Friday, December 24, 2010

Goodbye 2010 and Welcome 2011

"As life goes on" - exactly mean that time will flies without waiting for anybody. Whether we want it or not, time will passed without us realizing it moving without stopping.

And now with 2010 coming to a close and opening of 2011, there are so much things happened and yet we didn't realized that it happened!

Let me bring you what had happened within our family during this year.

Jan 2010

5 Jan 2010 - It has been 2 years after my beloved wife's passing. She passed away about 4.15 pm on Saturday 2008. My kids & I still remember the minute she took her last breath in her home after 4 years 7 months before succumbing to cancer. It was her last wish to leave us in her own home and not in the hospital.

Feb 2010

13 Feb 2010 - I knew that I'll be 50 one day but somehow today is the day! Reflecting back, how should a guy be 50 and he doesn't feel like he is 50??? Good questions. And when I reached this golden age, then I realized that its just a number. At 50, I felt as if I'm still in my 30's. I enjoy life as 50 never comes.

I feel like I'm still 30. Nothing wrong with that right?

Hey there's nothing wrong becoming 50. I still enjoy my life and more importantly I have my kids with me to grow old with.

Mar 2010

9 March 2010 : Aizat a.k.a. Angah is now 18 years old. He has changed a lot compared when he was a small kid. He has matured more now. This year he has entered his college life in University Kuala Lumpur taking Aircraft Maintenance like Along. Wish him all the best.

Angah 18 this year.

April 2010

3 April 2010 : Fifi got married to Mike in Kg Tunku. The next day the reception was held in Seri Melayu. It was a double wedding and Riza & Zai held the reception together.

Fifi & Mike

Riza & Zai

Riza & Zai reception in Klang

May 2010

28 May 2010 : Mimi is now 13 year old. She has grown over the years. Although still a little to me, she has now developed her own mind. She would starts questioning me whenever we have "our own father - daughter" crisis. If you have a growing up teenage girl, then you know what I'm saying.

Mimi now 13 years old.

June 2010

3 ~ 6 June 2010 : This is our first family trip overseas after Ky's passing. I think it is the time I got to take the kids away for awhile - this time to Bandung, Indonesia. Unfortunately Aizuddin couldn't come along with us because he is in the midst of his University's final exam. More than 20 of our family members came along and we really enjoy our 1st trip overseas together.

At the LCCT before our flight to Bandung.

My kids posed before boarding Air Asia to Bandung.

Me and the kids at Rumah Ebo, Bandung.

At Taman Safari Indonesia.

July 2010

4 July 2010 : Aizat is now officially a University student. I registered him to the same University as his eldest brother, Aizuddin and in the same course as well. His ambition is to get a career that is well paid. Hmm.. initially I suggested to him to become a pilot but then again, became a pilot is just like getting a driving license. But I told him before getting that license he need to back-up his career with at least a Degree.

Aug 2010

5 August 2010 - Aizat got his 1st car (a second hand Satria) which he has been pestering me for ages. He has been surfing "" for the best deal and he would show me which car he wants. He already dreamed of accessorizing his car, the one which I have not even bought yet.

Angah's 1st car - Satria 2007 model.

8.8.2010 - Aizuddin, our eldest became a young man now. He's now 20 and in his 5th semester of Aircraft Maintenance Diploma course in UniKL. He is more independent now.

Aizuddin a.k.a Along & Aizat a.k.a. Angah

Sept 2010

Hari Raya : This is the 3rd Hari Raya, my kids celebrated with their Mak. Hari Raya will never be the same again.. ever!

I decided that this Hari Raya, all of us wear different colour Baju Melayu for the boys dan Baju Kurung for Mimi. A colourful year this time around.

The kids and me on Hari Raya morning.

Oct 2010

21 ~ 23 Oct 2010 : Export Division's Team Building. This is the first team building session that we had since I first joined Export Division. It was held in The Legend Cherating. I went to this teambuilding with an open mind and open heart and to enjoy all the sessions. And guess what, I really enjoyed the 3 days we were there.

