Thursday, March 29, 2007


I haven't had this feeling of satisfaction in the business for quite sometimes. There were times when things didn't turned up as you expected it would be. You showed business plans to people whom you thought would want this business more than you do but somehow they are the people who least wants it. Forget about the big dreams and reasons for awhile. How could I get to the dreams when I couldn't even sponsor some people yet.

So today when I signed up 2 people in my new pipelines, I felt on top of the world. It's because I have not signed up anybody for ages. So lately I put up the courage and enthusiasm to show plans to some people I know in the office. And walla, 3 people signed up in my new pipeline this month alone.

One as a user, one a sceptical whether it works or not but signed up anyway and another one a bachelor who wants to be a builder. Ha ... I didn't expect the bachelor want to be a builder. Well if he does, I will teach him how to. No problem. As long as he is "teacheable".

Being teacheable (senang di ajar) is better than a genius with big ego and who doesn't want to listen to other people who are more successful.

Well I have a goal for this 18th~20th May Weekend Leadership Seminar. I want to bring at least 10+ new people to the WLS. I want to have a bigger business and by bringing more people to this May WLS, hopefully they will get a bigger vision of how big this business can be for them as well. Hopefully they too can change their life one day. And they will thank you for showing them the business. Insyaallah.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Matters Most To You?

Last night was the Success Seminar at PGRM. The Leaders meeting started at 6pm but I was slightly late. Arrived about 6.20 pm. Crown Direct Bob Andrew was already speaking at that time. He is very inspiring as usual. A leader who I assume is very simple communicator but did send his message across.
General session started on time at 8pm. As usual the Emeralds and Diamond did the usual Leaders parade. I was alone because Ky unfortunately won’t be able to attend due to her condition.
The MC was the night was Emerald Direct Swarupini, excellent MC as usual. Bob kick-off the seminar with his speech on the business. I picked up a few points.
Ø This business is not for everybody.
Ø We have a business for people who are looking for it!
Ø We are in people business
Ø It's about growing a person.
Bob later introduced his wife, Terry. She such a “Sanguine” lady with full of energy and having fun on stage. She enjoyed herself building the business. There are financially independent for the last 30 long years. They have been enjoying their life to the fullest.
What impacted me most that night when Ivan and Cassandra from Singapore who were recognized as New Emerald. They were relating their story about Ivan being so 100% negative and did not want to build the business. Cassandra was quite open but was skeptical if the business would work for her. Their first Weekend Leadership Seminar in 2003 was horrifying. Cassandra was admitted into a hospital with high fever. Their car was stolen. It cost them S$140,000 for a weekend seminar. But to them it was all worth it. They are now Emerald and had even taken both their parents for holidays in San Francisco.
What touches deep inside my heart was when Ivan was relating a story from a book. I can’t remember the title but Simon Thompson had once mentioned it during one of the Depth Team Meeting. Ivan read a passage from the book. It’s about “What matter most to you”. He was relating about a father was lost a son in an accident. Unfortunately, a day before the accident the father did not spent time with his son even though the son asked for it. The father was too busy with other things and did not even care much about the son. The father regrets so much but it was too late. He can’t buy back time. Regret won’t buy the love he lost for his son. It’s was very touching story.
Then I thought to myself.. “WHAT MATTER MOST TO ME?” I don’t know about you but what matter most to me is my family i.e. my 4 Children, my beloved Wife, my Mom and siblings. I am building this business for people I love, people I care and matter most to me. They are people who matters a lot to me. Not the people who don’t want this business. Nor people who are negative and people who kills other people dreams.
Thanks Ivan for bringing up this matter because this matter really hit deep right inside me!

Monday, March 26, 2007

You light up my life

It has been about a month when one of the lights in my bedroom went kaput. I tried to change it but it was quite tedious to change when the connection to the circular lamp have melted. I guess we have not change it for too long. So it's about time to change it. And last 3 weeks I have made my way to 2 electrical lighting shops and asked if they could do it for me. The whole lighting set would cost about RM20 only but the labor charge would be about RM15. So I thought since I had not been changing any electrical wiring in the house for years and if there’s somebody who could it for me, I thought why not. Unfortunately there were no wiremen around and I forget that idea. Thus our bedroom was dim because it was only lighted by one light.

