Thursday, March 8, 2007

Trying to get good at it

Learning to make a new blog is amazingly intereresting. It' like becoming an author of your own book. Add whatever you think you like, such as words, pictures, images, ideas,etc.

In fact I thought I used to have some inclination of writing up a book but it never took off.
Well when I was young then... hmm.. and that is many many years ago in school.. I wrote things in my diary. But somehow the passion of writing didn't last long. As the saying goes "Hangat-hangat taik ayam". I guess I was not born a writer then.

But with this blog, I guess, the passion of writing somehow rekindles. I can write anything that came into my mind. The wake up call came when I screen thru' a couple of blogspot created by a few people. One of which is Muid Latif's. I got to know him through internet. He is a creative web designer and has a nice looking blog spot. Check out his blog hhtp://

Another one is a colleague of mine, Azrulhisyam. We were in the same Department previously but he has resigned due to some unknown reasons. He is a kind of guy between intelligent, funny, idealistic and god-knows-what?? See his blog at hhtp:// .

Then came this smart alex friend of mine, a McGuyver-kind of guy, a colleague and my executive in the office, Azlee. This guy seems to know about IT more than I do and never fail to try anything about IT as long as his PC doesn't blown into pieces. Whenever I got stuck with this IT stuff, he is the first one I would call and help is always on the way. Check out his blog hhtp:// He is passionate about his travelling while studying in Australia. And that give me the idea of writing up something about my life while I studied in the USA. Well when I got enough material, I will write on it ok

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