The BLUE THUNDER Teammates.

Business Operations & Logistic Dept's team.

26 Oct 2010 - If Ky has been with us, she would have been 50 today. We were born the same year.

She would have seen how our 4 kids growing up. Their character changed, became more independent, their looks changed as well : the boys growing moustache and beard, the girl become more fashiolnabe, etc, etc.

Nov 2010

17 Nov 2010 : It would have been our 21st Wedding Anniversary if Ky is still around. What is there to celebrate when you love one is no more around. But she will always be on my mind.

I still remember the day we were solemnized that Friday nite. I still have the video taken during that moment. Thanks to my dear friend Peter Lim who took the trouble to convert from the old video tape into DVD.

Dec 2010

12.12. 2010 : Acik reached his 15 years of being in this world. Alhamdulillah he has grown taller during this one year. He used to be my little small cute boy and he used to be as tall as Mimi - and they do look like twin. Although he grew tall and slim, probably by next few months, he would be taller than me. Now he brags with a grin saying that; "see Ayah, I'm now taller than you". If not, I would have been saying; "Acik, bila lah Acik nak tinggi ni?".

Adib a.k.a Acik 15th this year

And for his birthday present, he has since a month ago requested for a DSLR as his birthday present. I know it would cost me a bomb for a DSLR. I'm not a spendthrift person so I don't usually spend more than a thousand ringgit for things. Anyway we made deal. If I buy the DSLR, it would be for Family used and not exclusive for him.

Hence on 19.12.2010 the 3 boys and me made our trip to Berjaya Times Square and we bought ourselves a Nikon D3100 DSLR. The boys and Acik especially is grinning from ear to ear when he got it.

Nikon D3100

25.12. 2010 : Christmas celebration. Petulia & family invited us for Christmas dinner at her mom's place in Bangsar. They planned to go for overseas trip on 26 Dec and hence get us together to celebrate their Christmas before they leave. They were such a nice and accommodating family.

Beverly & Peter (Petulia's parent) with us.

Some of our good friends (Peter, Farazul, Adila & Joshua)

Christmas group photo.

31.12. 2010

Well tonite is the last day of 2010. I had a wonderful years behind me that I will cherish in my life and I am very sure that I will enjoy many more years to come.

Goodbye 2010 and welcome 2011!!! May Allah blessed us all with all rezeki He will give us, the good health that he will bestow upon us, accommodate us with all the blessing throughout our lives. Amin.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teambuilding at Cherating

We had a wonderful time going to Cherating to have our first ever team building exercise. Although some of us have been in the same division for years, however this is my first time going out somewhere for team building.

From the onset when the email came out, I already set in my mind that I want to have fun.
And that really work. As Stephen Covey said ; "Begins with the end in mind", that is the first thing I did and I set my mind that I want to have fun!

Lots and fun and laughter in the air when everyone puts their effort in having a great time building each other.

We left Shah Alam about 2.00 pm and arrived about 5.30 pm at the Legend Cherating.

Happy faces waiting for the bus.

Some were happy chatting, while others like me ..... dozed off....zzzzz

We started off with a welcome dinner and a welcome speech by the Director.

Once the dinner is over, we had an ice-breaking exercise. I guess that it''s good that we had the ice breaking because even though we were from same division, we were like strangers because some of us hardly speak to each other especially we all of us are from different project teams.
Hence the facilitator divide us into 6 teams.

And I'm in the Blue Team and we name our team the BLUE THUNDER!


Yellow Team : The Wakaka

Purple Team :

The Red Team : Ong Team

The Orange team : Ultimate Predator

Blue Thunder with "PROTON - We journey with you"

Purple Team : Selling cars to the Arabs.

An act by the Green Team.

The indecent act by the G-Spot.

The Orange Team act.

And then the Explorace begins.

The archery. Aims bull eyes and you get maximum points.