So since I was really free this Sunday morning, I thought why not I do something about it. So there I go to this one Chinese hardware shop. I know this hardware shop is slightly expensive than the other but I have no choice because the one next to it is closed. After getting some info on what I want to buy, the Malay guy i.e. the shop assistant showed me the set. It would cost me RM15.00. Not much but it was slightly more expensive than then one I had bought a couple of months earlier. Being melancholy and want to get a cheaper one of the same brand, I left without buying from that shop.

So I drove to Taman Seri Gombak and there is another electrical which is open. The same thing would only cost me RM10. And good enough, the Chinese man showed me how to fix the whole thing. This Chinese guy is nice enough to teach me and with this cheaper set, so I bought it.

Got home and get all things ready: screw drivers with flat head, star head (I guess that’s what you call it huh), small screw driver and medium size screw driver, a ladder and full enthusiasm plus some experience. Turn on the air-cond. but switch the fan so that I won’t get struck by the fan.

I got the old round light fitting out from the ceiling first. I realize that whilst this round light looks nice but once it got defaulted, it will give you lots of problems. So a change to the ordinary long fluorescence light would be better.

It was quite a sweating job for a while and thanks to the cooling air-cond. After screwing here and there, re-wiring and everything in place.. then walla.. the light is on. Ha.. what a satisfaction. I know that this is a small job. But it really gives me the greatest satisfaction of my life.

I realize that I had used the knowledge that we got from Cikgu Nordin in his electrical class of the Industrial Arts when I was in school. Oh.. that’s long time ago. And I guess experience also have a part to it.

So when it was Maghrib time and we got into the bedroom, everybody was happy because the room was clearly lighted than before. You light up my life….

Next I got to look at the address no. 1011 on our gate. It's was taken out because we were renovating our front porch and new gate. And that was about one and half years ago and it's still there was no sign yet. So it's about time to put it up..

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I want to be a Scientist or a Doctor or a Pramugari

I was watching some TV program when Mimi (my only daughter) came down after a nap. I was lying in front of the TV and she came lie down besides me.

All of sudden she told me, "Ayah, when I grow up I want to be a Scientist. If not I want to be a Doctor". I was astonished plus taken aback by her exclamation. FYI, she and her brother Acik went on a school trip to Pusat Sains Negara this morning and came back about 2pm. Probably she got some idea while visiting the science centre and hopefully she learned something there too.

Then I asked her, "What kind of Scientist?". Promptly she told me,"Alah.. yang study planet tu.." Oh, that is Astronomy. Study of the earth and planet.
But If I don't be a Scientist, I'll be a doctor. If not I'll be a Pramugari. Well that's sound more like her. Mimi is the one who loves to make-up.. habis Artistry mak dia yg dia sapu. If her mother lost any of her skin care or lipstick, she will scream.. Mimi..mak punya lipstick mana? And she will giggle. Or else her mom will straight ransack Mimis' handbag..

So when I heard that she want to be an Air Stewardess.. I thought well that's more like her. She loves to model in front of the mirror and not forgetting to make-up everytime.. I mean everytime ..whenever we go out.

At one time she post as a child model in the Parkson Grand's special Hari Raya issues. And she got paid for it.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Khutbah Jumaat

It is almost all Fridays that when the Khatib reads his khutbah, I almost be asleep. Why? Entah lah. Probably when your stomach is already filled up with lunch plus you were sitting under the cooling fan .. you'll be dozing off slowly. Or that the syaitan pull your eye lids down and pestering you to sleep.. haa..

But not today. I was paying my attention listerning to the khutbah by an Iman from Jais. It was about Wakaf for Akhirat i.e. your contribution for the after-life. Actually I have heard the same khutbah when we went for Friday prayer last week at Kg Bukit Lancung. But since my colleague was on some safety training course today, I have to go alone. But I decided to go to Masjid Al-Falah at USJ 9 near Taipan, which is air-conditioned.

