Friday, March 16, 2007

Aren't we glad with our Malaysian Imigration System?

This morning I had to send my Indonesian maid, Bibik to the Indonesian Embassy to renew her passport which is expiring in July. Sent her early in morning and arrived about 7.30am. Got a parking space next to the Embassy in Jalan Tun Razak.

Once we got to the main entrance of the Embassy, I was surprised that there were already hundreds of Indonesian forming an unruly queue. I thought it was a demonstration of some kinds. Yeah, I know some Indonesian loves to have demonstrations wherever and whenever there's some issues. I have seen them in Jakarta quite sometimes ago.

While queing up, there were some Indonesian-accent touts who try to persuade the Indonesian maid and their employers for their service. I even saw a lady paid RM50.00 to a tout who just show her the way to the queue and telling her some procedures. That's a daylight robbery.

As I was trying to figure out what to do, I met this tall goatee Malay guy who is also sending his maid to renew his passport. Got to know that he is a Lecturer in Fekah study in UIA. He came yesterday afternoon but the renewal forms were out of stock and thus he has to come back early today. He told me what to expect when doing the business here with this embassy.

Well at 8.30am, the small gate opened up and these Indonesian had to rush for the queue inside the embassy compound. There were at least 300 or more of them already. Women were given preference to queue at the front and the guys at the back. After queing about 20 mins, they were given the form to renew their passport provided that they show the guards all the necessary documents.

I managed to get in thru' the exit door and met my maid inside the embassy compound. That's not the end of it yet. I have asked Bibik to queue up first while I fill up her form. That is when the challenge arise. If it's quite difficult for your to understand the Indonesian language, wait till you to try read Indonesian and fill up their form. It was quite challenging for me to fill up the form when I don't exactly understand what they want. I was quite fed-up up to a point that I just fill out the necesary information irregardless whether it right or wrong.

So after filling up the form, there was another queue to take. Luckily there were long stool for these people to sit lining up till the small opening of the counter. Bibik were one infront of the queue. I thought of waiting for her but till about 10.00am the queue haven't move that much.

By the way, next to this Indonesian Embassy, a building construction is taking place. Imagine that next to you, the loud bang of pilling and drilling, and you can't exactly heard the PA system announcement. At 10.00am the heat is rising.. so are the temper of the maids employers who are accompanying them.

I heard people complaining about the long queue, the unruly crowd and insufficient information on board for people to read. People have to ask around what to do. An old chinese man next to me had given some ideas on what to do to get a more systematic way. He is comparing to our Malaysian Imigration system.

Another chinese guy was telling me about getting the passport once they are ready. They will let you know when you have to come back to get the passport in specific date. But you won't know what time they will call your name. Thus you have to wait for hours without knowing when your name being called. If you miss the call, then you be waiting without end. Worst still, some of these Indonesian names are the same!!!! At time, when you name being called, you can't get to the counter because hundreds of people have crowded in front of you. My question is, why not give them a numbered ticket right?????

So people, if you complain our Malaysian Imigration system services is slow, wait till you come to the Indonesian Imigration system. If you don't believe me, spend a day there and observe the situation. Now I realised and I am glad that we are Malaysian and be blessed with our public service system.

I left Bibik behind at about 10.15am because she already know what to do next. When I call her at her handphone at 11.30am, she was already at Chow Kit doing some shopping and I guess that everything has completed. The next challenge is to get the passport when it's ready in 3 days time.... What an ordeal????

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