Thursday, November 1, 2007

Business Turnaround Program

Since the week, a few selected individuals in the company was group together and were placed in an isolated cabin for a lab. The supposedly "think tank" of the company have to resolve one issue that the company is facing.

This is what we called here "Business Turnaround Program". Unfortunately, the group has to include me in this group. We title the project as "The Promise" and the objective is to streamline "The CBU order to delivery" process.

It is similar to what Malaysia Airlines has done to turn around it's company. We follow suit in pursuant to get a better operation and thus as the end result - a better turnover and has lots of cost saving.

The team comprise of Azman (Production Planning), Yahya & Suffian (Sales Planning - Edar), Rozee (Group Purchasing), Zanita (Homologation & Testing
R&D), Anil (Product & Marketing) and of course me (Export Division). This lab is facilitated by Yunus (Transformation Management) and assisted by Liza.

The objective is simple : Forecasting of orders to delivery should not deviate more than 5% and the lessen the holding stock less than 3 months. Well it sounds so simple but the challenges is how to get it done.

Many ideas and input were obtained, some are very ideal solution and some may not be the best way. But whatever it is, the lad will only finish off by Friday hopefully. That mean that we are in the cabin for 2 solid weeks. Berasap otak.

Our team that were chosen, we became close to each other. We were lucky to have teammates that are very supportive and helpful with each other.

So if you didn't see me updating this blog, it means that I don't have the time to do it. Cheers Bro and Sis!

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