I still remembered the Khatib said that "Ada 3 perkara yg kita akan bawa ke akhirat"
1. Ilmu yang ajar.
2. Doa Anak yang soleh.
3. Amal jariah.
So for me the no. 1, it good if you are religiously know how to teach good things to other people. As no. 2, you educate your children and they pray for you when you are already gone (Insyaallah my kids will do that). But you wouldn't know what they will do after you are gone. And no.3 is the least you could do i.e. to do amal jariah (good deed) while we are still alive. Thus by doing "wakaf" i.e. do some donation thru' the religious body is the next best thing. The best part of it, it is tax deductable. Wow that's a good idea.

So sometimes it worth to listen to the khutbah instead of dozing off during the sermon. Insyaallah.

In the space of people you love to be with..

I was browsing my Gmail inbox and saw that I got an email from Zul uptowndreamers. Attached were photographs taken when we had a party at Fathiah & Zul's new banglo at section 8, Shah Alam. The pics were great i.e. by using Zul's small compact digital camera.

That's was on Tuesday 20 March 2007. Why we had that party? Well it was Fathiah's idea of having fun in the business and also achieving the challenge given to the team i.e. show 16 plans, 600PV and pacestter. The special guest was our dearet business partner Roshni Abd Aziz. She now resides in Melbourne Australia with Abel and their kids, Raoul & Serene. Roshni is here for about a month and thus she makes use of her time building her business here and having fun too.

I arrived slightly after 8pm and there were a few of the networkers arrived already preparing the food. It's kind of potluck.. I didn't bring anything haha.. Petulia was preparing her pink-fruity punch drink. Sam & Heng and their daughter, 21 and son 10, were already there. They are from Vietnam. They were preparing their Vietnamese specialty spring roll with salad. It tasted good. Aina and her group were already there.

1. Food glorious food 2. ok let's arrange the food 3.Too many food, lets arrange them nicely
More food came later. Ming & Mew brought their Nasi Beriyani (from Idamansuri recipe), Habsah & Zaki - Mee Bandung, Ida - Rojak buah, Faisal - Cream Caramel, Zakiah & Faraby - Dalcha, and many more. Fathiah served her specialty Bread Pudding with custard sauce and her new found recipe of special-egg entree (whatever it is!). The table were then full with many kinds of delicious pot-luck food.

Ming broght his SLR Digital Camera. I took a few shots with his camera while he was busy with other things.
Roshni, our special guest came slightly after 9.00pm and received a warm welcome by the networkers, whom by now has packed Fatiah's house. She was excited, warm, and of course greeted and congratulate everyone for being there.

4. Ida, Rohana, Fathiah, Roshni, Zul & I. 5.Food are ready. So let's eat. 6.A light moment wih Roshni & Rohana

Once everybody was settled, it's time for FOOD! I was hungry by then and have already decide which one to eat first (since I was the one who arranged the food ok and I know which one look yummy). Started with Nasi Beriyani & Dalcha and then the Vietnamese spring roll. That was delicious. Continued
mee bandung and then rojak buah. By then I was full. Everybody enjoyed the food.

Managed to speak with Roshni for awhile. She was also busy entertaining the rest of the people.

By 10 something, when everybody dah kenyang, Fathiah gathered all the people in the TV room and invited Roshni to talk i.e. to give vision to us, especially to the new people. She told about her migration to Melbourne, about how she built the business there, about her family and of course her vision. She is a terrific lady and we are blessed to be part of her business and her being part of our lives. Outside it stared to rain really heavy. But it didn't matter to me cos listerning to Roshni give me hope that I can also do this business. Roshni also showed some pictured slides of her new house they just bought, pictures of Raoul & Serene (they akready grew up so tall), and many more.

Fathiah spoke how her vision on having bigger international business. Also on the opening in Vietnam. She also spoke how her "visualisation and positive thinking" had managed to lead her to more Vietnamese leads. She also spoke about a book that she recently read. On "giving and receiving". How we should say when other people complimented us for anything. Got a new perspective from her on that.

