Monday, March 19, 2007

I want to go to Oxford University

Sunday 18 March 2007, is the last day of the 1st term school holidays. Along have prepared himself to go back to his school, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Simpang Lima, Sungai Besar, Selangor. He felt kind-of mixed feeling : either eager to go back to the hostel and have fun time with his friends or missing the days of waking up late till noon, relax and do-nothing at home.

So after Zuhur prayers and lunch, we are ready to hit road with the 2 hours journey from Batu Caves to Sg Besar, about 105km from home. (I have clocked the milage a few times already). We started about 2.45pm.

As usual, Along who is very quiet in the car whenever I send him back to his hostel. He is a guy with few words. Never talk much to me except whenever he needs something.

Earlier in the week, I have already asked him what he want to study in College or Universtity. The usual answer I got from him is " Entah lah"...... What an attitude? Then I advise him to sit down with his mom for advise (Mom is a counsellor/phsychologist). But I don't know whether they sat down together to talk about this.

Anyway, before he dozes off to sleep in the car (as usual), I asked him " Along, which University you want to go and what to do you to study?". I was surprised with his answer. " Along nak pergi Oxford University". I counter again " Along nak ambik apa?" Without hesitant he said, " Along nak ambil Multimedia atau Engineering". Wow I never expected such a straight answer from him. Knowing him, being a "Phelgmatic" he wouldn't give such a fast and straight answer. He would be interogated before giving a good answer when asked.

Although I wasn't dumbfounded hearing his answer, I told him; "Good, then you have to get all A's in your SPM. It's not easy to get there but you must study very hard."

What a relief to hear my eldest son have at last found a destination where to go ahead in his studies. Yahooo!!!!

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