Sunday, March 18, 2007

Old Family Pictures

I was looking through some pics in the PC and I spotted a few which bring back memory.

This one was taken back in year 2000. 6 years ago at Lynn & Ariff's wedding. All family members have to wear yellow Baju Melayu Johor for men and the ladies wore floral yellow or shades of yellow.

I still remember Mimi was one of the flower girls, were having fever. Along & Aizat were the resident "Bunga Mangga" carriers because they were big enough to carry bungga manggar but too small to handle other jobs.

Well for every family weddings we shall be assigned a job to do so that all things should turn right as planned. I will be assigned either the "Food Manager" i.e in-charge of the food or the person who took care of internal preparation.

And there was a photo taken when I got my first digital camera birthday present by my beloved wife. It was on my 45th birthday 13 February 2005. I remember Azivik, our friend who happen to be at our house took this photo.
The kids have grown 5 years older and so did I.

Now I'm trying to get more old family pics. So that I can see how we grow old together.

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