7. The Diamonds with the Men 8. Ming & I

It was already past mid-night and after saying goodbye to everybody, I left about 1.00 am. Well it was a good get togther, fun, some teaching and of course bring back some new vision and perspective from peolpe who are Financially Free but with good heart. Thanks to all the people who make the night real worth to attend. You love to be within the space of people that really care.
Cheers to Roshni, Fathiah & Zul.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I want to go to Oxford University

Sunday 18 March 2007, is the last day of the 1st term school holidays. Along have prepared himself to go back to his school, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Simpang Lima, Sungai Besar, Selangor. He felt kind-of mixed feeling : either eager to go back to the hostel and have fun time with his friends or missing the days of waking up late till noon, relax and do-nothing at home.

So after Zuhur prayers and lunch, we are ready to hit road with the 2 hours journey from Batu Caves to Sg Besar, about 105km from home. (I have clocked the milage a few times already). We started about 2.45pm.

As usual, Along who is very quiet in the car whenever I send him back to his hostel. He is a guy with few words. Never talk much to me except whenever he needs something.

Earlier in the week, I have already asked him what he want to study in College or Universtity. The usual answer I got from him is " Entah lah"...... What an attitude? Then I advise him to sit down with his mom for advise (Mom is a counsellor/phsychologist). But I don't know whether they sat down together to talk about this.

Anyway, before he dozes off to sleep in the car (as usual), I asked him " Along, which University you want to go and what to do you to study?". I was surprised with his answer. " Along nak pergi Oxford University". I counter again " Along nak ambik apa?" Without hesitant he said, " Along nak ambil Multimedia atau Engineering". Wow I never expected such a straight answer from him. Knowing him, being a "Phelgmatic" he wouldn't give such a fast and straight answer. He would be interogated before giving a good answer when asked.

Although I wasn't dumbfounded hearing his answer, I told him; "Good, then you have to get all A's in your SPM. It's not easy to get there but you must study very hard."

What a relief to hear my eldest son have at last found a destination where to go ahead in his studies. Yahooo!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Old Family Pictures

I was looking through some pics in the PC and I spotted a few which bring back memory.

This one was taken back in year 2000. 6 years ago at Lynn & Ariff's wedding. All family members have to wear yellow Baju Melayu Johor for men and the ladies wore floral yellow or shades of yellow.

I still remember Mimi was one of the flower girls, were having fever. Along & Aizat were the resident "Bunga Mangga" carriers because they were big enough to carry bungga manggar but too small to handle other jobs.

Well for every family weddings we shall be assigned a job to do so that all things should turn right as planned. I will be assigned either the "Food Manager" i.e in-charge of the food or the person who took care of internal preparation.

And there was a photo taken when I got my first digital camera birthday present by my beloved wife. It was on my 45th birthday 13 February 2005. I remember Azivik, our friend who happen to be at our house took this photo.
The kids have grown 5 years older and so did I.

Now I'm trying to get more old family pics. So that I can see how we grow old together.

Taman Melati

This morning about 8.15am I sent Angah to Melati LRT station for him to catch the LRT to Central Market where he takes the weekend tuition classes. Melati Station is the second last station for Putra LRT. It is situated in Taman Melati, a place where we first rented a double storey house after we got married in 1989. Almost 17 years ago.

It bring me back memories when we were newly married and rented a house next to the Surau. In front of the house was a hugh drain separating the double story houses and the flats. I was still in Oriental Bank in Klang and Ky was still in the Army in Mindef. I could still remember getting the first mini bus at 6.30am every morning to the Klang bus stand where I have to take a bus to Klang. Usually reached by 8.45am.

We have to moved out to Taman Samudra, Batu Caves because our landlord have sold off the house and the new owner wanted to stay there. I had bought a house in Taman Samudra but it wasn't completed yet. Thus we have to rent another house. That was in end-1997 after about 8 years of staying and there, and with 4 kids. Along, our eldest was going to Standard 2 and Mimi, our youngest was a few months old then.

