Thursday, March 29, 2007


I haven't had this feeling of satisfaction in the business for quite sometimes. There were times when things didn't turned up as you expected it would be. You showed business plans to people whom you thought would want this business more than you do but somehow they are the people who least wants it. Forget about the big dreams and reasons for awhile. How could I get to the dreams when I couldn't even sponsor some people yet.

So today when I signed up 2 people in my new pipelines, I felt on top of the world. It's because I have not signed up anybody for ages. So lately I put up the courage and enthusiasm to show plans to some people I know in the office. And walla, 3 people signed up in my new pipeline this month alone.

One as a user, one a sceptical whether it works or not but signed up anyway and another one a bachelor who wants to be a builder. Ha ... I didn't expect the bachelor want to be a builder. Well if he does, I will teach him how to. No problem. As long as he is "teacheable".

Being teacheable (senang di ajar) is better than a genius with big ego and who doesn't want to listen to other people who are more successful.

Well I have a goal for this 18th~20th May Weekend Leadership Seminar. I want to bring at least 10+ new people to the WLS. I want to have a bigger business and by bringing more people to this May WLS, hopefully they will get a bigger vision of how big this business can be for them as well. Hopefully they too can change their life one day. And they will thank you for showing them the business. Insyaallah.

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