Thursday, November 15, 2007

THE Day for Acik

Today Thursday 15 November 2007 is THE Day for my 3rd son ... Acik. It's his UPSR result day.

When I came home yesterday, Mimi gladly shouted that tomorrow is Acik result day. Acik will get the result. "Acik tengah takut tu Ayah!". Acik kept silently watching the TV lying on the big cushion infront of the TV. I quickly add "Ok ayah pergi sekali tengok result awak boleh tak". Takyah... result keluar lambat .. mungkin petang kot... ayah kena pergi kerja..." he said helplessly - trying to prevent me from going.

"Mak nak pergi jugak" said his mom. Acik kept silent. I added, "Acik sms kat ayah kalau dapat 5 A." The kepoci Mimi added again, " Kalau dapat 4A 1B camne?" I answered, " Kalau dapat semua B pun kena sms kat ayah, ok!"

Well for me, although I'm concern what result will come out for Acik, but I trust that he had done his best in his UPSR. If he gets 5 A - alhamdulilah. Even if he gets all B - also alhamdulilah. I can't pressure him anymore as I had done that before his UPSR. Who don't want his kid to get all A right? But what if he didn't get A at all. Do I disown him? Of course not. He is still my little cute youngest boy. Maybe a nice long lecture will help then hehehee..

I can't blame Acik for maybe some little mistake he has made. By the way, he is still not even reach 12 years old. He birthday is on 12. 12. 2007. So practically he is still an 11 years old boy. Still a small boy. He is as tall as Mimi who is 10 years old. They look like twin when they walk side by side because they are of same height and similar look.

Anyway will see what his result today.....

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