Friday, November 9, 2007

Life Sdn Bhd - The Real Show

Someone asked me recently, How's the Life Sdn Bhd theater show?

In fact Wan Faridah called me a week after the show. Eh, bila show tu ha? I said, "Oi dah habis lah. Dia orang buat time raya itu hari lah" Alamak
..... silap haribulan.

Anyway let me just update you on it. The show was held at time people were busy preparing for the Hari Raya. The show was 2 days before Hari Raya and 2 days after that.

We went at the opening night at The Actors Studio, Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC). We bundled up my kids and left early to BSC so that we can break our fast there first before we went for the show. The boys break fast with me and Mimi followed her mom for prayers first, eat something and then rush to the backstage.

All Ky's sister came in support for her debut on stage. They came in one car. Our friends Peter, Petulia and Cecilia came about 7.45pm and later joined by Simon & Diana, Ming and Ayu.

Ky's picture in her no.1 army uniform.
Somehow it
was frame at the entrance
of the Actor Studio in Bangsar.

The actresses in the theater are
cancer survivor,
surviving cancer
and cancer care takers.

Another framed pics of Life Sdn Bhd' s actresses.

All Ky's sisters came to give support to her.
Petulia's aunt Cecilia also came.

Ky with Diana after the show.

The show started exactly at 8.00 pm. Datuk Faridah Merican, who is a renowned the theater activist now a director, thanks the audience for supporting the show and briefed the background of the actresses. Unfortunately she told us not to take any photograph with flashes on. Mine is with flash - so I dare not take any photographs then. Too bad you can't see these people on stage relating their life history about cancer. Too bad you can't see my little girl, Mimi with her mom on stage as well.

Diana, Ayu, Ming & Petulia came to
support the show.

If you were to ask me how should describe the show, I would say that it was amazingly hilarious at time, tense when sadness comes in and relieved when it was more relax. It was a mixed feeling when you heard each cancer survivor and surviving patient relating their life history. Overall I supposed you'll hear true life story from they themself. It's not an act but real life experience.

Simon having a chat with Ky after the show.

Simon also came to see the show with Diana. He supported this charity drives and in fact asked Ky to send him an email about the show so that he can put it up in his yahoo group.

With Jit Murad who came to see the show.

The show was over about 10.00 pm. The audiences and actors gathered at the entrance - congratulating the performers for a job well done.

Jit Murad - a well known theater actor, also came to see
the show. Surprisingly an experience actor gave a good comment on actors who have no experience at all. He met Ky. Also commented Mimi's brave enough to be on stage with her mommy. I didn't realised it was "the" Jit Murad until I recognised it was really him. He was talking to Ky and I was beside her at that time. Quite a pleasant guy. He loves the show and was surprise to know that all the actors were inexperience actors.

I personally went up to Datuk Faridah Merican congratulating her for effort in putting up the show together. Such a pleasant lady who directed the whole show. I also met the jovial Joe Hafsham (Faridah's husband) earlier who was also part of the people who made the show a reality.

My family with Datuk Faridah Merican
- the Director of Life Sdn Bhd 4. See Mimi with
her Black & Pink t-shirt. The pink shape was supposed
to depict a breast. It's a breast cancer month after all.

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