Monday, March 26, 2007

You light up my life

It has been about a month when one of the lights in my bedroom went kaput. I tried to change it but it was quite tedious to change when the connection to the circular lamp have melted. I guess we have not change it for too long. So it's about time to change it. And last 3 weeks I have made my way to 2 electrical lighting shops and asked if they could do it for me. The whole lighting set would cost about RM20 only but the labor charge would be about RM15. So I thought since I had not been changing any electrical wiring in the house for years and if there’s somebody who could it for me, I thought why not. Unfortunately there were no wiremen around and I forget that idea. Thus our bedroom was dim because it was only lighted by one light.

So since I was really free this Sunday morning, I thought why not I do something about it. So there I go to this one Chinese hardware shop. I know this hardware shop is slightly expensive than the other but I have no choice because the one next to it is closed. After getting some info on what I want to buy, the Malay guy i.e. the shop assistant showed me the set. It would cost me RM15.00. Not much but it was slightly more expensive than then one I had bought a couple of months earlier. Being melancholy and want to get a cheaper one of the same brand, I left without buying from that shop.

So I drove to Taman Seri Gombak and there is another electrical which is open. The same thing would only cost me RM10. And good enough, the Chinese man showed me how to fix the whole thing. This Chinese guy is nice enough to teach me and with this cheaper set, so I bought it.

Got home and get all things ready: screw drivers with flat head, star head (I guess that’s what you call it huh), small screw driver and medium size screw driver, a ladder and full enthusiasm plus some experience. Turn on the air-cond. but switch the fan so that I won’t get struck by the fan.

I got the old round light fitting out from the ceiling first. I realize that whilst this round light looks nice but once it got defaulted, it will give you lots of problems. So a change to the ordinary long fluorescence light would be better.

It was quite a sweating job for a while and thanks to the cooling air-cond. After screwing here and there, re-wiring and everything in place.. then walla.. the light is on. Ha.. what a satisfaction. I know that this is a small job. But it really gives me the greatest satisfaction of my life.

I realize that I had used the knowledge that we got from Cikgu Nordin in his electrical class of the Industrial Arts when I was in school. Oh.. that’s long time ago. And I guess experience also have a part to it.

So when it was Maghrib time and we got into the bedroom, everybody was happy because the room was clearly lighted than before. You light up my life….

Next I got to look at the address no. 1011 on our gate. It's was taken out because we were renovating our front porch and new gate. And that was about one and half years ago and it's still there was no sign yet. So it's about time to put it up..

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