Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy 15th Birthday Aizat

9 March 2007 is the 15th Birthday of my second son Aizat. I still remember the day he was born 15 years ago in Subang Jaya Medical Centre. Ky delivered him with the help of Dr Haris. Aizat is now becoming a handsome young man. His interest in sport right now is basketball. He would wake very early in the morning at 6.30am just to play basketball with his friends during holidays. Otherwise he would not even wake up till mid-day.
He is also a potential guitarist. Can you imagine that he is a self-learner? He has learned how to play guitar from his Ayah Man for only 3 lessons. After that he play almost every night through the internet. I really mean almost every night from 8 to past mid-night.

His mother and I were surprised one day when a few of his friends, his brother Along and himself rented a music studio in Taman Seri Gombak and did some jamming sessions. I knew about it because they took some videos of themself playing the musical instruments. Along was the drummer, Ari the bass guitarist, Hood on Rhythm and Aizat the lead guitarist and the singer. What a show?? I was impressed with them knowing that they didn't even have a proper music lessons and noone teach to play. We were actually proud of them.
I guess that is his real passion in music. And I guess that the music-gene he got is from Ky because I don't think that I have it inb me. Aizat seems to have a good voice and he also sang in his cousins weddings.

Aizat has the "choleric" personality (read Personality Plus by Florence Littauer). He use to be very tempremental when he was younger. Everybody seems to be his enemy when he didn't get things what he wanted. When his demand is not being met, he would have thrown things and make all the furnitures upside down. In fact he broke a leg of our new arm-chair. That was about 6 years ago. Till today, I still keep the arm-chair and would have reminded him of his tempremental character.

He is now more concious about his look than ever before. I guess that a part of growing up. Blackheads and pimpes are all over his face. Moustache and even a few strands of beard has start growing. From a chubby boy when he was younger, his body is now more muscular. Even his aunties commented on his changes when they met him. "Amboi....Angah dah besar dan hensem lah"

I always advice him to study hard and to get the best education first. Music can be his passion. But without proper education, it's difficult for him to be ahead of others. In fact I told him, he can study music in any university as he pleases, provided he can get a place there. And to get a place obviousy he need to pass his exams with flying colours. I told him that nowadays most singers or musician are educated graduates. Thus he can be an educated musician.

I know one day he will become a good man. Maybe one day he can take care of us when we were too old to take care of ourself.


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