Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Matters Most To You?

Last night was the Success Seminar at PGRM. The Leaders meeting started at 6pm but I was slightly late. Arrived about 6.20 pm. Crown Direct Bob Andrew was already speaking at that time. He is very inspiring as usual. A leader who I assume is very simple communicator but did send his message across.
General session started on time at 8pm. As usual the Emeralds and Diamond did the usual Leaders parade. I was alone because Ky unfortunately won’t be able to attend due to her condition.
The MC was the night was Emerald Direct Swarupini, excellent MC as usual. Bob kick-off the seminar with his speech on the business. I picked up a few points.
Ø This business is not for everybody.
Ø We have a business for people who are looking for it!
Ø We are in people business
Ø It's about growing a person.
Bob later introduced his wife, Terry. She such a “Sanguine” lady with full of energy and having fun on stage. She enjoyed herself building the business. There are financially independent for the last 30 long years. They have been enjoying their life to the fullest.
What impacted me most that night when Ivan and Cassandra from Singapore who were recognized as New Emerald. They were relating their story about Ivan being so 100% negative and did not want to build the business. Cassandra was quite open but was skeptical if the business would work for her. Their first Weekend Leadership Seminar in 2003 was horrifying. Cassandra was admitted into a hospital with high fever. Their car was stolen. It cost them S$140,000 for a weekend seminar. But to them it was all worth it. They are now Emerald and had even taken both their parents for holidays in San Francisco.
What touches deep inside my heart was when Ivan was relating a story from a book. I can’t remember the title but Simon Thompson had once mentioned it during one of the Depth Team Meeting. Ivan read a passage from the book. It’s about “What matter most to you”. He was relating about a father was lost a son in an accident. Unfortunately, a day before the accident the father did not spent time with his son even though the son asked for it. The father was too busy with other things and did not even care much about the son. The father regrets so much but it was too late. He can’t buy back time. Regret won’t buy the love he lost for his son. It’s was very touching story.
Then I thought to myself.. “WHAT MATTER MOST TO ME?” I don’t know about you but what matter most to me is my family i.e. my 4 Children, my beloved Wife, my Mom and siblings. I am building this business for people I love, people I care and matter most to me. They are people who matters a lot to me. Not the people who don’t want this business. Nor people who are negative and people who kills other people dreams.
Thanks Ivan for bringing up this matter because this matter really hit deep right inside me!

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