Saturday, March 24, 2007

I want to be a Scientist or a Doctor or a Pramugari

I was watching some TV program when Mimi (my only daughter) came down after a nap. I was lying in front of the TV and she came lie down besides me.

All of sudden she told me, "Ayah, when I grow up I want to be a Scientist. If not I want to be a Doctor". I was astonished plus taken aback by her exclamation. FYI, she and her brother Acik went on a school trip to Pusat Sains Negara this morning and came back about 2pm. Probably she got some idea while visiting the science centre and hopefully she learned something there too.

Then I asked her, "What kind of Scientist?". Promptly she told me,"Alah.. yang study planet tu.." Oh, that is Astronomy. Study of the earth and planet.
But If I don't be a Scientist, I'll be a doctor. If not I'll be a Pramugari. Well that's sound more like her. Mimi is the one who loves to make-up.. habis Artistry mak dia yg dia sapu. If her mother lost any of her skin care or lipstick, she will scream.. Mimi..mak punya lipstick mana? And she will giggle. Or else her mom will straight ransack Mimis' handbag..

So when I heard that she want to be an Air Stewardess.. I thought well that's more like her. She loves to model in front of the mirror and not forgetting to make-up everytime.. I mean everytime ..whenever we go out.

At one time she post as a child model in the Parkson Grand's special Hari Raya issues. And she got paid for it.

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