So it's kind of going down the memory lane when I was in Taman Melati this morning. I dropped by at the Sunday morning market just to get the feel of what I used to do 8 years ago. Things haven't change much. I still see the same people who sells the kuih, vegetables, fish, etc. These were familiar faces I saw when I was back then. The environment were calm and not as busy. Probably people still sleeping in this Sunday morning.

After I bought a bunch of Pisang Rastali, I got went home with a copy of Mingguan Malaysia. That's is what I used to do 8 years ago anyway.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Aren't we glad with our Malaysian Imigration System?

This morning I had to send my Indonesian maid, Bibik to the Indonesian Embassy to renew her passport which is expiring in July. Sent her early in morning and arrived about 7.30am. Got a parking space next to the Embassy in Jalan Tun Razak.

Once we got to the main entrance of the Embassy, I was surprised that there were already hundreds of Indonesian forming an unruly queue. I thought it was a demonstration of some kinds. Yeah, I know some Indonesian loves to have demonstrations wherever and whenever there's some issues. I have seen them in Jakarta quite sometimes ago.

While queing up, there were some Indonesian-accent touts who try to persuade the Indonesian maid and their employers for their service. I even saw a lady paid RM50.00 to a tout who just show her the way to the queue and telling her some procedures. That's a daylight robbery.

As I was trying to figure out what to do, I met this tall goatee Malay guy who is also sending his maid to renew his passport. Got to know that he is a Lecturer in Fekah study in UIA. He came yesterday afternoon but the renewal forms were out of stock and thus he has to come back early today. He told me what to expect when doing the business here with this embassy.

Well at 8.30am, the small gate opened up and these Indonesian had to rush for the queue inside the embassy compound. There were at least 300 or more of them already. Women were given preference to queue at the front and the guys at the back. After queing about 20 mins, they were given the form to renew their passport provided that they show the guards all the necessary documents.

I managed to get in thru' the exit door and met my maid inside the embassy compound. That's not the end of it yet. I have asked Bibik to queue up first while I fill up her form. That is when the challenge arise. If it's quite difficult for your to understand the Indonesian language, wait till you to try read Indonesian and fill up their form. It was quite challenging for me to fill up the form when I don't exactly understand what they want. I was quite fed-up up to a point that I just fill out the necesary information irregardless whether it right or wrong.

So after filling up the form, there was another queue to take. Luckily there were long stool for these people to sit lining up till the small opening of the counter. Bibik were one infront of the queue. I thought of waiting for her but till about 10.00am the queue haven't move that much.

By the way, next to this Indonesian Embassy, a building construction is taking place. Imagine that next to you, the loud bang of pilling and drilling, and you can't exactly heard the PA system announcement. At 10.00am the heat is rising.. so are the temper of the maids employers who are accompanying them.

I heard people complaining about the long queue, the unruly crowd and insufficient information on board for people to read. People have to ask around what to do. An old chinese man next to me had given some ideas on what to do to get a more systematic way. He is comparing to our Malaysian Imigration system.

Another chinese guy was telling me about getting the passport once they are ready. They will let you know when you have to come back to get the passport in specific date. But you won't know what time they will call your name. Thus you have to wait for hours without knowing when your name being called. If you miss the call, then you be waiting without end. Worst still, some of these Indonesian names are the same!!!! At time, when you name being called, you can't get to the counter because hundreds of people have crowded in front of you. My question is, why not give them a numbered ticket right?????

So people, if you complain our Malaysian Imigration system services is slow, wait till you come to the Indonesian Imigration system. If you don't believe me, spend a day there and observe the situation. Now I realised and I am glad that we are Malaysian and be blessed with our public service system.

I left Bibik behind at about 10.15am because she already know what to do next. When I call her at her handphone at 11.30am, she was already at Chow Kit doing some shopping and I guess that everything has completed. The next challenge is to get the passport when it's ready in 3 days time.... What an ordeal????

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Are we financially intelligent?

