. Our friends Peter, Petulia and Cecilia came about 7.45pm and later joined by Simon & Diana, Ming and Ayu.

Ky's picture in her no.1 army uniform.
Somehow it
was frame at the entrance
of the Actor Studio in Bangsar.

The actresses in the theater are
cancer survivor,
surviving cancer
and cancer care takers.

Another framed pics of Life Sdn Bhd' s actresses.

All Ky's sisters came to give support to her.
Petulia's aunt Cecilia also came.

Ky with Diana after the show.

The show started exactly at 8.00 pm. Datuk Faridah Merican, who is a renowned the theater activist now a director, thanks the audience for supporting the show and briefed the background of the actresses. Unfortunately she told us not to take any photograph with flashes on. Mine is with flash - so I dare not take any photographs then. Too bad you can't see these people on stage relating their life history about cancer. Too bad you can't see my little girl, Mimi with her mom on stage as well.

Diana, Ayu, Ming & Petulia came to
support the show.

If you were to ask me how should describe the show, I would say that it was amazingly hilarious at time, tense when sadness comes in and relieved when it was more relax. It was a mixed feeling when you heard each cancer survivor and surviving patient relating their life history. Overall I supposed you'll hear true life story from they themself. It's not an act but real life experience.

Simon having a chat with Ky after the show.

Simon also came to see the show with Diana. He supported this charity drives and in fact asked Ky to send him an email about the show so that he can put it up in his yahoo group.

With Jit Murad who came to see the show.

The show was over about 10.00 pm. The audiences and actors gathered at the entrance - congratulating the performers for a job well done.

Jit Murad - a well known theater actor, also came to see
the show. Surprisingly an experience actor gave a good comment on actors who have no experience at all. He met Ky. Also commented Mimi's brave enough to be on stage with her mommy. I didn't realised it was "the" Jit Murad until I recognised it was really him. He was talking to Ky and I was beside her at that time. Quite a pleasant guy. He loves the show and was surprise to know that all the actors were inexperience actors.

I personally went up to Datuk Faridah Merican congratulating her for effort in putting up the show together. Such a pleasant lady who directed the whole show. I also met the jovial Joe Hafsham (Faridah's husband) earlier who was also part of the people who made the show a reality.

My family with Datuk Faridah Merican
- the Director of Life Sdn Bhd 4. See Mimi with
her Black & Pink t-shirt. The pink shape was supposed
to depict a breast. It's a breast cancer month after all.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hari Raya & Birthday

I know I haven't been blogging much since before Hari Raya. With so much things happening with my life, I hardly have time to blog.

Anyway let me start with the Hari Raya do that I have planned on the 27 October 2007. Actually I don't have plan to do a gathering cum open house at my house. Firstly because Bibik is not around as she took a long 2 months leave and celebrate Hari Raya in Surabaya. So who want to cook? Secondly, of late Ky is not too well. Her health is not getting better. Luckily my sister-in-law, Hindun came to help out.

So when many close friends have been asking me whether they could pay a visit to see Ky ( as they have not seen Ky quite sometime), I thought why not I plan a day so that all of them can come at one time. Tak payah nak layan sorang-sorang datang right.

Besides that since Ky enter a new age on 26 November 2007, I thought why not I throw 2 birds with one stone. So I invited them to come on Saturday afternoon for a "surprise birthday party" for Ky in pretext of coming for a small open house.

Well most of my invitees came. Ayu, came with a Secret Recipe's cheese cake while Siti came with a nice chocolate cake. Semua kena sorok dulu because it's supposed to be a surprise birthday right.

Yummy cheese cake (my favourite)
and moist chocolate cake (best nyer!)

Happy 47th Birthday Sayang.

Aizat, Me,Mimi & Ky. Aizuddin is in his school and
Adib went to his friend's open house.

I was very pleased that people who came were close friends and my fellow networkers. People who really care for Ky and we are just goods friends as well.

Peter came first. Right on the dot at 4pm. At that time I was still preparing the rojak buah. Sedap tau. Petulia was in Singapore - busy building her network.

Zahrah & hubby, Yusuf Feeney came. I have not seen Yusuf since he went back to the US and we were surprise when he came.

Zahrah & Yusuf Feeney

Adah and Tengku Fadzil came with Tengku Abidah (Kak Ngah). They were such a good old friends and we had missed each other a lot. Kak Ngah loves the soto and she ate twice. Kata nya untuk lunch and dinner sekali. I told her she can eat as much as she want. After all we hardly meet each other, probably once a year. So makan lah to fill up the one year's quota hahaha... What touched me most is when Kak Ngah said that she always felt at home when she came to my house and that to her, she had treated me like her own family. Well I told her that she is always welcome to my home and we always "tak berkira" kind of person and we enjoy each other companion as friends.

Ayu, Ina & Nado and Faisal came a bit later. Ijah came with Dr. Hali and Siti came later after sesat barat somewhere. But she later managed to arrive a bit later.

Good old and new friends came to celebrate
Ky's surprise birthday.

Zul & daughter Erena came at about 6pm whilst Am & Mai came about 7pm. They were the last to come.

Anyway I guess we had a great time together. My objective were met. I managed to get those who wanted to see Ky had their wish fulfilled. I, on the other hand, had my wish fulfilled too when we had a surprise birthday for Ky. I hope this is not the last birthday party for her.

Smile ladies .. smile..

After Maghrib, we had to go to abang's house in Kelana Jaya for another family gathering.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Business Turnaround Program

Since the week, a few selected individuals in the company was group together and were placed in an isolated cabin for a lab. The supposedly "think tank" of the company have to resolve one issue that the company is facing.

This is what we called here "Business Turnaround Program". Unfortunately, the group has to include me in this group. We title the project as "The Promise" and the objective is to streamline "The CBU order to delivery" process.

It is similar to what Malaysia Airlines has done to turn around it's company. We follow suit in pursuant to get a better operation and thus as the end result - a better turnover and has lots of cost saving.

The team comprise of Azman (Production Planning), Yahya & Suffian (Sales Planning - Edar), Rozee (Group Purchasing), Zanita (Homologation & Testing
R&D), Anil (Product & Marketing) and of course me (Export Division). This lab is facilitated by Yunus (Transformation Management) and assisted by Liza.

The objective is simple : Forecasting of orders to delivery should not deviate more than 5% and the lessen the holding stock less than 3 months. Well it sounds so simple but the challenges is how to get it done.

Many ideas and input were obtained, some are very ideal solution and some may not be the best way. But whatever it is, the lad will only finish off by Friday hopefully. That mean that we are in the cabin for 2 solid weeks. Berasap otak.

Our team that were chosen, we became close to each other. We were lucky to have teammates that are very supportive and helpful with each other.

So if you didn't see me updating this blog, it means that I don't have the time to do it. Cheers Bro and Sis!