One of the most challenging things to do is to eat this worm. The facilitator said that these are worms that came from the breads. But who dares swallow it albeit eat them raw.

Oouchhh!!! eiiii!! aku tak nak!!! Geli!!! was what everyone shrieking when we saw the worms wriggling in the basin. But you need to get the points or else you team will loose. Adoiii!!!!

Siapa berani makan ulat ni?? eeeiiiii....

All of us : PROTON Export Division members

And our Department members

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kiky in Remembrance

Salam To All

It's being ages since I had the time to update this blog!

Well today is a special day. 26 October 2010. She could have reached the age of half a decade, so to call. The golden years..... She could have been 50 years old today if she is still around. Unfortunately, Allah loves her more than we do.

The lovable lady in my life!

That's my beloved wife, Allahyarhamah Rokiah Mohamed @ Kiky. She short lived by 2 years 10 months to reached the magical number of 50. What can I say?

In remembrance of her, all I could do is recite Surah Yassin. I guess that is the best gift for her after her demise. All I could for now.

No one can replace her in my life right now. No one! Hence that's probably the reason why I'm still single till now. Hmm. don't know why?

But all I could say is that she is the best soul in my life. She is the reason why I decided to get married 21 years ago. She is the mother of my 4 growing up kids ooppss.. growing up young men and lady. They grow so fast that sometimes I didn't realized that they are already big.

Anyway today 26 October 2010 is her birthday. Usually a day or two, the kids and I would have been looking something for her birthday present. Mimi especially would be thinking of what to buy for her dearest mom. The boys.. hmm... probably just sign off the birthday card bought by their little sister.

Whatever it is, there is no more birthday cards for her.. no more birthday wishes for her .. no more singing happy birthday for her.. it's all in our memories now. All I can do is remembering her when she was around. She celebrated her last birthday with some of our close friends about 2 months before she passed away.

Well that's is history. But I have so much memory with her. Why shouldn't I... she has been in my life for 18 years and no one can ever erase that memory.

Her last birthday celebrated during Hari Raya 2007

To my love one, may you rest in peace and may Allah placed you amongst the Shuhadah.
As I told you, I will take care of our children no matter what. That is my oath to you dear.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Salam Eidulfitri

Salam to all. It has been too long that I've not update this blog.
Somehow I felt that today is a good day to write one. Since Hari Raya will insya'allah fall on Friday, hence I would like to wish all of you a Selamat Hari Raya Eidulfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin.

And yeah we are going to have a very long Hari Raya break i.e. for about 11 days altogether. What a feeling! And today, the office is practically empty and the holiday mood is already in the air.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ole Ole Bandung - 3 ~ 6 June 2010

It has been quite a while that we have not gone for a holidays as a family. Hence a trip to Bandung would be a great idea - after all with the cheap tickets really helps.

So almost 20 of us decided to have a break by going to Bandung.

Our flight was on Thursday 3 June 2010, morning at 9.20am and arrived at 12.00 noon or 11.00 am Bandung time. The weather has been good to us.

Well pictures paint a thousand words. So I don't have to tell every details here except you can see how we enjoyed our trip there thru' these pictures.

The Excited group at LCCT after checking in about 7.30am.

At LCCT before boarding Air Asia. Asked the kids
to get this snap shot. This was first overseas flight
trip for Mimi & Adib.

Aizat sat alone on the other side.
Aizuddin supposed to fly with us but
because he's having his final exam
he decided not to join us.

Me and the 2 kids in the plane.

We headed straight for lunch immediately after
checking in our stuff in the rest house.
These guys waiting for the food to be ready.

Ikan Gurume Goring at Rumah Makan Sunda.

This place is quite cosy.

Lunch at Rumah Makan Sunda - good food.
First time makan
masakan Sunda in Indonesia.

Group photo in front of Rumah Makan Sunda in Bandung.

Interior Garden at Rumah Ebo, Bandung. We stayed
for the 3 days. Nice affordable residence.