Have you read a book call "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki? An interesting book that reveals about how we could be financially literate. Well I have a background in Finance. Got a BBA (Finance) Western Michigan University, USA. But I was never taught on that. Moreover we were taught to take care of other people's money and not ours.

Checkout this site: It is such an eye opener for people who are not financially literate. I have read this book before and a few more series by Robert Kiyosaki. This includes Cashflow Quadrant, Business School, etc. There are many more in the bookstore. I've even played the Cashflow Board Game. I never got out from the rat race! What an IQ hahaa... But I've learned so much by reading these books and playing the board game.

But learning and knowing about it is one thing. But the question is "What are doing about it?". Worst still, if we know about it but we do nothing!!!! Take some effort to find out what is the vehicles that can lead to to be financially independent.

In fact I have listened to Robert Kiyosaki on tape when he mentioned that the best way to create passive income is throught Networking. You must have the right business, the right system, the right team of consultant and the right YOU! Well folks if you want to know about it, just let me know.

Well some people would just shrug off this idea. Hmm .. I guess everybody have their own decision to make and they decide where they want to be in 10, 20 or 30 years from now. As for me I want to be Financially Independent and have Passive Income to retire me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is this part of growing up?

Most parents want their children to behave well, do as what they say and not to do things that have been told not to. Irregardless whether their children are with them or outside their house, their expection is that their children should be well-behaved. But what if they do things that you don't want them to do?

Well I have in two instances with my eldest son, Aizuddin. He is what Florence Littauer called the "Phlegmatic", an easy going but stubbon, peacefull, indecisive, and like to follow instruction of others (but not their parents).

In few occasions, I have told him not to go out at night especially after 10.00pm. This week they have a week-long school holidays and he thought he could just spend times outside the house at night with friends. At only 16+ years old, he seem like already he has the freedom of his life i.e. want to do whatever he wants to do. Ky & I have numerous time advised him that he is still young and still have to listen to us.

On Friday nite, quietly after dinner, both Aizat & Aizuddin wanted to sneak out after dinner, to go to a mamak shop to watch a football match on the big screen. I told them they should have the courtesy to ask us as their parent first for permission. And I told them why should they waste their time outside the house when they should be studying more especially this is their exam year. Aizat is taking PMR and Aizuddin is taking SPM. After much lecture, both of them went up to their room with sour faces.

Yesterday after dinner, I was told that Aizuddin drove his mom's Avanza around our housing area. Again he gets some lecture from me. I told him that at 16, he can't drive car yet without a proper driving license. And this is not the first occasion. He started driving our Toyota Unser at 15 already. Aizat had also driven my Proton Wira sometimes back. Well we never taught them how to drive. I guess kids nowadays don't need driving lesson at all to drive. They just observed their parents driving and when their parents is out of sight, they will have a high time driving the cars and be back just in time before their parents are back home.

Not only that, Aizuddin sneaked out again after dinner without telling me where he went. At 10.30pm he came back (after his mom called him to come back) and told me that he went out to buy burger with friends. I am more concern of what if something happen to him especially we don't know where he went. Again he got some night lecture from me.

Hmmm.. well what can I say? I didn't do those things when I was growing up. Probably they were no Mamak stall with football matches on big white screen back then. There were no roadside burger stall nor there were McDonnald or KFC. And night life was nothing except that everybody stays home. I guess my father didn't have the automatic cars like we have now. House telephones were scare and handphones were not invented yet. And most importantly, we will do exactly what we were told to do.

But I guess things are different now. With Astro live telecast of footbal matches, kids grew taller than their parents, having their own handphones, living in a city...... they live a different lifestyle. And that is part of growing up now!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

If you want to change your life, you have to change your thinking - Jim Dornan

Have you ever feel dreaded to go to work on Monday morning??? Worst still, it seems that you have to do it for many more years to come. And I guess at 47, I have to work for 8 more boring years. Where am I leading to? Jim Dornan's magic word: "If you don't change your direction, you will end up where you are headed" and "If you want to change your life, you have to change your thinking" So am I supposed to change my thinking and change my direction? Obviously... YES!

I had enough of working career. I fall into the Employee Quadrant in Robert Kiyosaki's cashflow quadrant. And that's not good enough. He said that in E-Quadrant, you will work for others and get active income. Meaning to say that you have to work your brains out to earn money whether you like it or not. And 90% or people work for other people and gets only 10% of the money. Whilst the Investor and Busines owners put 10% of the effort but get 90% of the money. It is so ridiculous. So where does the mathematical equation goes wrong? Or is it we are in the wrong quadrant? So Jim Dornan is right : We have to change the way we think if we want change our life.

So folks, let' change the way we think. If we have become employee since many years, don't we think that we need to change our thinking so that we can directions. Make attempts.. I mean make many attempts to be in the Business Owner or Investor quadrant. That is where the money is!

But then again, some people might say : Money is not everything? But people say, if you don't have money, you end up with nothing! Hmm.. quite a thought. But then again ask ourself these questions.
1. Do we want the best health and get the best medical treatment?
2. Do we want to send our children to the best colleges and universities?
3. Do we want to travel places we always dreamed of and at time we choose to go?
4. Do we want to live in luxury house where we can really feel comfortable with?
These are just a few that I can think of right now. But all these needs money$$$$$ right?
Do we expand our Income to fit into our dreams or we shrink or dreams to fit our income?

This is a no-brainer? Of course we want money. We complain in almost everything but what are we going to do about it? Yeah what are we going to do about it? Just sit down and think about it or are we going to get up and do something about it.

Well I am doing something about it! What about you!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy 15th Birthday Aizat

9 March 2007 is the 15th Birthday of my second son Aizat. I still remember the day he was born 15 years ago in Subang Jaya Medical Centre. Ky delivered him with the help of Dr Haris. Aizat is now becoming a handsome young man. His interest in sport right now is basketball. He would wake very early in the morning at 6.30am just to play basketball with his friends during holidays. Otherwise he would not even wake up till mid-day.
He is also a potential guitarist. Can you imagine that he is a self-learner? He has learned how to play guitar from his Ayah Man for only 3 lessons. After that he play almost every night through the internet. I really mean almost every night from 8 to past mid-night.

His mother and I were surprised one day when a few of his friends, his brother Along and himself rented a music studio in Taman Seri Gombak and did some jamming sessions. I knew about it because they took some videos of themself playing the musical instruments. Along was the drummer, Ari the bass guitarist, Hood on Rhythm and Aizat the lead guitarist and the singer. What a show?? I was impressed with them knowing that they didn't even have a proper music lessons and noone teach to play. We were actually proud of them.
I guess that is his real passion in music. And I guess that the music-gene he got is from Ky because I don't think that I have it inb me. Aizat seems to have a good voice and he also sang in his cousins weddings.

Aizat has the "choleric" personality (read Personality Plus by Florence Littauer). He use to be very tempremental when he was younger. Everybody seems to be his enemy when he didn't get things what he wanted. When his demand is not being met, he would have thrown things and make all the furnitures upside down. In fact he broke a leg of our new arm-chair. That was about 6 years ago. Till today, I still keep the arm-chair and would have reminded him of his tempremental character.

He is now more concious about his look than ever before. I guess that a part of growing up. Blackheads and pimpes are all over his face. Moustache and even a few strands of beard has start growing. From a chubby boy when he was younger, his body is now more muscular. Even his aunties commented on his changes when they met him. "Amboi....Angah dah besar dan hensem lah"

I always advice him to study hard and to get the best education first. Music can be his passion. But without proper education, it's difficult for him to be ahead of others. In fact I told him, he can study music in any university as he pleases, provided he can get a place there. And to get a place obviousy he need to pass his exams with flying colours. I told him that nowadays most singers or musician are educated graduates. Thus he can be an educated musician.

I know one day he will become a good man. Maybe one day he can take care of us when we were too old to take care of ourself.


Friday, March 9, 2007

What are you focussing on?