At Rumah Edo, Bandung - waiting for rooms to be ready.
Then our real journey begins ~ & shopping!!!

Rest sekejap lepas penat berjalan dari satu
Factory outlet to another one.

In front of Donatello - one of the factory outlets
at Jalan Dago.

The kids had real good time shopping ~
unfortunately with daddy's money lah.

First day shopping therapy outcome.

On second day, we planned to go for a 3 hours journey from Bandung to Taman Safari Indonesia. Long hours in the van but well worth it.

Posed in front of Rumah Ebo before going the 3 hours journey
to Taman Safari Indonesia in Bogor.

Take a break at Cianjur Rest Area for a drink.

Once we entered the Safari, then the experience begins. Awesome place with open air zoo where the animals roams around freely. The children really enjoys this experience - so do the adults.

Aida feeding the Llama. Mimi actually seat beside Aida.
Both of them were feeding the animals.

Feeding the Camels from the van.

Adib, Aizat & Mimi - in front of the elephants show.
You can sit very near the elephants.

Having quick lunch that we packed from home.

Posing depan sign board - Taman Safari Indonesia

The White tiger - Acik mencicit lari sebab takut tengok
harimau putih ni.

Mimi posed with the baby lion - paid IDR10,000 for a pose.
Mimi is never afraid to take pics with animals - unlike her
brother and father as well hehee .

Mimi & Dania - with anak orangutan.

We spend hours in the Safari until its time to go back. On the way, we stopped at Puncak, a place similar to Cameron Highland - cool air and greenery all around. We stopped nearby a mosque to pray. This is the first time ever that I been to a mosques built on a hill top overseeing the whole valley. Really a great sight.

Me in front of the highest masjid in Puncak, Bogor.

The view from the mosque.

The stalls that sold fresh village produce. Kalau kat Malaysia
I dah beli dah bawak balik.

We started our 2nd day by preparing some breakfast on our own. So came out the roti canai segera, rendang daging, rendang ayam, sambal ikan bilis & sardin. Wow what a breakfast.

You see the pisang. It was left over after the animal
feeding at the Safari.

Then our 3rd day shopping begin. This time at Pasar Baru. Mak oi besar nya. It was a 7 floors of shopping complex with hundred of shops. You can't finish them in one day if you go from shop to shop. believe me.

Mimi trying to find dress that suits her. It's either its slightly
expensive or it doesn't fit her.

Of course lah, Ayah also want to shop for himself.

That night Abang invited us to have dinner at Kg Daun. It a place about 45 mins drive from Bandung. But due to the bad road condition and very narrow, we felt it was a really long journey. But the place is extraordinaire. Really a nice place and lots of people went there. You need to book first or else you can't find a place.

Since we arrive about 8pm and was dark, I could get clear pics. Hence to give you some idea of how it looks like, I've downloaded some pics from the net.

Welcome to Kg Daun, Bandung.
(pic download from internet)

Naik bukit nak sampai to our hut no 21.
(pic download from internet)

One of the huts in Kg Daun - very beautiful with village setting.
(pic download from internet)

Beautiful waterfall at Kg Daun. Very natural & refreshing.
(pic download from internet)

It was an experience having dinner at Kg Daun. I believe it's Sunda local delicacies.

Bi, Me & Cik Hindon - muka2 lapar tunggu makanan.

Group pose at Kg Daun, Bandung before the food arrive.

Arrays of foods at Kg Daun - about 45 mins. drive from Bandung.

Makan jangan tak makan sebab semua dah lapar.

We have to leave Badung on the 4th day. Flight at 12.00 noon. Hence everyone has to be read by 10am to leave for the airport.

Last group photo before we left for the Airport.

At the lounge - took a rest before departing home.

Goodbye Badung. It was a great trip for us as family. We really enjoyed our trip there and thanks to everyone for helping us to experience a great shopping adventure there. Maybe next trip we go somewhere else. Adios!