Simon used to ask : What are you focussing on now? Well that's a big question mark.

If we have a goal to be Financially Free, what is actually in our mind. Be it while you are working, while you are eating and even while you are sleeping. So what are you think?

Well for now, I'm focussing in getting new people in my pipeline. I want to revive my networking business by putting more people in the network. Since I have been keeping "passive" these few months, nothing much have happen in y business and my network is not expanding at all. So it's about time for me to focus on my business again.

Jim Dornan used to ask : How many people does it take to become Diamond? Well almost everybody knows the answer. It doesn't take 6 platinums to go Diamond but it takes ONE Person to become Diamond. It all starts with YOU. You are the one who should decide to become Diamond.You are the one who choose which 6 platinum you want to work with.

As for me, I have to decide myself that I should be the one who should create the Diamonship, and that not even my wife to decide. Well she too can decide to become Diamond along with me. But with her circumstances now, it is me to decide.

Hmm... well since I have been hibernating for too loooooong in the business, now it time to get out and do the work.

My goal till 20 March 2007: Rewards : BBQ with <>Roshni at FZ place.
20 Plans by 20 March
Silver eagle by 18 May 2007

I strongly believe that if you have a goal, do the work with focus, insyaallah the will be result. I have not been showing plan too long. Probably because there is no goal. The Dream is not strong enough. The pain is not painful enough. etc. etc.. Yeah I know all that. But sometimes it also take some challenge by your upline team given you so that you move on.

Roshni, our dearest upline Diamond (now residingin Australia) will conducting a
"Mega Home Meeting" at FZ's house this Friday 9 March 2007.

As of yesterday 8 March 2007, I have invited several colleage of mine, Azman Md Nor, Zamri Lias, Khairuddin, Amir Harun, Hj Ramlan to this "Mega Home Meeting" by Roshni. They seems to be interested to see this business concept. I've also invited Azlee to come.

Well regardless whether these guys will join my pipeline or not, let them decide. As for me, with or without them, I will be a Diamond!!!!!!!

If Simon ask again,
What are you focussing on now? I have an answer for him.
I'm focus in showing 20 plans every month, focus in building 3 legs simultaneously, focus in becoming double pacesetter every month cos I want to become DIAMOND!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Trying to get good at it

Learning to make a new blog is amazingly intereresting. It' like becoming an author of your own book. Add whatever you think you like, such as words, pictures, images, ideas,etc.

In fact I thought I used to have some inclination of writing up a book but it never took off.
Well when I was young then... hmm.. and that is many many years ago in school.. I wrote things in my diary. But somehow the passion of writing didn't last long. As the saying goes "Hangat-hangat taik ayam". I guess I was not born a writer then.

But with this blog, I guess, the passion of writing somehow rekindles. I can write anything that came into my mind. The wake up call came when I screen thru' a couple of blogspot created by a few people. One of which is Muid Latif's. I got to know him through internet. He is a creative web designer and has a nice looking blog spot. Check out his blog hhtp://

Another one is a colleague of mine, Azrulhisyam. We were in the same Department previously but he has resigned due to some unknown reasons. He is a kind of guy between intelligent, funny, idealistic and god-knows-what?? See his blog at hhtp:// .

Then came this smart alex friend of mine, a McGuyver-kind of guy, a colleague and my executive in the office, Azlee. This guy seems to know about IT more than I do and never fail to try anything about IT as long as his PC doesn't blown into pieces. Whenever I got stuck with this IT stuff, he is the first one I would call and help is always on the way. Check out his blog hhtp:// He is passionate about his travelling while studying in Australia. And that give me the idea of writing up something about my life while I studied in the USA. Well when I got enough material, I will write on it ok

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

First Image Posted

This is the first image that Azlee taught me to do. Excellent result. I'm still new and still learning how to create my own blogspot hehehee..

My first posting

This is my first posting after Azlee taught me how to do it.
Hmm I guess there must always be a begining for anything right. And this is just one of it.

So give me some ideas that works, some healthy comments, something that can make someone's life better hehhee..

Cheers dude.